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  1. That’s such a sweet photo and so sorry for your recent loss. Photos like that are treasures and you really scrapped it that way. I like the elegant frame and pretty papers you used.
  2. MariJ

    Be Uniquely You

    So very true! I really like your message and the way you scrapped it. I like the old-time magazine feel to your page and how successfully you used the patterned paper. I have that collection from long ago and love it, but forgot about it.
  3. MariJ

    PL 2020 Week 5

    Great photos and journaling and so amazing to remember life going on as normal and being with people and outside - not so long ago. I like the soft pink you used on your page.
  4. Jane, this is wonderful. What a great way to document this historic time in our world. Your photos are awesome and really depict these times so well. I reallylike all the pieces and words and musings you added. There is so much to look at and this is so beautifully and thoughtfully done... Nice to see Scout, too!
  5. Hi Eden, I do! But, it’s also because I’m very allergic to dogs and cats, so as much as I love her I have to be careful. I also have the beagle niece-dog and a few cats and chickens too! ,
  6. Here’s my April page for my Indiana book and visit with my sister. Walking with Finn and Anna
  7. Here’s my first April page for my Indiana book and visit to my sister. Walking with Finn and Anna
  8. Another page for my Indiana book and visit to my sister. I loved seeing Anna and Finn again - he’d gotten so big! For this layout I used: SNU Pumpkin Spice Collection SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me AASPN Water Color Template Album 1 and my own photos
  9. Look at him, wow! Amazing how he has all his tools and trucks all out and ready to be worked with. Sweet photos and great page, Debby.
  10. This is so cool! I love what you did with color strips and blending, it looks awesome! And that little (big!) guy sure gets himself up high. I really like your tile too, great page!
  11. Oh that made me laugh, Jane! Everyone’s pets must be wonderful what the heck is going on with all their owners around all day!
  12. Wow, that’s an amazing photo! SO cool how you can see all those eggs with their Mama. I like how you made your layout to look like the cover of a photo book.
  13. MariJ

    Baby One Year

    Wow! We’ve watched him grow and now he’s a year old and sweet as ever. Your photo and Brandon is adorable and I like how you framed in a circle. Your background is so beautifully put together with so many patterns and textures, it’s lovely.
  14. Your photo is lovely and that’s a really pretty waterfall. I really like the pae you used to scrap it, it’s perfect for this pic.
  15. MariJ

    Rain in Girona

    Oh, I love this Eden, it’s kind of a sign of the times, these days - finding rainbows and color in the dreariness. Your photo is great and I like how you added the one bit of umbrella color. Your rainbow is really awesome, I see you made it yourself, wow! It’s so nice to see you posting your wonderful pages here again.
  16. These two are just so sweet and growing so big! Your photos are adorable and your background is so pretty and perfect for them. Your cluster on the bottom is so cute!
  17. This is such a pretty quick page and it looks like it was made just for your photo. I like the watercolor feel to it and how it enhances your photo so well.
  18. Such a bright, happy page and your photos are great!
  19. I’m glad you made a friend page for your other, it’s great! Your photo is awesome and I Like how you used the window frame to peek into your scene. The colors you used are so pretty and soothing and I enjoyed reading your journaling. Woodpeckers may have that beak, but so funny that the little chickadee won out!
  20. Hey Lynne, Conda can answer your question about the challenge, but I can tell you from experience that at ScrapGirls our aim is to have you scrapping and it’s been said, “There’s no scrapping police”. So, whatever works for you is always ok. Just keep on scrappin’!
  21. Weekend Challenge April 4 2020 Siblings
  22. Great way to get a layout done quickly, thanks Conda! This took me about 30 minutes with Brandy’s Jiffy page, but only because I turned the photo into a sketch. Siblings
  23. This took about 30 minutes to put together with Brandy’s easy page but only because I turned the photo into a sketch using the technique that Kelly shared. These are my sweet little neighbors who are 3 and almost 1½. We all are missing seeing each other while we isolate inside. Their Mom emailed this sweet photo this morning. For this layout I used: BMU JIFFY Easy Page Album: SketchBook
  24. MariJ

    Easy Page 4

    Boys and their toys and they sure start young! I like hos the photos are arranged and they are adorable.
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