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  1. Oh my goodness, what a great photo and those birds are so cute! I really like your framing and the pretty clusters you arranged around it. Your background is so serene and the way you set this up I feel like I’m peeking into a little scene. Thanks for coming to the chat and joining in the Challenge!
  2. Well, how cool is this? How sweet to see those little honeys peeking out of our blocks and smelling the flowers! Your photos are adorable and I really like how you set this up and the soft, serene green you used. Thanks for joining in the challenge!
  3. asked why aren’t all of our zoo friend trying to keep us all safe? And, then there is the matter of food. We are hungry, whatever happened to the mixed-up meals? The Mothers didn’t know how to answer so they said, let’s go find Angie. Maybe she has solved the food issue - we need to eat! They started to walk in the direction she had gone, but suddenly.....
  4. That is amazing that you get to see eagles so close and your photo is awesome! I like the papers and masking you used.
  5. MariJ

    Springsong Flute

    This is beautiful and the way you put it together I can hear a beautiful flute playing.
  6. Such a wonderful tradition and your photos are so sweet. It’s nice to see everyone lined up together and looking for eggs. Your page is so festive and colorful, just like Easter eggs!
  7. Wow, this is gorgeous Marie and your photos is stunning, who knew that wild garlic could be so pretty! I really like how you used it in BW and the black and gold background and embellshments you used are really stunning. It was good to see you; thanks for coming to the chat and joining in the challenge.
  8. What awesome photos and those bears really DO have so much personality, it must have been so much fun to watch them! I like the way you arranged the photos and the colors you used are so pretty - especially the patterned one. I really like the way you made your title and tilted the letters with personality and I enjoyed your journaling. I really must get to that Zoo the next time I’m in IN. It was so good to see you, thanks for coming to the chat and joining in the challenge.
  9. MariJ

    Wings-Banner Plane

    Such a pretty photo and page; you got a great shot of the planes!
  10. You can find the tasks at the beginning of the thread if you want to make a LO. We had fun, sorry you missed it!
  11. I never thought of that but you’re right! We’re actually standing on the little sidewalk/bridge over it, but you’re right, it’s pretty down low to the water!
  12.  5 minutes to chat time!  :) Don’t forget to pick your Zoo items HERE if you haven’t already!   :) 

    1. MariJ


      It was awesome seeing you, Carla.  Thanks for coming!  :)

    2. alsoarty


      I missed it :( I forgot - I had to go pick up meds at Costco, and then I shopped lol


    3. Boatlady


      I wanted to go to that chat so bad but with all the people working here I just couldn't get to my computer....so sad to miss it.

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  13. My recent layouts have mostly concerned “Stay at Home” activities so I’ve started adding a : “Stay Home: Covid 19 - 2020” small title to them; maybe someday I’ll put them all together. Laura Louie’s new Homebody collection and Value Pack has been perfect for these page and any layout and it’s on sale! This is a brook near my house which we check out on our walks each day. A few times there were ducks, once a big turtle! On this day there were lots of tiny bright yellow spring flowers along the banks which are now gone. For this layout I used: LLO Homebody Value Pack SNU SS Emb Temp: Amazing Photo Masks SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me AFT Antique Edges Paper Biggie and my own photos
  14. This is so incredibly sweet - photos and journaling! And it brought back memories of my Grandpa getting us baby chicks around Easter, that he then cared for. Your Granchildren are so beautiful and the looks on their faces are priceless. You put your page together in such a bright, cheery way, but I really like the way you let those little ones shine!
  15. Haha, that’s funny - but so true! Looking through mine to find one I got so hungry I had to go have a snack. 🤣
  16. MariJ

    Tuesday Challenge

    What a cute song about bees and it’s so special that your Grandmother sang it to you, I’ll have to look it up! Your (friend’s) photo is really awesome and the bee is so interesting. I like the different patterns and colors you used and how the hand is pointing to your photo.
  17. Wow, your son is quite versatile and does such interesting things! Your photos are awesome and it’s amazing you managed to get a shot of the Queen, wow. I like how you arranged your photos and this collection is perfect for them.
  18. This is so beautiful Andrea and your photo and treatment is gorgeous! Your page is so pretty and Springy.
  19. Oh, the monkeys really ARE creating quite a stir and making a LOT Of noise and jumping all around!!! What’s going on over there? I think they WERE upset at penguins without masks but they also seem to be planning something. I snuck over to listen, it was hard with staying a safe distance away, but I heard the head monkey say, (through his mask of course), “Angie caught the penguins behind the Camel house, what do you think will happen?” Another monkey added, “I think she gave out some masks that Debby made”. Whew, they all sighed. But then - from behind the monkey meeting came --------
  20. Oops! I forgot to say this layout was for the quarterly challenge! Well, since I forgot to take photos of the first SG recipe I tried I did another. This time I tried Betty’s Blueberry Streusel Muffins; they were delicious, thank you Betty @BetC ! Here’s my layout: Recipe Trial Layout
  21. MariJ

    Song Title Game

    It’s ok Linda - I was laughing that it was so hard! My sister met Melissa Etheridge and has gone to a few of her concerts! She was supposed to go again, but it was cancelled. Did you know she is giving “at home” concerts every evening? OK - I’m going with - We are the World by Michael Jackson For anyone interested I was sent the sweetest rendition of this song - by 3 little cousins and their Grandpa on You Tube. We are the World
  22. Dont forget to pick and post your choices for “A Trip to the Zoo Chat" today at 12 ET!  Check it out HERE.  :)  Hope you can join us!             :gathering: 

  23. The fun is just beginning! 😱 And, hey Deb - you should only pick 3 animals to visit; unless you want an extra task!
  24. MariJ


    Oh my goodness, I was having a very blue day on Sunday too. It was dreary and rainy here, maybe something was in the air? Your photos are awesome and it looks like you found an interesting place to explore - far away from other fuman beings. I like the background you used and hhow you arranged your photos and the little bird perched on the top is so cute.
  25. Such a pretty layout and I especially like yoru cluster with the chef hat on the spoon! I also really liked reading about your adventures trying out this recipe.
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