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    Yes, I saw she said in her notes on the posted layouts that she used a machine to cut.
  2. MariJ


    Lei, I just viewed your cards on the MB layouts, but they are hard to see well so thanks for posting them here. If possible they are even more gorgeous than I first thought!
  3. Seriously? Charlotte is this big now? Such beautiful photos and gorgeously cute baby and her personality really shines through. So good to see her and oh! I like your layout, too Conda!
  4. Really beautiful Lei, you've outdone even yourself with this gorgeous collection.
  5. MariJ

    stepcard-side view-web.jpg

    This is absolutely amazing Lei and so beautifully created and crafted.
  6. MariJ

    stepcard-front view-web.jpg

    Oh wow - Lei this is gorgeous. I love all the different "steps" to the card and how beautifully it's cut out. For sure I'd love to receive this card.
  7. Such great pages everyone and so much to be proud of!
  8. I tried searching in Finder on my Mac because I usually can find things that way, but I must not have this quote or collection, sorry!
  9. Oh haha - who would have expected to get such great laughs and excellent comics on this thread??!!!!
  10. Great photos Belle and pretty layout, Carol! I like how you arranged the pics and the background you used.
  11. MariJ

    3 Bagshot Row

    Cool photo and great page and I really love those doors! Can't wait to see more photos, too. I so need to make a book of my Australia trip - so GO you!!!!
  12. WOW!!! What a cool story and I like "earning your stripes" and the meaning that goes with it! And Lauren looks great - what form she has and she for sure is looking even older and stronger each time we see her. Her career is coming along so nicely and her hard work paying off - for sure something to be very proud of. I like your layout and how you put Lauren in the middle and included the story and stripes too! Great page Carla, I really enjoyed it and thanks for joining the Tuesday Challenge. And, GO Lauren!
  13. MariJ

    April 2017.jpg

    Wow, those are some shots and your son made me giggle! What an intersting job he has again and I liked seeing those animals. Great page, Jane.
  14. Wonderful journaling Jane and I enjoyed reading it and looking through your photos! Little Emilie is sure growing quickly and is a real sweetie! How cool your daughter got to see the stars in Hollywood and even one for her! :) But, most impressive is your knitting and those gorgeous jumpers ("sweaters" here!). Oh my you are so talented and I love the yarn you used too! Great work all around.
  15. MariJ

    New Hybrid ATC Swap!

    Poor Laura, I hope she feels better soon and there's never a problem waiting Carla, thank you for doing this and to you and Lauren for helping us all out! Come to think of it, the last Hybrid ATC I did was in October --- the envelope arrived and was waiting for me when I got home from Surgery! That was SIX months ago! It was a welcome treat, but thinking of it now I actually didn't even open it right away I was still so zonked from anaesthesia and the whole experience. Nice to be in a totally different place for this one now, Can't wait to see them!
  16. This is the Motivators Chart for May. You can read about Movitvators HERE. Come join us, we're a fun and encouraging group! This month's chart ended up a bit busy, but I was trying to show our seasons on both sides of the world. As our Southern Hemisphere Motivators are moving through Autumn, we up North are going into Spring. For this layout I used: BMU SS Background Blenders 6 BMU Autumn Jewel Collection Biggie CRO Spring Watercolor Collection BMU Petals Collection Biggie BHA Blossoms and Blooms Spring AFT Tender Spring Mini Collection & AYO Watermelon Splash
  17. YUM-MY!!! Jean you always have the best recipes and this sounds delicious and easy enough to try. I like the pretty yellow of your card and how you framed the ingredients so creatively. Love your title font too.
  18. What a beautiful photo and door and pretty page, Debbie. I love your quote and journalind and is that you and Pirate? Such a great shot.
  19. MariJ

    Easter Day.jpg

    Oh that's SO sweet your Grandchildren like seeing themselves in LOs! This one is so sweet and your photos are adorable. But seriously? Five HUNDRED eggs??? Wowie, that must have been some hunt. Your masking and framing is great and I really like your embelllishments and pretty pastel background.
  20. MariJ


    It sure is hard missing Parents and people we've loved, especially around significant dates and still so close to their passing. How wonderful that you were able to create a page in his honor and I enjoyed sharing in your sweet photo and story remembrance. I really like your background and the different pieces and colors you used and your title with its emphasis on "MY" is really special. I especially like how you typed and blended your journaling into the background. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  21. MariJ

    Pirates Cove

    What a cool place and great layout, Andrea.
  22. This is SO cool, Kelly and I always love seeing your Aboretum/Botanical Garden photos. This one sure is pretty and I really like your creative framing and how you used this template. Your use of rich, vivid color is really inspiriing and your cluster is really beautiful.
  23. Here's my March 2017 Layouts Page 1 March 2017 Layouts Page 2
  24. For this layout I used: SNU Stories We Tell ASO Artistry Collection Mini and my own layouts
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