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  1. Since the Forum will be down Wednesday I'm posting this a bit early so everyone can get a head start! For today’s challenge I’d like you to scrap an accomplishment or something you are proud of. This can be an important event, personal achievement or even something you’ve always wanted to do and finally did! You can scrap something that was difficult but you pushed through and finished or a fun activity that was on your bucket list and you were able to mark off. It doesn’t have to be big, just something you are pleased about. If you can’t think of an idea for yourself, you can scrap someone else’s proud moment. When you are finished, please post your completed layout in the Tuesday Challenge Gallery so we can all share in and cheer for you. I can’t wait to learn about your proud moment! Here’s my layout: Go Kart Racing
  2. When I checked the steering wheel on the cars, it was down low so made it easy for me not to have to use my shoulder/arm in driving. I can't believe I did this but it was fun and exciting and I was really proud of myself for deciding to try! Journaling reads: "I wasn’t signed to drive at Stephen’s Go-Kart party since I was still in pain and barely real-driving after shoulder surgery. But, when I saw the car set-up I decided to try with my family’s encouragement and the assurance I could pull aside if overwhelmed. As everyone started racing and weaving in and out, I carefully and S - L - O - W - L - Y pressed my pedal to drive around the course. I deliberately stayed to the right and carefully putt-putt traveled along to the cheers and waves of my family. My first race I drove 5 laps and the second 6, not even caring that the winner made 12! But, I started to tear as I first pushed the pedal and started to move thinking, “This is the first thing in two+ years that my shoulder didn’t stop me from doing”. That in itself was MY prize. :)" For this layout I used: TCS SS DLO Templates - Storyteller SNU Vroom Collection Mini SNU SS Styles Shadow Me
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Betty. You are the winner of Round 3 Bingo! Please email Angie - angie@scrapgirls.com for your prize. Everyone else please clear your cards, Andrea will be back tomorrow with a new round and set of Bingo words. Great game everyone!!!
  4. WOW! Betty that's amazing - you came from behind. Going to check cards and will get back to you.
  5. Round 3 Day 7 55 topsy-turvy 60 unpredictable 40 Passover 36 kites 1 All Fool’s Day
  6. MariJ

    in trees

    Great photos, Nuage is so pretty! I liked reading your translation and the French! I really like your background too.
  7. Awwwww... Kelly this is wonderful and it's so sweet seeing your girls as adorable little ones. I really love your background and the swirls and colors you used and how cool to have your journaling around the edge. PS My Godson in my photo is going to be 29 - he was always my "little guy". Sigh, for sure time flies.
  8. This is so cool Debby! Great photos and app too. I like the Pirate theme you used and your title is awesome!
  9. I wanted to use this photo and a Jif Page made it really quick! I used the title quote. These three are my family even though technically not blood related. Love them lots! For this layout I used: COL Exotic Jif Album Page 2
  10. Finally got March done - March 1 March 2
  11. Finally got March done before April starts, for some reason this one kept tying me up. Journaling reads: March starts bitter cold… Elephant cards… Arm & shoulder feel part of me again… Dr Shulberg’s different filling; amazing recap of all that happened in past year… First woodpecker to feeder a Red Bellied!… SR trips… Skip WC; Michaels & Costco… Hard work in PT… Shoulder sore, X curtailed a day… Finally see progress; bag strap on shoulder!… BITTER cold & so windy… Dave & Matt BB & Chilis… Gibsons Birthday dinner… Birthday Monday, lots of presents & cards, even Neva!… “No more birthdays”, then remember Jody, so look for life… Lori’s for Theraband… Walking… D&K for Dinner… Windchimes & memory candles @Jody’s… PT & Mentor, learning & explanations. Moving better than month ago!… Talking with Gladys; “eye-flick” car accident flashbacks… Best Shoulder present ever… Walk 4 days in row… Special remembrances from Darren… Jody’s rosebush blooms in AU… Photo chocolates for Stephen… Bitter cold & SNOW… Drive to PT… Travel to Boston; at Karen’s, “Mess” for dinner!… More birthday & group chocolate covering… 9º morning! Shop in Needham… Car 2 years old… Stephen’s Go-Kart party — I did it to applause. Lots of laughs putt-putting on right. 5 then 6 laps! Winner=12… Tears for “First thing in 2+ years shoulder didn’t stop me from doing.”… Fish-sitting Bubbles… Alison’s “backhand spring”… Lots of bird-watching… Moving along in PT - TIRED muscles… 3/14 Nor’easter. Alexa: “Look outside for daffodils”. All I see is big SNOW piles! … Australian Brekkie… 2x week PT… Darren’s photos from Ayers Rock & tribute… Juliet & Matt 15/12 party… Breast MRI, no hotspot, recheck July… Pace walking waiting for bus… PT with Jillian… Alli & Big Bird… Carla’s beautiful Swap… Library “Sustainable Design” project… Bad news from T… Henry & Acupuncture… Jackie: It’s a boy!… Dr Liu & nosebleeds, cauterize again… Susan is 50! More chocolates & Alli’s Apple surprise… Alexis back… No more bus… Margie’s Moonta painting, mine flopped… MAM - Matisse or not?… Cold, cold and more cold… Signs of Spring then more bitter cold… For this layout I used: SRO Value Pack Daily Life 8.5 x 11 ASO Artistry Collection Mini and my own photos
  12. Page 2 for March. Now I just need the layout page and maybe another and I’m done. Whew… For this layout I used: SRO Value Pack Daily Life 8.5 x 11 ASO Artistry Collection Mini and my own photos
  13. MariJ


    Gorgeous, Marie! Your photo is so beautiful and I really like your title and use of color, blending and lines. So much soft energy in your page, it's lovely.
  14. Awesome Carla! I love your photo and treatments and your journaling is great. I really like how you included your quote in the journaling, I never thought of doing that! Your framing/masking is so pretty and so is how you used the collection.
  15. Great photo and page and I love your background and blending. Love the textures and colors you used and your title is awesome. Sure was a fun day.
  16. I love hearing about your teaching days Jo and what a wonderful idea about the vegetables. I love using those bags but I always forget them in my car and have been known to leave my shopping basket full of food to go get them! Great journaling and extraction and I really like your background and all the pieces you included.
  17. MariJ

    Zorb Balls

    Tiza!!! So good to see you here. This looks like so much fun and your layout is great and so colorful.
  18. Sounds like you're still in the running so far, Jane! See you all back here on Monday but I'll keep checking the thread. Have a nice weekend, all.
  19. Oh, I have an idea for this! Now if I can just find my mojo.... (And a quote!)
  20. Oh my gosh, that's very funny Andrea - thanks for starting my day off with a smile!
  21. This is great Kelly and I love what you did here and didn't notice there wasn't a photo, who needs one? I like your recycler people and the heart in between. I also really like the green colors you used and your blending and the energy in your page is awesome.
  22. What a great idea, Marie. I always recycle junk mail, but better to have it not exist in the first place! I love your blending and the paper/cardboard like colors you used. This is awesome.
  23. Round 3 Day 6 3 autumn 15 egg hunt 22 galoshes 32 humor 26 green grass Remember no Bingo words tomorrow (Sunday) but I'll be back on Monday with a new set of words... Unless someone wins today! Then Andrea will be your next caller.
  24. Yes Marilyn I'm with Bet I only got 2 and one of those was Hug an Australian Day You must have fallen asleep while shaking those numbers and mine have settled to the bottom again...........are you still behind that couch but I hope your not sleeping You two are making me laugh outloud!!! Unfortunately Jane, I did not fall asleep. Actually I was having a plumbing catastrophe. Toilet seat broke, cousin and I went to buy a new one and I couldn't get the old one off. She got one screw off, was working on the other when suddenly water started cascading from the tank -- no where near where she was working! Turned out there's a HUGE crack in the tank, we have no idea why and couldn't turn it off, water just kept gushing out!! I finally turned the whole house water off! Luckily our plumber told us what to do to stop the flood but turn the rest of the house water on. I need a nap and sleep for sure, those words might have to take a rest, too. Marilyn I'm so sorry to hear about your flood and hope it didn't cause too much damage and also you now have your toilet fixed and have had a good rest I think my words got flushed away in all that water but at least I'm consistent with 1 again. good luck ladies at least i know it wont be me Jane you are so funny! Maybe that IS what happened to your words, sorry about that! Still no toilet here but there's another in the house! I'm most thankful I was able to "trick" the toilet into not running/flooding (thanks to a kind plumber's advice) and turn the house water back on until he can get here, whew. And, I'm going to take a nap right now! (What a strange saga for a Bingo thread!)
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