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    Green Chili Cheese Puff

    This sounds so yummy and I love anything with cheese. I think I'd pass on the chili's though but I'm sure they're good either way.
  2. This is AWESOME Carla and so is Lauren! What a wonderful way to highlight her softball accomplishments and I love the photo you used to do that. Your titles are so clever and I like how you also paid tribute to the confusion of playing for two teams! This star is on her way and we can all say we read about her begininnings. So cool it can be the cover for her book, too.
  3. Whew, last time I called Bingo everyone was doing terribly the first few days and I almost got fired from my job!
  4. I spent Easter at the beach, too Anne Marie - very cool to think we were near the waters at opposite sides of the earth. Your photos are adorable and I Like your journaling and the "tease" to turn to page 3 to find out the story.
  5. Oh wow PLEASE publish this magazine, it's so cool I want to read it! Your cover layout is so beautifully done and your use of pattern and color is very creative and amazing. I really like your topics and the way you used the symbol in the bottom right - how cool!
  6. Happy Monday everyone, ready for a new round of Bingo? I've been shaking up the words, here we go! Round 3 Day 1 8 confused 29 hijinks 37 Matzah 53 sunshine 62 wind
  7. MariJ


    This is wonderful and so awesome to have a magazine with your gorgeous garden. I love your pretty photo and all the journaling - I wish I could read this magazine too! Lovely work.
  8. This is so cool, Debby! I love seeing your boat and your photo is great. I really like the colors you used and reading your magazine content - it looks so interesting.
  9. This is awesome, Kelly and truly looks like a real magazine! Your photo is so tranquil and I love all the items on your cover - I actually wish I could really read it!
  10. My cousin and friend went to visit my sister in Indiana and had a great day fishing and relaxing on her pond. For this layout I used: JSM Disco-ver Templates JSM SS Type Paths: Shapes - Brackets TCS Barefoot Paper
  11. That is VERY cool! I know darken will sometimes make that effect to the backround but this is really neat!
  12. That looks great and you can really see Brinley!
  13. MariJ

    It's a boy ( a giraffe boy!)

    I've been watching on and off for the past month with no luck. This morning I saw two little legs sticking out for a while. When I came back there was a baby giraffe! So very sweet and your page is great.
  14. I got it! I remember ET hiding in the closet with the toys and your photo and treatment is awesome, Kelly. I really like the door and your blending and colors used are great as is this ATC.
  15. Awesome Diane and I Love the play on words for 'figures', at least I think it is since I don't know the movie. I love the retro feel to this and your blending is great.
  16. MariJ

    Cycle On

    Andrea this is awesome. I like your photo and how you used it full sized and your title is so bold and interesting. Your magazine cover really draws us in.
  17. Great challenge and love both your layouts, Andrea.
  18. Betty you made me laugh outloud.
  19. Oh my gosh, I could never get this to work on PSE on my Mac but holding Atl key did, thanks Linda!
  20. Dianne, your layout is lovely and so expressive and I'm glad you found more supplies! As a sidenote, you don't have to have an actual photo of yourself to do a self portrait. You can use an silhouette/art doll or like you did, or none at all. You did a fantastic job on your page! Dianne, this is so sensitive and well written and you make so many thoughtful points. You're right about the letting go. Like everyone, I struggle with Art Journaling and it's really only when I almost close my eyes to my inner chatter, come out of my head (or try to) and literally throw lots of things on the page and then "play" that I can create a page. Almost always there's a point inside where everything calms down and I think, "This might actually be a layout". It's SO much harder for me to do than following "rules", but in the end I am so much more pleased and connected to my work. And, for sure - I strongly agree about the sharing of our hearts with each other through our pages. The first few times we did Art Journaling and pages that really went deep, I held my breath not knowing how they would be received, particularly the darker, not "happy" ones. But they were always met with compassion and a bringing to a new level the sensitivities that we all share. You're so right that "... just to know we're not the only ones makes a huge difference". It does. It's one reason I feel LSL on layouts is crucial and so very important. Yes, we create for ourselves and our families, but it's the sharing of ourselves that also brings comraderie, friendship and very strong connection to each other. Thanks for your kind words and thoughtful thinking here, I enjoyed reading them. In truth, I've come to see/admit that I've been struggling with doing my own challenge here because I didn't have Jody here to share it with and once she became my Art Journaling Buddy it was always about us together. Even though I knew that could be a start to a layout, I couldn't make it come... Something to ponder, thanks for making me think even further.
  21. You're invitation is looking great. I think it's lovely and I don't think you don't need the flags or string border as my eyes went right there and focused rather than to your content. Once you put your daughter's sweet photo there I'm sure that's where my eye would go, but again. As Jennifer said it's up to YOU to like it! There used to be an action or style in the Boutique that turned photos into chalk portraits, but the Designer isn't here anymore. I just looked in my PSE program and there is a Filter>Sketch>Chalk & Charcoal option, but I don't know how well it works. Good luck and happy Birthday to your daughter.
  22. MariJ


    This is awesome, Dianne and you really created a graphic page to show your word and emotions. I love the colors and textures you used which beautifully lend themselves to your theme and your blending is wonderful. You've created a sense of energy and "pull" by your work and I really like how even your title shows an up and down and movement. Your journaling is great and I like how you placed it, along with the figure who looks like she's moving forward but a bit blurred. I'd say you created art here and did a fabulous job with Art Journaling. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  23. Wow, Mikelle this is awesome! I love how you so softly blended your background and the colors, shapes and and brushwork you used is amazing and lends energy and movement to your page. You made great use of symbols and words and placed them so wonderfully that the whole is gorgeous. Looking through your work I can learn a lot about you - it's a lovely self-portrait. Thanks for joining in the challenge.
  24. I'd also do a search online for photo scrapbooks - Amazon or a general search and you might come up with some. You can also try JoAnn's -- not sure they have them but they do have a lot of crafts. Good luck with your book.
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