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    Oh noooooo. I heard that dreaded 4-letter word. It seems way too soon, although the warmer weather we are having here is a gift and actually unseasonable. I really like your background and enjoyed reading your thoughtful journaling. Your photos are great and your knitted blanket is beautiful.
  2. Thanks for this thread Mikelle and for the great answers, they have me thinking. I'm always trying to save space on my hard drive. I remember Jody saying she never saved the pngs but I never understood why. Now I'm thinking that even if I get crazy deleting anything I can at least go through my stash and move the png files to an EHD and from the sound of it, free up some of my space, thanks! That is if I ever get my laptop and supplies up and running again.
  3. I loved your page, Laraine! It's never too late for a challenge and thanks for participating.
  4. I love how you put this together with journaling, photos and even some layouts - it looks great! I really like your background and pretty embellisments and the border is so elegant. Happy Birthday month - it's almost over!
  5. Great photos and journaling Jean and your page is so pretty! It was interesting reading through your words and I loved seeing Gumby and you! Wow, that's a big one, I remember having smaller ones and also the TV show.
  6. This is wonderful Laraine and I love how I'm getting to see parts of my own country through your travel layouts! Your photos are wonderful and I like how you blended some and framed the others. I especially like how you scrapped in our country's colors of red, white and blue and the curls in stripes look really cool. Sure glad you got to complete this layout. You did a great job with your sandwich requirements, thanks for participating in the challenge and visiting the ScrapGirls' Cafe!
  7. I missed this but just stumbled across it and so glad I did, it's gorgeous, Kelly! Your background is so creative and so beautiful and really shows off that stunning photo of your daughter so well. I really like your framing and title and the way this turned out, you should frame it for your daughter!
  8. My laptop hasn’t been ok and since October 16th I’ve been working with Apple Care for HOURS each day.   In the middle of it, my newly made backup wouldn’t recognize after we’d already wiped the computer clean.  Luckily a day later it did so I could breathe again.  Laptop now “brand new” but PSE is not installed.  I can do that, but when I went in my scrapbook folder last night after we thought it was finally fixed, the SAME original  issue happened again.  I am so over this and still can’t scrap.   :( 

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      Oh no! I'm so sorry! :(

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      But that sounds horrible. I can't understand why they can't find the problem. Have they checked for virus's? I'm sorry :(

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  9. MariJ


    Very clever, Carol and I love your page! Your photos are so pretty and full of color.
  10. MariJ

    New Frame

    Your new frame is awesome and your page is so pretty!
  11. Actually, when I get ready to create a month, I gather all the photos and then confer with my very detailed Calendar and that's how I remember! I also try to do April's suggestion which is to keep journaling about the month as it goes on, then it's ready and already remembered. The photos are the "easy" part. Although, now I think of it, I haven't done that since middle August.. Oh well......
  12. Kelly, this is really lovely. I really like how you used the curled papers and it did remind me of a tux before I read your notes! I like how you set up the page and most especially the heart around the pic!
  13. This is so beautiful and elegant and I love your background and the textures you added. Carla, the photo and your Mom is gorgeous and I can see the resemblance to both you and your girls.
  14. Thanks April, me too and that emoji is just how I feel. Worst of all is right now I am able to be on the internet, but as soon as I scrap it starts and we even checked all that. I don't think it's the scrapping supplies, but meanwhile I'm not able to do anything when I want and need to! This has confounded everyone who's worked with me and it's been hours and days.
  15. Sounds like a memorable day and experience, so nice it got its own page. Wonderful journaling and photos.
  16. I did a recipe card all done in Fall colors and then with all this computer back and forth, when it was restored and I went to look today, it's gone... Worse than that, now my laptop is doing the exact same crazy thing again after we thought it was fixed.
  17. MariJ

    New Snack

    This is so cool and I love your journaling and sense of humor! Your photo looks so yummy and your layout is very pretty.
  18. This looks so delicious and the rescipe sounds easy to make! I had to look up the feijoas fruit to see what it was!
  19. MariJ

    New Friend ?

    That is so cute Nuage has a new friend and your photos and blending are great!
  20. How nice you were able to use your prizes to scrap! I enjoyed your journaling and your photos are really pretty. Very cool to see the parrot and lizard too - not common visitors here.
  21. MariJ

    Arriving-Grand Cayman I.

    Oooohhhhhh... so pretty Debby, your playing around came out beautifully.
  22. Those three are so sweet and so is your layout.
  23. What an awesome new car and purchase and your page looks great.
  24. I so enjoy your storytelling type journaling. How exciting to be in Chicago and I've never seen Michigan avenue in the Fall!
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