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  1. For sure and you nailed it! Your layout so perfectly describes what you are trying to portray.
  2. Oh Kelly this is awesome and so graphically describes what is inside you and your head, wow... I love your blending and backgound and both the energy and flatness you portrayed. Your words on the pole are so creative and perfectly describe all the directions a head and heart can go. I really like the colors you used and all the different pieces you thoughtfully placed around. Amazing. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  3. Carla and I are checking on it and hope to get the words to you soon. So very sorry about this Bingo glitch.
  4. Sounds good, maybe a recipe can jumpstart my scrapping.
  5. Great game, good luck everyone!
  6. Whenever you are ready or can, Ann. There's no rush or time limit. Funny, I though of you when I posted this challenge... Maybe one day your letter to your husband can be a page scrapped about your emotions?
  7. MariJ

    Missing Him

    So sorry for your sadness and you've scrapped it so well I can feel it through your layout. Your photo treatment is great and I like how you used special symbols like airplanes in a route showing your grandson's departure to a warmer environment. Your background is so beautifully blended and I like the colors and textures you used along with word art to show your emotions. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  8. Best tip and what works best for me is as Betty said above - throw pieces on the page and see what happens. I literally do that. Create a background, throw all appropriate stuff on... And then play (But it usually does take me forever.) I've seen a lot of scrappers wary and overwhelmed who now are more comfortable with it. And no "good" or "bad" -- it's all about you, so anything works!
  9. Ah wow, Carla you sure aced this one. I love how you used your self portrait blended and half on and off the page it's so creative. Your blending and all the different soft textures and colors used are really amazing and look awesome. I especially like your quote and the heart in the middle. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  10. Oh my gosh, Marie this is awesome! I love your use of Marilyn's face in the art doll template and your colors are really striking. Your background is so beautifully blended and I like the words and symbols you used. There is so much feeling and energy on your page, I can feel both your exhaustion and busy-ness. Super work and thanks for joining the challenge.
  11. This is so pretty and I feel your happiness in your garden though the pieces you used on your layout. Your flowers are so pretty and I like your softly blended background. Beautiful title and I like your use of color and swirls. Thanks for joining the Challenge.
  12. Wow, this is awesome Debby and I feel your enjoyment and delight through your page. Your blending is amazing and I really like the colors you chose and how beautifully you've etched symbols and words onto your layout. I keep looking and looking through your work and find more and more to see and enjoy, it's really lovely. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  13. MariJ

    Pilandsberg Game Reserve

    This is wonderful Andrea and I love your work on the stairs and your extraction is flawless. Awesome photos and blending and now I have to go check out that collection.
  14. MariJ


    So cool amy and so sorry it's been a tough year for you. Your page has so much energy and clashing of shape and color, I can feel your expression of emotion just looking. I like how you included your altered photo and you're smiling - a bit of hope. I really like your blending and pieces of words and embellishment you used, this is really so thoughtfully done.
  15. MariJ

    Dad CYK

    Awwww... That is such a sweet remembrance and loving phrase and shortcut. I love your page and seeing your dear Dad Amy. Beautiful blending and photos and I like the soft feel to your page and how you put this all together.
  16. MariJ


    It certainly is a trying time to live through. I like what you did here and how you scrapped your feelings so well. Your journaling is eloquent and brutally honest and I like the stark feel to your page. Sure hope your day got a little better...
  17. Oh, Betty this is lovely and I really like how your face softly shines through your page - looking upward and hopeful. Your soft blending is gorgeous and you used wonderful words and symbols to express your Self. This is awesome and amazing work, thank you for joining in the challenge.
  18. Oh my goodness, Diane this is awesome and so beautiful too! I love what you did with that great photo of you and I love how you added pieces and colors that are so "you". I especially like your soft blending and the cheery feel to this page, you most certainly nailed it and I don't think you can say this is outside your comfort zone anymore. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  19. This is gorgeous Andrea and I love what you did here. Beautiful background and colors with so much energy, yet sweet Wyatt shines through. I really like all the words and phrases you used to describe him and your blending is awesome, thanks for telling us your technique. And, thanks for helping me out and joining in the Tuesday Challenge.
  20. MariJ

    K & R

    So pretty Jennifer and I like how you used the different patterns and colors with the pattern making a diagonal. Very cool - and your sister looks beautiful!
  21. This is gorgeous and looks like a peek into a wonderful world of beauty! I love how you framed your photo and the way your title dances along the ribbon. Really pretty page!
  22. Aewsome, Kelly. I love how you do this photo sketch treatment - you're a Master at it. I also really like your title and the raindrops, very cool and so well thought out and put together.
  23. Four years ago I took a paper Art Journaling class, then decided that the first of my Thursday Art Challenges would be Art Journaling. I worried about how it would be received but it had such a good response that 27 layouts were created and members asked for more! We ended up with a month of Art Journaling challenges and eventually chats and have come a long way since then. For today’s challenge I’m revisiting that first one. If you are new to Art Journaling or would like a refresher you can find it posted HERE. For that first prompt we scrapped, “A word describing how you are feeling right now”. Today I’m adding an alternate prompt for you to choose from: “Self Portrait”. Remember if you do use a photo to alter it with some sort of treatment or filter. You can use word art, colors or symbols to create a mood or represent parts of yourself, your interests, talents, etc — it’s a page about YOU. So, choose your prompt and when you are finished, please post your Art Journaling layout in the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery. I can’t wait to see what you create! So sorry, I haven't felt well and have been having difficulty creating a layout, so Andrea very kindly made one for this challenge. Here is Andrea's layout. She picked "Joy" as how she was feeling right now. THANK YOU! Andrea. You Bring Me Joy
  24. Nice to meet you Anjolina and glad that you found us. Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions, you'll find we're a friendly and helpful group.
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