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  1. I LOVE that! Me too, adored Dr Seuss and lots of respect for Dr Fauci and trying to care for us - this is great!
  2. That’s ok, thank you! I was hoping that maybe I’d missed something! That might be what I have to do if Libraries aren't open when I finish these... And, I doubt they will be for awhile.
  3. This one’s been sitting in PSE for awhile, finally finished it. April Monthly Challenge #1 Rainy Day
  4. This one’s been sitting in PSE for awhile, finally finished it. April Monthly Challenge #1 Rainy Day That’s 6 for me.
  5. Journaling reads: “Walking has become my biggest “Shelter-at-Home” activity -- even on rainy days. I may come home wet, but I see interesting things.” I love Laura’s new “Homebody” Collection! It’s great for these Stay-at-Home times. For this layout I used: SNU SS DLO Templates: Blendability BMU SS Background Blenders 6 LLO Value Pack: Homebody SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me KVE SS Styles: Starburst Pastels and my own photos
  6. MariJ

    PL 2020 Week 13 Part 2

    I can’t believe how big and old little Laura looks now! Great photos and journaling and the colors you used here are so pretty.
  7. MariJ

    PL 2020 Week 13 Part 1

    Great photos and journaling and those boats are so cool. You did a wonderful job of documenting this week, it sure will be one to remember with how quickly the changes came about.
  8. Wow, that’a lot of rain! I like the scene you set up here and that little bird is so sweet.
  9. MariJ


    Such a cute page! I was just thinking the same thing, I’m sure glad I have a kindle and can borrow books from the library online!
  10. MariJ

    PL 2020 Week 12

    Great photos and journaling chronicling this time. Your daughter’s drawing is really awesome, she’s so talented!
  11. Pretty page, Andrea. These times sure do make more reading time.
  12. I love what you did here, Debby - I saw it in the NL and it’s great! SO creative to make a family tree and put the members’ faces on the figures, it looks great!
  13. @ladyscrapalot - Kelly where did you see that please? When I looked on Amazon the 4th book was free only with Kindle unlimited which you have to pay for. Then again, once I finish Books 2 & 3 I might have to try that for a month for free and read, read, read!
  14. Of course! This photo is just as sweet as the other and I really like how the pages look together. Your masking and framing is so creative and your clusters are so pretty.
  15. MariJ

    German Pancakes

    This sounds so delicious and very easy to make! I like how you included a photo and used such bright, cheery colors on your card.
  16. MariJ


    This is so pretty. I like your photo and blending and the backgrounds you used are so pretty. I like your quotes, too!
  17. Books 2 and 3 just because available on Kindle/library last night so I’m good for those two. But, after that it’s what my friend finds or if the library ever opens again, it looks like they have at least Books 4-6 and possibly 7.
  18. What a sweet photo and I love the matching dresses and remember my sister, cousins and I passing around matching outfits. I really like your soft blue background and title and the bunny is a cute touch.
  19. Your journaling is wonderful and I think you echo many of our thoughts. I enjoyed reading it and looking through your photos and I like the calm, serene colors you used here.
  20. Well, for once I was “ready” to scrap and now I can’t since I don’t have a pic. I take photos of EVERYTHING, I can’t believe I don’t have one of this!
  21. Grrrrr.... I tried Bea’s Ramen salad a month ago and it was SO good! I was starting a layout and I can’t find a photo. Anywhere. I’ve looked on my Camera and my iPad. No pics.. How can that be????????? 😱
  22. MariJ

    Song Title Game

    Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce
  23. You are so good at these, Kelly. I love the light shining though and all the subtle lines and color in the grey.
  24. Oh, yum - your food photos and cooking are making me hungry! Everything looks really good and your page is so pretty.
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