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  1. Thanks April for another fun Holiday Scavenger Hunt. I really like finding the items. It was a pleasure being a part of the hunt. Will you be sending me a gift certificate via email? Thanks for your time and response. Shirleyo
  2. Hi April, will you be hosting a holiday scavenger hunt this year?

    1. April Showers

      April Showers

      Yes! Look for it the week of Christmas.

    2. shirleyburke
  3. This is my layout for Thursday's Challenge - Ad Inspiration 59ec20943f424_MediaInspiration.jpg
  4. Thursday: Media Inspiration Brandy Murry Kit – Autumn Jewel
  5. Wednesday: Photo Challenge A little bit of this and a little bit of that – Brandy Murry Kit: Hallows Eve and Casting shadow frames 3 Papers 2 Photos Large Title 2 Different Fonts 5 Elements
  6. This is my layout for Monday's Challenge - Get in the photo 59ec17695d9a3_MondayGetinthePhoto.jpg
  7. Monday: Get in the Photo Angie Briggs: Being With You Paper
  8. This is my layout for Tuesday's Challenge - Cooking 59ec1610e85b1_TUE_VeggieBreakfastFrittata.jpg
  9. Tuesday: Cooking Challenge Receipt of a Veggie Breakfast Frittata Brandy Murry Kit – BonAppetit paper and elements and Vellum Journal Blocks
  10. This is the layout for "My Favorite View" - Wednesday Challenge 59ec15669bbeb_WednesdayMyFavortieView_1.jpg
  11. Wednesday: My Favorite View (watching the Golden State Warriors) Tuesday Special Template 03/03 Brandy Murry Kit – Chambray (wood paper)
  12. This is my layout for Friday Challenge #13 59ec123f12bec_WEDI_LeelasBirthdayParty2.jpg
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