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  1. alsoarty


    Groovy layout.
  2. alsoarty

    Weekend Challenge- macro

    I love the sponge, and the seahorse. Beautiful.
  3. alsoarty


    I agree with Celestine, the subtle stack is gorgeous.
  4. alsoarty


    I love your layering, and scatter. The paper with the hearts cut out sets it all up nicely.
  5. alsoarty


    Dry neat layout. I love your photos and have played that game as well. I sucked at it though. The scatters and clusters are perfect.
  6. alsoarty

    Newsletter Challenge- 5

    I admired this on base amp, bought the collection, because it’s so beautifully done. I think the sparkles on the title are perfect.
  7. alsoarty

    Star Light Star Bright

    I love him looking at the stars. And the little cluster next to the quote.
  8. alsoarty

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 2020-02-18

    HERE is my layout.
  9. alsoarty

    Evelyn 5 years

    CP_#2020 _collection
  10. alsoarty


    Really beautiful. Soft and gorgeous.
  11. alsoarty

    Sneak Peek 2/21

    Ohh how fun...
  12. alsoarty

    Sneak Peek 2/21

    This looks interesting....
  13. alsoarty

    Feb ATC - Mardi Gras colors

    How fun! A game as well. I would be N’awlin Confetti Lol.
  14. alsoarty

    Weekend wildcard

    Real nice detail in these closeups, and I love the 3 frames.
  15. Have a look at the ATC swap, gorgeous artwork....and you may be inspired to join in. Little bits of artsy bits. HERE

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Thanks for the reminder, Andrea! I haven't done an ATC yet this month and I don't want to miss out on those beautiful little works of art.