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  1. CWX_EternalMemory_PP6 AHA_scandia_emb_swirl1 EMA_MixedUp_Collection EMA_SewInLove_Collection EMA_BrushSet_RoundTexture
  2. alsoarty

    My heart is yours

    DRB_MyHeartIsYours collection mini
  3. alsoarty

    Wonderful Life

    DRB_MyHeartIsYours collection mini
  4. alsoarty

    NewsLetter12Feb - My Valentine

    Gorgeous page AAnn-Marie! He’s a handsome valentine to have. I love the blending and the black and white photo. ❤️❤️ Thanks for joining the challenge.
  5. alsoarty

    I Still Choose You NL 2/12

    This is so sweet, gorgeous! ❤️ Handsome too. Thanks for joining the challenge. Perfect colors too.
  6. alsoarty

    Tuesday-Newsletter Challenge

    Awww he’s so handsome. ❤️❤️❤️Your layout is gorgeous! Thanks for joining the challenge.
  7. alsoarty

    Hot Italian Sausage soup for Feb.

    ❤️ This card! Minus the potatoes I can eat this Keto style... i’d Just add cauliflower.
  8. alsoarty

    Love Match

    ❤️ It’s so special, love the brown. I love how you met and all the hearts. Thanks fo for joining the challenge.
  9. alsoarty

    Happy Together

    Great journaling, photo and colors. Love the stitching around the e edge too. Thanks for taking part in the challenge.
  10. I’m super excited! My sister Sharon and her hubby are visiting with me for 4 days! She’s very nervous for the drive here though. Her daughter-in-law is driving them down. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    2. mimes1


      ooOOHHHH! That's a BIG deal! But what a big step for all of you.  Prayers for a wonderful and safe visit for all of you!

    3. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Thats wonderful, have such a special time together :) 

    4. alsoarty


      6 hour drive.

  11. alsoarty

    love You

    Yes! This is beautiful! Love the photo on the tap ape! Originall. ❤️ Thanks for joining the challenge.
  12. alsoarty

    NL Challenge 2-12 - Valentine

    I love it. ❤️ So soft and pretty. Paris is on my bucket list. This is beautiful. Great blending. Thanks for joining the challenge!.
  13. alsoarty

    Comfy Cozy

    I love the layering of the hearts. Beautiful layout.
  14. alsoarty


    Oh sweet photo. Love the grungy background laayering. The touches of red, and the strip of lace. Beautiful. Thanks for joining the challenge
  15. alsoarty

    My Little Love

    This is so lovely.cutest pup ever!mI love the blended background paper, and your layering. Thanks for joining the challenge.