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  1. Great organic shape, and what a find! It’s so awesome how Mother Earth throws out beauties for us in unusual places. I love the shape and the luster orange in contrast to the green.is that a fairy on top? Thanks for sharing this with us in the mon5hly challenge gallery.
  2. What a sight to behold. This is gorgeous Debby. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  3. Oooooh the alligator… I love the texture mimicking the skin of the crock. Perfect leaf scatter. Great, super great photo! Thanks for another awesome layout for this challenge.
  4. Great word! Love the curled frame.
  5. This is gorgeous! I love the layout of everything and the cluster. Perfect.
  6. The black is very dramatic with the green and perfect stitching. I love all the photos. Thanks for joining the challenge of the month
  7. Cool collection of Photos and embellishments. I love the clusters. And the colors of blue and green are done so well. Thanks for joining the monthly challenges.
  8. Such a cool shape, and photo!cute cluster of photos as well. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  9. You did not cheat. I love the layout.
  10. You did well. No problem using a template… organic shapes. I’m loving all the shapes appearing in the gallery. And of course the photos! Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing this beauty in the monthly challenge gallery.
  11. I’m loving all the monthly challenge layouts in the gallery. You ladies ROCK!

    1. GraceJ


      I am loving the layouts too. A pity that I am having a very busy month and I changed my glasses, but seems there's an error, because I see better without them, although not perfect, so all of this isn't allow me to do the challenge, feeling kind of frustrated, hope that I'd have to do at least some pages. You have a wonderful day dear Andrea ❤️

  12. Awesome Debby. What a fun trip you’re having and are sharing with us. This is awesome! Love the background photo with is reflection, and your cute face with Jay peeping in. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  13. Just gorgeous! I love everything, from the shapes, pointing his way, the background, the journaling. What a spectacular layout. Thanks once again for sharing your layout in the challenge.
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