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  1. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Here are the next 3 words for today: Winter North Pole Elves Good luck!
  2. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Woo Jane! I will be drawing 3 more in 30 minutes...
  3. alsoarty

    Newletters Challenge `12/3

    If anyone's interested here is a nice rendition of Mary Did you know on You Tube. Look for Avid ARchuleta singing it - or Pentatonix...
  4. alsoarty

    Project: A December to Remember!

    I’ll join in... havn’t done a ton of layouts of late. This will be fun. Week 1 (1-8th) Week 2 (9-15th) Week 3 (16-22nd) Week 4 (23rd – 29th)  Week 5 (30-31st)
  5. alsoarty

    December ATC - Stamp

    Yummy, does it smell like gingerbread? Then I would eat it... or it may be a scratch and sniff.... love it.
  6. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Art you ready?.... here’s is the morning’s 3 words for today: ‘Christmas tree Family Lights..... good luck!
  7. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Yay! You can thank my grandson for that one - I had him choose.
  8. alsoarty

    December ATC Swap

    HERE IS my first one - I had to try a circle stamp... phew!
  9. BMU_Claus&Co_ValuePack
  10. alsoarty

    Newletters Challenge `12/3

    Here is my page - Mary Did You Know. The Nativity statue is mine I bought years ago - - - I can't find any of the rest of the Nativity to add to it. We sang this song in my choir in California - the words really make you think about Christ.
  11. alsoarty

    Christmas song

    BMU_Claus&Co_Collection creativecalm_paper1 ABR_SSEmb_CaptMom_Mask3
  12. alsoarty

    Dec 2019 ATC Stamps: Christmas

    Oh, and I love the red trim on the borders.
  13. alsoarty

    Dec 2019 ATC Stamps: Christmas

    Oh this is so cute! I love it... that reminds me I need to do an ATC.... smart idea to do a block of stamps!
  14. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    we have a week to play... so when someone bingo’s we’ll start the new round. Here is another 2 words: Decorations Nativity scene
  15. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Here are the next 3 words... Good luck! Stockings Bows Merry Christmas