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  1. And HERE is page 2 of Week 22.
  2. HERE is my week 22. I chose my own theme, Technology.
  3. Fonts: Gilroy, & Aquire
  4. This is really lovely... I like the blending you've done, It's like reflections in the water. Beautiful.
  5. Really simple and creative. I love it.
  6. My favorite band, and very well scrapped.I forgot that I have this collection. You used it well.
  7. Cute puppy peeking through the fence, and another stunning page Jane.
  8. Love the journaling bringing the info on the little treasures.
  9. Precious photo. I love this tall layout... with everything on the elongated side. Beautiful.
  10. It's been a great tour! Thanks for all the fun and for tagging along ladies. HERE is my final layout - group photo.
  11. alsoarty


  12. alsoarty

    Hawaii 2008

  13. I won't come within 10 feet of a lobster.... I'm am extremely allergic, so no food fight. I'll just hang out at the pool.
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