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  1. alsoarty


    Love the title!
  2. Ditto to all above. -lus the dotted swirls add movement. Stunning.
  3. Love the blended photo, it adds a lot of interest to your page.
  4. Perfect ribbon for your gorgeous photo. Love it.
  5. Have you looked at presetViewerBreeze, or brush Pilot? Perhaps they would work?
  6. Hmmmm I’ll have to do a bit of research. I’ve never used it before though. Have you tried Bridge? Not sure if that will be the same.
  7. Scrap chat has been posted HERE... come chat with us.

  8. alsoarty


    AngelleDesigns_SchoolRules CWX_WarmHeart CWX_BlueHeaven tmd_thehighroad GWH_SummerReverie
  9. Very nice. I love the gold and purple Cindy. What a nice blanket, and a handsome young man.
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