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  1. alsoarty

    When it rains

  2. Come chat with us HERE 

    1. GraceJ


      sorry that I missed your chat, I read this almost 2 hours later, hope that next time I'd make it. Wishing you a very beautiful Monday!

  3. alsoarty


    This made me laugh out loud. It is my landmark just to peruse and smell the wood. I love this!
  4. I just looked online - they are fancy looking now, looks easier to use. But I like this antique one.
  5. A beautiful family photo. I just love that little chubby face. Love the large photo split with different ayers.
  6. Oh I love it! I've never seen one of those. Do you think they still make them? Love the circles and the colors.
  7. WOW congratulations on all the in-loves, and grandchildren. And welcome here at Scrap Girls. Just jump in and participate in the challenges, if you have questions... we are here to help. Welcome!
  8. Super cute Belle! Very creative. wow! I love e it.
  9. I like that you used small dots on the background with a circle of larger dots (circles my favorite shape:. Love the simpleness of it all.
  10. alsoarty

    Watching Birds

    So cool. I love all the bird photos and the large title.
  11. Love this! Sweet photos. And we’ll laid out.
  12. This is stunning!! I love the rainbow and how you scrapped it with the large photo, and the squiggly journaling.
  13. The ver first time I had STUFFED french bread was in Lake Arrowhead in a B&B. And THIS is her recipe.
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