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  1. alsoarty

    Ma Mère

    CWX_MomIloveYou templates SRO_AcrylicAlpha
  2. alsoarty

    She makes me Happy

  3. alsoarty


    Very cute! I love it - the little cluster is pretty and I love the blending make the moonlight on the page. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  4. Love it. Well done! I love seeing and hearing about your life, and your hubby! Recovering well?
  5. HERE is my Week 42 HERE is my Week 43
  6. AFT_GoodbySummer Papers
  7. AFT_GoodbySummer Papers
  8. Oh isn't she just so sweet and a redhead! Kids love those weeds.... I love the subtle title and the blending, it's awesome all the way round. thanks for joining the challenge.
  9. Awesome scraplift. I love it! Thanks for scraplifting me!
  10. Ooooh I love this. 😷❣️
  11. alsoarty

    Be Free

    Very pretty... I wish I could be young and free again. These colors are gorgeous.
  12. Thanks for your kind words and you layout is beautiful.
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