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  1. I’m home. Thanks for all the prayers. More kidney stones removed, flushed my kidney out. There is some nerve damage to the nerves ro my stomach muscles, but he hopes it’ll  repair itself, that’s the reason I have a softball size lump on the left side of my stomach....But i’m home!! Hopefully the last time. I’ve lost like half my hair, ugh.


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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Oh, you poor sweetie, Andrea. Sending big (but gentle) hugs. Thinking of you. Also, I'm glad you are letting us know how you are doing.

    3. QuirkyGirl


      Oh you poor dear! I am so sorry to hear about this. Glad you are home, sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery.

    4. GinnyW


      oh Andrea, so glad you are home.  Please rest and heal.  Love, prayers and big hugs being sent your way!