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  1. Please pray for my little sister. They were driving down. To me, and her hubby fell asleep. It was a high speed rollover, my sister was ejected, and has major facial and head trauma. Her hubby has a fractured neck and is in Cedar city hospital for a few days. She’s unresponsive, and they have her ventolated, and under sedation. She looks awful. Also a small punctured lung. I’ve just seen her, being airlifted away. My poor little sister.

    update: she was airlifted to Salt Lake City, her facial injuries are vast, and the bleeding on her brain won’t stop. She’s still unresponsive.

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    2. CRS


      She's in a good hospital and I'll pray that the bleeding stops.

    3. MariJ


      Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this and holding healing thoughts for your sister.


    4. scrapgran


      So sorry to hear this Andrea. Healing prayers to you & your family. Hoping for a good outcome.