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  1. I survived my surgery. He says my kidney is very sick. All the tubes in the kidney are scarred and narrow, so he stretched them out, and removed the stones. So I am in a lot of pain, and refuse to take opiods. If this happens again he’ll remove my kidney. He will be dragged in kicking and screaming into theater, because he does not like removing vital organs. I have to limit my salt, and green leafy vegies, like spinach ( I love spinach, eat it every day) and kale and the likes. I have to up my green beans, hate them, and soy beans etc. eat little animal fats, no biggie, so yeah my new diet.

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Sending hugs your way. You've sure been through it lately! I hope you feel better.

    3. A-M


      Hope you start to feel better real soon. 

    4. Rosemarythyme


      You’ve been through so much lately, here’s hoping this last surgery and new diet will fix the problem. ((Hugs))

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