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  1. I called 911 to tonight. These two handsome firemen came to save me In their fire truck. My smoke alarms would’t stop blaring. I tried everything to shut them up. They said the a/c unit is leaking rain, and it got into one of the detectors in one of my bedrooms. Yikes!

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    2. alsoarty


      1 hour ago, CRS said:

      Sorry it happened, but at least your fire dept sent you some nice eye candy to help you! Did you ask them to join us on the World Tour?

      I sure did, you’ll see the photo for approval.

    3. AmandaFace


      Well that makes for a non-boring night!

    4. Marie-Christine


      Glad to hear all is well but have you recovered from the nice eye candy :D
      I'm really such a lucky girl working for the fire service I get to visit station (fire houses) :dancing-smilie: work and meet with the crew, great bunch of people and plenty of eye candy :i-love-it: