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  1. I think it's awesome. Both your new kitchen and you layout. Love it. Thanks for joining the challenge! ❤️
  2. It's gorgeous! Where is this? I want to jump right in. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  3. It's just so pretty. I love this SS club!
  4. Awesome! I love seeing all these styles coming out the woodwork, this is another gorgeous layout! I need to see if I have this style, I like it a lot. Love it actually. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  5. Stunning I love the style and all the angles. Amazing photo to start with. I love it! Thanks for joining the challenge!
  6. That's why I like challenges, to try old in a different way, and it worked out wonderfully here! Love it! Thanks for joining the challenge.
  7. Oh wow! I really love this one! I've got to get this pineapple collection!
  8. Oh yay! Exciting... I need another 5gig EHD to hold all this stuff!
  9. I love ❤️ it!
  10. This is totally awesome! Amazing, I need to use these styles. I forgot I had them. Thanks for joining the challenge. ❤️
  11. I think it's fabulous. I want to go to Holland, and take photos of the windmills. Well scrapped. ❤️ Thanks for taking part in the challenge.
  12. HERE is my layout.
  13. BMU_Wood Styles BMU_Madison County
  14. For today's challenge I would like to challenge you to apply a style to a PAPER you choose to use for your layout. Here are some suggestions of great styles to use: On a whim style. Budding Gradients Chalkboard… Scrap it monthly two super biggie There are also some links in today's newsletter! Please post your challenge in the Tuesday Newsletter Gallery with a link in this thread to your layout.
  15. Oh wow MC... this is fabulous!