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  1. The ‘favorite’ font is actually alpha from EBA White Pumpkin collection. I changed the orange to black. The other is Adinda.
  2. Don’t forget to enter your final leave some love count. Today.

  3. Love the photos. It’s a dogs life for sure. I love the strips on the side.
  4. I love that you always have the map of NZ in your siggie. My cousin lives there and said I need to visit, she has someone to introduce to me. Lol. But your siggie is lovely.
  5. Very festive, I love the bright colors. Great list. And cluster.
  6. The ink and gold is unusual, but I love it! She sure looks like she’s a good gymnast.
  7. Yes, I’m looking at this collecti9n and it may have jumped 8nto my cart. I love your Santa, and the cute cluster.
  8. I love it. And I love the snowy photos. Perfect layout.
  9. Funny, and lovely. Love Santa’s gift shoes.
  10. I can guess why Debby likes this siggie. I get it, and I love it.
  11. Time to round up your numbers! I’ll be choosing a winner once everyone has entered their numbers.
  12. CONGRATULATIONS CRS (Carla) winner in the siggie challenge. Contact Angie for your $5 prize.
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