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  1. (Papers only) BDS_CandycaneLaneCollection
  2. alsoarty

    December ATC - Postage Stamp

    so cool - I love the 'stamp' on the stamp. Just lovely.
  3. alsoarty

    Shine layout

    CKH_EverydayGrace_pp_spruce BMU_Claus&Co_Collection BDS-candylane-Collection
  4. alsoarty


    💚💜❤️ way cool.
  5. alsoarty

    Favorite Christmas Movie

  6. alsoarty

    Merry Christmas

    Very elegant layout - I love all the gold dangles.
  7. alsoarty

    Tuesday Challenge 12/10/19

    HERE is my Shiny layout.
  8. alsoarty

    Project: A December to Remember!

    Congrats Celestine! Happy shopping.
  9. alsoarty

    Newsletter challenge_sparkle

    I live this! Stunning.
  10. alsoarty

    Alexi Decorating Her Tree

    So sweet and dainty. I love your layout.
  11. alsoarty

    Pick-A-Gift: December Game

    I choose 8 - the month of my birthday.
  12. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Bingo will run from today through the 9th. Choose 5 words from the Bingo card, and add your choice here in this thread. It's a slow Bingo, so I will give draw 2 words a day, and add them to this thread. The first one to 'bingo' all 5 of their words will receive a $3 GC. Good luck!
  13. alsoarty

    Christmas song

    BMU_Claus&Co_Collection creativecalm_paper1 ABR_SSEmb_CaptMom_Mask3
  14. alsoarty

    Project: A December to Remember!

    For this week I chose #3 My favorite holiday Movie. A Christmas Story
  15. So touching and beautiful. I love your entrance, so inviting.
  16. alsoarty


    Sweet ATC! I love the pencil and the lifted stamp. Perfect ATC.
  17. BMU_Claus&Co_ValuePack
  18. alsoarty


  19. Congrats LindaH57 4th Bingo winner! Bingo is now over. Thanks to all the players!

  20. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Finally! woohoo.....I think you were the only one watching the thread. Yay! Please contact Angie to claim your $3 GC! And that is the end of Bingo!
  21. alsoarty

    Dec 2019 ATC Stamp: Snow Globe

    Very beautiful - love it!
  22. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Ok here is another 5 words...Good luck! Winter Rudolph Candy Canes Winter Rudolph
  23. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Next 5 words: Decorations North Pole Merry Christmas Christmas Tree Red
  24. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Ok, everyone still with me? Next 5 words: Santa clause Sleigh Candles Ornament Gingerbread
  25. alsoarty

    Holiday BINGO

    Next 5 words: Christmas Eve Family Egg Nog Nativity Scene Snowflakes