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  1. Oh my goodness - how sweet is it? I love how you re-created this background but added so much. I love it - and a fabulous extraction! Thanks for playing with me and joining the challenge!
  2. I just started book 31. It just came out.
  3. alsoarty


    Super cute photo and layout.
  4. alsoarty

    In the Fall

    Great job! It’s awesome! Very nice photo as well. Thanks for joining the challenge!it makes a perfect background. Awesome job.
  5. It’s great! So fun right? Love your camper! Thanks for joining the challenge!
  6. alsoarty


    Beautifully captured. And well scrapped. I love it.
  7. Our designers always include marketing images with their collections. So I've been looking at some of them and I thought why don't we use them in some way in our layouts? You can choose the marketing image of thestack of papers, where they stack them all together, or one of the EMB marketing images as a background paper, or the whole collection marketing image,. Any way you'd like to use it. This is really a wild card challenge! Post your layout in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery and post a link to your layout back here in this thread. Have fun! Be creative! I chose the complete collection marketing image of cap_Augusut2020_Collection. HERE is my layout.
  8. ca-Paugust2020_Collection
  9. alsoarty

    Chiffon & Lace

    This is another stunner! Thanks for scraplifting me. You did an awesome job, and I’m loving all your wedding layouts. Boy there’s a great amount. I love it.
  10. alsoarty

    Love the way I am

    Angelle Designs. Myself and I collection
  11. alsoarty

    Fall is best al aff.

    CWX SSDLT the autumn templates CWX value pack Hello Autunb
  12. alsoarty

    Harvest Seasom

    CWX Harvesr Season Value pack
  13. alsoarty

    You are Beautiful

    Ginny Whitcomb Positive thoughts Value Pack
  14. alsoarty


    Wow. Love the word Jump. Is that a font?
  15. BMU_SSbrushesArtDiary AFT_Delightful_Hers_Emb_Ribbon-4 SNU_HeartSoul_Emb-HeartYllw cap_2020Aug_paper tmd_thehighroad_yellowsplat BMU_aLaMode_Collection
  16. alsoarty

    Tasty Tasters

    I love this Marie-Christine. Cute pup.it’s like a pocket life layout.
  17. alsoarty


    Gorgeous, and the book looks like part of the photo. Really nicely done.
  18. alsoarty

    SEP Sketch

    Do you not have puppet warp in PSE?
  19. How wonderful to have such a precious photo. Well scrapped!
  20. HERE IS MY LAYOUT oops caps.
  21. MLDesigns School Days
  22. alsoarty


    I love it... wish I could eat it. good use of the template./sketch.
  23. He's sitting in a story book. I love this Jane.!
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