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  1. Ahhh this is another lovely layout! Love it.
  2. You are correct. Otherwise you'd have to download and re-size the images to post them.
  3. I love the effect you have on the photo. Such a pretty layout.
  4. This caught my eye in the gallery. It’s like a page from a story book. I love it.
  5. Leave Some Love - sorry I'm late, totally spaced it today. I think I'm still having 'jet lag' from my trip I just got back from. Let’s finish off Sale-A-Bration week with a fun and favorite game: Leave Some Love The object of this game is simple. Go explore the gallery, and leave some love/words of encouragement on all those amazing layouts. Now for the rules: Start a post in this thread that you will edit throughout the day. Go to the gallery and leave a meaningful comment on a layout (let’s just not leave “great layout” let’s tell them what we love about it or what we thi
  6. HERE IS MY LAYOUT… I live these two colors together.
  7. Kim Eric Blue Jeans and Lemonade collection
  8. Stunning, poignant, dee p love and feelings of a broken heart, yet holding on. So much love and respect to you for sharing your hurt and feelings. I can only but imagine…. Thanks for sharing this with us. 🤍💙💜
  9. So beautiful! I love the layering and your color choice is perfect. Flowers always make me happy as well. Beautifully done. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  10. Ah yes… much better. I love it!
  11. alsoarty


    Oh yes! Stinky fun momma bear gun. So is your layout. I love your take on the challenge. Thanks for sharing,
  12. Really fun. I love the 4 squares with the circle in the middle. Well done, exhausting but it’s exercise! Love it. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  13. I am totally in sympathy with you. This really is a downer, and you depicted it brilliantly! So much to look at. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  14. I think us women know how to juggle stuff… it gets a bit overwhelming at times. I love the way you scrapped thos. Ditto to everything MariJ said. Thanks for sharing this with us in the challenge. You mastered it.
  15. Love the story, and so glad you get to serve others. I love the circle and layers. Beautiful layout. Thanks for sharing this with us for this challenge.
  16. That’s me 99% of the time. I love the photo off center and your color choice with the neat little cluster. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  17. Wow. Deep thinking for sure with the gears in the silhouette. Brilliant depiction of ‘changing’ your mind. I love it. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  18. I really love all the word strips. Also love the circle photos., and cute clusters. Thanks for joining the challenge!
  19. I wish I were motivated. You’re awesome. Thanks for this fresh looking page in the challenge gallery.
  20. Awww so adorable. Yes puppies have moods too. Thanks for posting this on thexhallenfe gallery.
  21. The Tuesday challenge is posted under Sale-a-bration HERE.

  22. I want to go on a walk in that park. Enjoy! Love the placement of the photos and title. Thanks for joining the challenge.
  23. alsoarty

    Wine Down

    Perfect photo showing those beautiful pedicures. Love the relaxing color choice. Perfect for the challenge..
  24. They're goofballs, never a proper pose for a photo. They are growing up too fast.
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