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  1. And HERE is my other recipe - I am kinda obsessed with Salmon right now, and I found this recipe, and as I don't own a grille, I do it in my air fryer. It's all in the marinade...
  2. alsoarty

    Grilled Salmon

    CRO_Painterly MPE_SIM_Coll_Biggie ABR_HomeCook
  3. And here is my recipe card. I may do a second one.... as I have a great recipe I need to share LOL...
  4. alsoarty

    July BBQ Recipe

    tmd_thehighroad_paper abr_HomeCook_Collection (not available in the store) FLO_SousLaPluie_bow (2)
  5. I choose the yellow sun rise (?) and one photo. I blended 5 papers for the background. Very subtle.
  6. alsoarty

    Project Life_June

    So awesome Jane. I love the template and your photos - awesome!
  7. alsoarty

    Project Life # 27

    It was a boring week, so I chose no prompt.
  8. I love it Marilyn! So lucky to have an original hand written card by your mom. Very special.
  9. HERE is my building layout. This is about 1 mile from my house. A bit of farm living in the city.
  10. A farm building in the city, just down the road from my house. CRO_SSPaper_Painterly DRB_SS_DLT_Large-Masks-4 ABR_HomeCook_Emb_Stitching2 BMU_OutdoorDad CRO_FarmLiving_Collection
  11. Really love how you’ve done this.
  12. How cute is she? Love the colors and femininity.
  13. HERE is my recipe layout - I used BETC's recipe from May.
  14. SilviaRomeo_Romanza_PaperSolid05 ABR_SSEmb_NaturalMasks ABR_HomeCook BMU_CottageChristmas_Bow-String cap_aboutaboy_string AngelleDesigns_Simple Pleasures_ blends This is very yummy - it makes a lot and only keeps for 3-4 days, so I had to share it with family.
  15. Awesome to have you join us! I transformed into digital from paper, this is a lot less expensive. I'm excited to see your pages! Welcome!
  16. alsoarty

    Blowing Bubbles

    Beautiful Barbara! I love the circle photo - it fits well with the theme.
  17. I agree! I wear them every day - whatever the weather! Love this vacation card.
  18. alsoarty

    Slow scrap LO#1

    So perfect in every way. I love the softness and cute baby.
  19. HERE is my layout. I don't see much wildlife here, except for lizards and rabbits, or if I go to the national parks... so I chose the gecko I photographed the other day.
  20. tmd_thehighroad_Collection AFT_Eucalypsus_Alpha
  21. Awww how sweet. Love the blending.
  22. alsoarty

    July Color #1

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