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    Sneak Peek 11/23

    I need to eat these candy canes.....
  2. alsoarty

    Sneak Peek 11/23

    Oh wow! Beautiful!
  3. alsoarty

    2019 Hybrid ATC Calendar Swap

    Something I ordered from China, arrived today, but I have no clue on how to to used it. Hmmmm........ mine just need to be printed out and assembled.
  4. alsoarty

    Huntress of the Moon_Kythe-01 .jpg

    Wow that’s gorgeous! Great layout, so whimsical. Thanks for joining the challenge..
  5. alsoarty

    Weekend challenge 1-3-18

    Yep It's already November! Where has the time gone? Everyone knows I’m Crazy about fonts and Typography. Let’s have some fun with a title for your layout. For trends in graphic design for 2018, typography is big on so many cool effects, and one that stood out to me was erasing parts of your letters, so that you can still read what the word says, as well as moving the title ‘off the page’ so that only part of it is there, but still able to know what the word it. For this weekend’s challenge let’s be crazy with your titles, using either of these ideas... erasing part of your letters, or moving it half off your page. Post your layout in the weekend challenge gallery, and remember to link your layout here in this thread. Here is my layout.
  6. alsoarty

    Being Silly

  7. alsoarty

    Family portraits 2018

  8. alsoarty

    The Many faces of Roselynd

  9. alsoarty

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 13 th November

    HERE is mine.
  10. alsoarty

    2019 Hybrid ATC Calendar Swap

    I'm waiting by mail - something I ordered online.... Got it all ready not printed yet.
  11. alsoarty

    November ATC

    HERE is mine for November.
  12. alsoarty

    time ATC

    AMD_AliceAndFriends_Mini CRO_ bow - retired designer.
  13. alsoarty

    New Photo a day challenge

    Every evening I will post a new subject to be photographed the following day. (To give everyone a chance of participating). At the end of 5 days you will make a layout using all 5 photos. One winner will be chosen to receive a $5 GC. Let's get our cameras ready for a fun filled photography week. I'll update the card each evening....so be ready to check and shoot. Remember to upload your daily photo here in this thread.
  14. alsoarty

    New Photo a day challenge

    It was fun, and we missed you, and many others. Take care of yourself, sorry you’re overloaded at work.
  15. alsoarty

    New Photo a day challenge

    Congratulations ScrapGran. You won the $5 GC. Please contact Angie at hello@scrapgirls.com for your coupon.
  16. alsoarty

    The Sun Sets

    Oh I seeit’sin The gallery! Still love the photos and the layout.
  17. alsoarty

    Daily 5 5-9Nov2018

    Such a beautiful layout.the colors are fantastic! As are your beautiful photos. Thank you for joining the challenge.
  18. alsoarty

    New Photo a day challenge

    I got the same message, but I love your page, the framing over each photo. Thank you for joining the challenge. I enjoyed your photos from ‘down under’’.
  19. alsoarty

    Photo a day-Nov

    EMA_WhitePumpkin BMU_SketchyTimes EBA_Calypso
  20. alsoarty

    New Photo a day challenge

    It’s only one week, sadly.
  21. alsoarty

    New Photo a day challenge

    Here is my layout. Thank you everyone who took part in this challenge.
  22. alsoarty


    Love it. Thanks for taking part in the photo a day challenge. I love how you used the card on a notebook.
  23. alsoarty

    New Photo a day challenge

    Don’t forget to create a layout using all your photos, and post them in your own galleries, with a link here in this thread. Thanks for joining the fun of this challenge with me. I’ll announce the $5 GC winner here’re in this thread on Monday morning.