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  1. I'd like to know the answer to this question too. Back when I had PSE maybe 8 0r nine on my Mac I installed every style I bought. Which was a lot. It really slowed things down. Also had a lot of brushes installed but my sense was that it was styles that caused the problem. Now I'm using PSE 11 and I haven't had a problem but then I'm more careful about not having more than 20-30 styles on board at one time
  2. Hey MariJ--The whole LO disappears and has to be resurrected from the Photo Bin
  3. Thanks Belle. At least it's a comfort that it's not just me
  4. Has anyone had this problem before? My image constantly disappears off the work space when I select a tool--ie click opacity, brush tool, stuff like that--and I have to open it up out of the Photo Bin. Only to have it disappear again when I do something to the image. Certainly not a complete deal buster but exceedingly annoying. Using PSE 11 on a Mac running Sierra. Any help appreciated. Love y'all and Merry Christmas
  5. An interesting turn of events. I actually found a file that contained a number of styles (including the KVE one. Yay!), but not all. I appears to be in a presets file from some earlier incarnation of PSE. And the styles had that dog-eared paper looking icon that meant they could be loaded into my PSE 11. Don't know why it's there, don't know why it doesn't contain more styles. Ours not to question why... Ours just to be grateful Thanks for all your help, my Dears!
  6. When I downloaded PSE 11 from the Adobe site, it only had the Adobe default styles in it. So I figured I'd just load styles back from the folder I kept purchased styles in. All of them had been installed on PSE at some time or other. I just removed a lot of styles--it seemed like I had so many it was really slowing down PSE--and put them in a folder until I needed a specific style. This was done back at least 2 or 3 versions of PSE back. It may be relevant that my original PSE 11 was NOT restored by BackBlaze
  7. I went from I think Pse 8 (or whichever version went on a Mac) to PSE 11. I'm not sure how it got done but I still had all the styles. I'm pretty sure 11 was the first version that made it easy to install styles because II thinkPSE 10 (which I have on my laptop) was still the old way. I just took a look at it and there is no "Load Styles" option in the menu. I do know how to load the styles as I have done so successfully with several. It's just the ones in my file with the exec icon that won't open. I did actually try loading them the old way and interestingly enough the style title appeared in the menu thereafter but nothing else. Hope doing that wasn't a mistake, what with deleting the metadata. I'll check out Brandy's style for sure! Thanks
  8. Well, bless your heart for messing with this stuff post surgery. Hope you are recovering well and thanks for your continuing help. I think most of my styles were put in the old fashioned way SG has such a mega selection of cool styles, I went on a bit of a bender. Speaking of SG styles, the one I used the very most was KVE starburst white #7601. The designer no longer appears to be with SG. If worst comes to worst and I am not able to recover styles, do you think there is something more or less equivalent in the current selection? It put an external white glow around things and it served me very well with the kind of stuff I do Thanks again!
  9. Ah you may be on to something. I had to trash a lot of metadata files before I upgraded to PSE 11. I bet that's it. If so, I wonder if there's any solution
  10. well, my bad, it was EXEC not EXE. Not that gets me any farther. On the plus side however I learned a lot researching EXE files. That's very interesting about the metadata files. Almost all of my styles were purchased from SG. I wonder if they are still available at SG and ai can find documentation that I bought them (a somewhat dubious proposition but I did save a lot of stuff like that) I could get a re-download for free? I'm not exactly sure what went on--I'm pretty hopeless untechy.. The computer would just stop halfway through booting up. My dear Mac guy at first thought the HD was going to have to be replaced but after running it through a bunch of diagnostics it turned out it was some issue with the operating system so they installed a new one and were pretty much able to retrieve the desktop files and my mail files. I had back up with Back Blaze but I was a little disappointed with that. The backup really didn't have much of anything that my guy hadn't already managed to retrieve. It didn't retrieve my font book in which I had tons of fonts I'd gotten off the internet and worse, the Photo app that was on the Restore flash drive was not the same one in which I'd meticulously organized a very large number of photos. Anyway, of course my PSE 11 wasn't on there so I reinstalled from Adobe and thus began my problems with reinstalling my styles. One possible solution that occurs to me is this. I do still have the discs and an external disc drive. Do you suppose if I uninstalled the PSE that I got from Adobe via the internet and reinstalled what I originally had via disc, that the problem would be resolved? Oh dear, this is all so confusing! One final note that may be of interest and groans. When I initially thought the problem was my HD I called Apple and was told that their warranty was now only for 6 months, no longer a year (I bought this computer 8 months ago). Doesn't show much respect for their product but a lot of respect for the bottom line. Thanks so much for your support!
  11. Sorry. I should have mentioned i use a Mac, Would that be any different? If not, I'm not sure what you mean by run it. Thx for your quick reply!
  12. Update--it seems to have something to do with whether the file looks like a sheet of paper (that works) or a credit card looking thing that says EXE (doesn't work)
  13. Hi y'all--I had an issue with my OS and had to have a new one installed--and had, of course, to reinstall PSE off of the Adobe website. And now tried to reinstall styles which had been on the old 11 on to new one. I keep getting messages that these styles are not compatible with this version of PSE. What's up with that, does anyone know? PSE 11 is PSE 11, no? And of course some of these were my favorite styles. I kind of suspect that if I still had a disc drive and reinstalled via my discs, I probably wouldn't have a problem. They are properly installed--appear in the menu--but just won't run. Suggestions PLEASE!
  14. Thanks so much all!! . Am still pondering but I lean towards a Shutterfly sale. I notice they have one for September 50% off but I wonder if I could get that together in time--have several more Los I'd like to do. Lots to think about and even if I find a Shutterfly sale, I'll hang on to the advice and get more adventurous next year. Don't know why it never occurred to me that I could do 8x8 in the middle of a larger page
  15. Thanks Melanie. I did see some 12x12 grid templates that might work. also read the thread but confess to finding it a little bit confusing