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  1. Here is my Tall (layout 10) that I skipped. London Eye I have one more to go hoping to get it done before the deadline. I did a quick look in the gallery and WOW there are some amazing layouts in there!!
  2. Supplies listed in the photo exif info. Photos taken by DD, Jaclyn. I did a painting technique on the main photo.
  3. I’ll eat your share in the dining room but will sit by the pool with you 🍹🍹
  4. Mmm drawn butter with lobster!! I’m drooling over here. 😆 Since this is a magical ship we can use long curly straws so we can sip our drinks while eating. A table by the window sounds perfect!
  5. Yeah I noticed that too, right after they did some maintenance work. I think Angie said there will be an big upgrade with some some changes (although she doesn’t know what changes) in the next few months. The upgrade is needed to keep things running better. ☺️
  6. Fabulous reflection! I like how you kept your embellishments simple to let your photo shine!
  7. This is breathtakingly beautiful! Your blending superb. I love how you framed out the little cottage.
  8. I skipped the tall layout (will try to get inspired later). Here's my Hotel Terrace Rome
  9. BMU_SSPaper_BGBlenders5_5, GWH_ItsAGirlThing_ColBig, GWH_SummerGarden_Emb_Bow-Lace, GWH_SummerGarden_Emb_Lace, GWH_SSPaper_JustBlendIt3_Edgers-Text-4 Went out my comfort zone with this one. Mixing patterns, trying my hand at making clusters, busy-ness of the layout. Photo is of my daughter on the terrace of our hotel room in room. TFL!
  10. I'll make ya a deal, Diane. I'll eat your share of lobster and you can eat my share of ice cream!!!
  11. Love the fun vibrant colors and the cute tiny cluster!
  12. I really like the monochromatic scheme, very Pretty!
  13. Debby, this is so pretty! I love the color combo and your pretty clusters. Great use of white space too!
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