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  1. ladyscrapalot


    Haha, Now we are even because I was going to do once for this song but you beat me! lol! I love your fire with all the textures! So HOT!!
  2. ladyscrapalot

    August ATC #2

    You card is so cozy! Your hot chocolate looks delicious! Those mugs are so cute and it sure does look cold out the window, brrr!
  3. ladyscrapalot

    August ATC_HOT

    So lovely and serene. Your photo just glows of the sun. Love the font!
  4. ladyscrapalot

    ATC 2 - Hot

    Oh yes! LOVE the quote. Wish I were there right now! Cute little cluster!
  5. ladyscrapalot

    August ATC Swap

    Here's another. Hot Town I'll be back later to catch up on LSL. I have to try to redo the first one I did so I will be able to send in a full size copy. I must have accidentally saved over the psd version. 🤦‍♀️Can't seem to find it anywhere. 😟
  6. ladyscrapalot


    supplies listed in the EXIF information. I believe this song was by the Lovin' Spoonful. tfl
  7. ladyscrapalot

    August ATC Swap

    Here's my second one. Hot Cross Buns
  8. supplies are listed in the EXIF information. I made the cross buns. I'm sure there is/was an easier way but I'm pleased how they came out. tfl
  9. ladyscrapalot

    Guilt using QP's?

    I always feel like I’m cheating when I use QPs. That being said I think the designers create them for us to use without feeling guilty. I’m sure the people you are making the layouts love the fact that you went through the trouble of making a special memento as reminder of a special event. I know I would. 🤗
  10. ladyscrapalot

    Weekly Layout and Forum Game Winners - August 5th

    Congratulations!! Beautifully done!
  11. ladyscrapalot

    Altered Template

    Wow what a view, I bet it never gets old! I like how you framed out your photo and the pretty cluster. Cool font!
  12. ladyscrapalot

    Aug 19 Monthly Challenge 3 Frames Ngaire & Marilyn

    This is fabulous! How exciting to meet a scrapgirl and spend the day together! How fun! Love the quote and the overlay but especially the photo!
  13. ladyscrapalot

    ATC 2 - Purple

    Oh Yes, a garden of purple would make me happy and so does your beautiful card. Fabulous close up! The glitter edge gives it a nice finishing touch!
  14. ladyscrapalot


    ooOOOOoo Another wonderful purple atc!! Your card is so magical! Love the twinkling lights and the butterfly scatter. Just beautiful
  15. ladyscrapalot

    Miracles Happen ATC

    Oh my goodness! I love this!! I love the font and that gorgeous purple! Pretty flowers and petal scatter.