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  1. Oooo I missed this. Such sweetness!😍
  2. I'm currently reading the latest book by Sue Grafton, Y is for Yesterday. My sister got me started on the series years ago. For the last 4-5 books. I buy the new release when it comes out. I read it and then give it to her for Christmas. This one came out in August which is a bit of earlier than usual so I may not wait fo Christmas so she'll have something to read during her chemo treatments (if she's up to reading)
  3. Hahaha! This reminds me of when we visit my dh's family at a reunion. He's from a family of nine. All that time preparing gone in mere minutes..... Here's my contribution of chaos. It was a hastily taken photo has we were leaving Grapefest last night. Wished I had more time to take better aim.
  4. Such pretty layouts!! Congrats ladies!! eeep! I just noticed I'm a winner too! Thank you scrapgirls!
  5. Nope, hadn't commented prior to posting my LO as I was debating whether I wanted to give it ago. I guess you knew that I wanted to before I did. lol! Thanks for the add. Clarification on this month's hashtag. Since I did this past Weekend Wildcard am I allowed to do this week's Newsletter challenge and use it as my hashtag for this month?
  6. Thank you. Yes, Marilyn you are correct. I'm probably 21 or maybe 22 in this photo. Jaclyn is 22 and Larisa is 26
  7. Hopefully it's not to late for me to sign up. I did the Weekend Wildcard Challenge 80s Throwback
  8. Yay!! Happy birthday to Brooke!!! I love this, Carla!! Not a little girl LO but not too grown up either, perfect for a young teen aged girl! I love the little bows and swirls. Your big & bold title is wonderful for your layout. Fabulous job!
  9. Hee Hee what a cutie she is!! I love your big bold title with the added flower and little butterflies!
  10. Love the black & white photos with the pink, very pretty!! Your cat is so cute!!
  11. Oh how precious is she!!! I love your use of OOB, it's perfect for your sweet photo.
  12. Here's mine. #80's throwback.
  13. Hahaha! Me and my DH back in the 80's!
  14. Hmmm. Last year was so much fun, but my digi mojo has been known to flee at random moments. I'm working on trying to get my act together so sign me up and I'll see what happens.
  15. Gorgeous!!!! I love the rich warm colors.