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  1. Oh my goodness, I forgot there were prizes! I was just excited about learning/practicing the techniques you're are sharing. Thank you so much!
  2. @Mikelle Oh yay! I need practice with recoloring!! Can’t wait to check out the tuts. 😊
  3. Gorgeous photo! Love your netting border with the shells and daisys, so pretty. Great idea with the glow lines.
  4. Love the photo and what a cool hat! I like your paper stack. Good job with the stroke work.
  5. The way your blended part of your photo and framed the rest is inspiring. I love your blended background with the soft text. Your cluster adds just the right touch. Well done!
  6. That had to be so cool for Laura and what a great keepsake photo! I really like the clipped paper to your stroke. Fun page!
  7. Great array of photos and I like that your picked a color from each photo for the stroke.
  8. Journaling reads; Hachie (short for Waxahachie) Hearts Trail consists of several "puffy" hearts decorated by local artists. Each one has a different theme. These 5 were part of an Adventure Lab we did. There are about 21 around town. For the dark stroke around the photos I put a stroke on a seperate layer and clipped a paper to it. I added a white stroke around it and around the photo. For the word art. I put a red stroke and lowered the fill opacity to 0. Lastly I put a white stroke around my journaling. Supplies used; CTH_SSAlbum_12x12_PhotoBook2_Special, MPE_JournalArtsy_Paper_Blue2, butt
  9. Oh this is so creative, Marilyn! Great shape for your page. I love your fairies. H has a great smile and a sweet heart for sharing his good fortune. Love the sunrays too!
  10. #1 Swimming. Well Andrea didn't say it had to be people swimming.....
  11. My photo taken in Florida years ago. Supplies used; GWH_SSEMB_StackedPhotos6_2, ABL_NaturalistsJournal_Paper1_Green, kk_estb_dsp (7), kk_estb_dsp (6)-paper, AFT_SSPaper_ChicBlenderLOM_4, MPE_JournalArtsy_Emb_Bubble4, MPE_JournalArtsy_Emb_Textured_Shapes-Tri, kimeric_bpbtba_graffiti (14), AFT_FeelNost_Emb_Branch, ABL_NaturalistsJournal_Paper2_Bark, CWX_Autumn!_stampborder3, SRO_SSTools_Styles_DropShadows120, font used; Bark
  12. That was my first thought too, Lucy looks so grown up! Cute photos and I like how you used all the scraps of paper and pretty flowers.
  13. Oh this is so pretty! I really like the photo strip and all the paper scraps, stitching, etc.
  14. Welcome back! I’m glad you are feeling better. I hope your mojo is back as well and that you feel safe sharing your work with us.
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