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  1. ladyscrapalot


    Loving all the colors and textures! I also love the buttons and little bow!
  2. ladyscrapalot


    Pretty with all the hearts scattered about!
  3. ladyscrapalot


    Fab quote! This is cheery and so pretty to look at. I love the circle of dots, like a rainbow!
  4. ladyscrapalot

    Feb ATC Swap

    Here's my second one. If you seek
  5. Supplies in exif properties I'm trying to get better at using one collection at a time. I found the yogi online. tfl
  6. ladyscrapalot


    Who gives this woman. I envision this page opposite the one I did with my bridesmaids with the circles.
  7. ladyscrapalot

    our wedding_who gives this woman

    supplies in the exif properties I tried making my own word art for my page. Thank goodness for designers like DRB designs who make awesome clusters!
  8. ladyscrapalot

    Never Ending Story - February Game

    As the song came to the end, the snowman said, “ I’m getting hot in here. Help me with the zipper”.
  9. ladyscrapalot

    Feb ATC Swap

    In my heart Sorry if mine is a little personal. My sister past away a year ago on Valentine's day. I had something else planned for a coin (which I'll work on later) but as I was going through my stash, this coin just sort of made itself and I just went where it took me.
  10. ABR_ATCCoinTempv SNU_SGClub_JUNE18_wordsmith EBA_SSStyles_ATCShadows12601 AFT_SS_Styles_PaperBorders_6401_SM Well I personally like the coins. I like that it's different and a challenge to make things work in a different shape. (I still like the tradish way too). My coin might be a little too personal but it sort of created itself. I just went where it took me. tfl
  11. ladyscrapalot

    Feb ATC - Hearts

    Fabulous quote! I love the softness of your card with the pretty pinks and gold! ❤️
  12. ladyscrapalot


    You've still got it Ann! Super blending with all the textures and colors!❤️
  13. ladyscrapalot

    Marie ATC Coin

    So pretty! Love the font! ❤️
  14. ladyscrapalot

    Feb ATC_Hearts

    I love the cut out with so much depth! I also love the heart scatter! Oh and of course the glitter! ❤️
  15. ladyscrapalot


    Love it ❣️