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  1. ladyscrapalot

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Oh yay!! I have some of Syndee’s planner products. So hopefully I’ll be able to finally use them.
  2. ladyscrapalot

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge June 12

    Here's mine: Little Geisha Girls
  3. ladyscrapalot


    This photo is of my mom. I'm guessing she was about 8. I don't anything about where, when, who, what, or why of the photo. I do know I had the same haircut at about the same age.
  4. ladyscrapalot

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Well if it's okay I'll post it. If not let me know and I can delete it right away. It's kind of long but it was very helpful. At least for me. Video.
  5. ladyscrapalot

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    I found a YouTube video of how to start your own planner. She started with the Keynote app and the brought it into Goodnotes. I didn’t know if I was allowed to post it here.
  6. ladyscrapalot

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Thank you Conda and Becky!! This has helped me a lot. I did like using a habit tracker and I truly need to get myself a little more organized. I waste a lot of precious time of procrastinating so perhaps (maybe?) this might, kinda, sorta help? lol!! At least it would be fun to play with. The cost of Goodnote is about the same as paper planner and like digi scrapping easy to start over.
  7. ladyscrapalot

    Crawl Space

    So bright and vibrant! I love how the stripped paper leads your eye right to the center of the photo of that precious little one!
  8. ladyscrapalot

    Be Happy

    I love the monochromatic colors with the tiny pop of yellow! I also like all the different layers of the torn papers! Such a lovely page!!
  9. ladyscrapalot

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Question: So I have some planner pages that I bought from the store, I think from Syndee and Amanda. Am I able to use these if I purchase the Goodnotes app? The youtube video tutorial I found also used the Keynote app to start the basic planner. Would I add them in the Keynote app or after I pulled the basic planner into the Goodnote app?
  10. ladyscrapalot

    New Year, New Home

    This is fabulous! Love how you blended your house photo into the brick bg and how you arranged your other photos. They really tell the whole story. Congratulations on the win!
  11. ladyscrapalot

    Weekly Winners - June 11th

    Oh my!! What a surprise!!! Thank you sooo much!!
  12. ladyscrapalot

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    I'm leaning towards giving it a go. I like the creative aspect of it and as you said you can use it for more than tracking appointments. Now that I have found that youtube video I have a starting point. Just have to look into that writing tool you mentioned earlier in this thread.
  13. ladyscrapalot

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Well I happened across a wonderful YouTube video showing how to start a digital bujo. Now to decide if I would actually use. I just don’t have a lot going on in my life that I actually need to keep track of but they look so cool 😎. Decisions decisions.........
  14. ladyscrapalot

    Arrival of Panda

    Ditto what Diane said! It's amazing how you used a wide variety of patterns and colors but they work so well together. Awesome page!
  15. ladyscrapalot


    Hahaha! I love the look on his face, so precious!! Great job on the OOB and your embellies are spot on perfect! Great page, Debby!