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  1. What a fab idea to use the back of the poncho, and clever of you to get a photo of it! What a fun activity that must have been and a great snap of your family!
  2. ladyscrapalot

    When it rains

    Yes, boys will be boys and they are precious! There is so much to love about your page, the raindrops, the boot, the journaling strips, Love it all!
  3. I really like the arrangement of your lovely photos. The cluster of seashells is a nice touch.
  4. Great action shots! Love your wordart and the splashes cute clusters, too!
  5. How sweet! Love the quote and the font you used, perfect!
  6. So cute! They look like they are having a blast! I love all the circles!
  7. I, too love the window frame and the brick wall blended behind. The sketchy background looks like his sloshing through mud, just like a little boy would love to do! Great page!
  8. Here's mine of my daughter in one of her first dance costume.
  9. GWH_MomentInTime_Collection, GWH_SSPaper_TheGrungeEffect_Edgers. The photo is of my oldest, Larisa, (who turned 30 last month!) when she was about 3-4. It was taken at her dance studio.
  10. Here's my layout for wire. Fat A-- Winery.
  11. SNU_BrandedWood_Papers-7, SNU_SStyles_BrandedWood, vjs-hestheman-borderstitch-01_emb, ABR_Simplify_Emb-Frame1, MRE_Farmhouse_Style_Wire_WA_Fun, DRB_BohoGarden_Free_Cluster_emb, BMU_Vineyard_WordArt_Stamp-3, BMU_Vineyard_WordArt_Stamp-4, BMU_Vineyard_WordArt_Enjoy. For the top and bottom title work I extracted the sign of the winery from one of my photos and used Syndee's Branded Wood style. If you closely in the photo on the left you can see the full name of the winery.
  12. Here's my 4 photos - Geocaching
  13. MRE_SSEmb_LiftedPhotos_Doubles, EMA_SSPaper_MediaCircusTemplates, AFT_Reinvent_Collection, ABR_2016Every_Emb_String1, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301; Fonts used: Pea Tiffany, Adler.. Journaling reads; Caches come in all shapes and sizes. Metal plates that look like the belong. Little tiny metal canisters with a magnet on the bottom so they can stick anywhere. Camouflaged containers with twigs glued to them. to blend in with the bush they are hidden in. Even creepy bugs with tiny tubes attached to their underside so they can be placed in the ground!
  14. ladyscrapalot

    Featuring: Goldenrod

    Gorgeous butterflies!!
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