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  1. Me “giving” Cookie a treat.
  2. Can you post a screen shot of your work space so we can check the layers?
  3. Listening to Christmas music while shopping online and playing fetch with Cookie.
  4. Here’s my hanging photo. Larisa gave me this sign several years ago. It hangs on the wall as I come in from the garage. It hangs over our keys hanging on the hooks.
  5. So the calendar says Dec. 7. Monday we had record temps in the mid 80’s. Today we snow flurries although nothing is sticking. And then it’s still autumn in our backyard. Only in Texas.
  6. Oh Carla, this is fabulous! It's like we get to peek over your shoulder as you write in your journal! Sweet photos to add to your story.
  7. Yes, just breathe! My you are a busy lady! Love your bg paper and adore your santa!
  8. Oh yes! This is the perfect for list, especially the first and last items! That photo is adorable!! Love the blended bg!
  9. Hee hee!! Oh this is great, it put a smile on my face.! I love how the elf and snowman are peeking out watching to see if you are being naughty, Very creative!
  10. Oh how lovely!
  11. Love, love, love the colors, Diane! Fab job on the paper stacking and little cluster!
  12. This is very pretty, Debby. It has sort of vintage vibe to it. I love your cluster/boarder that you decorated with santas like your house.
  13. Well here's mine
  14. I always have a hard time getting into the holiday spirit. This year we had to get a new tree and of course new ornaments. DH helped me to decorate so that was nice. Although I'm not real pleased with how my lo turned out I had a lot of fun finding different fonts and picking out styles; both of which are listed in the EXIF information.
  15. Here’s my ✨ photo. Sparkle on ladies!!