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  1. Love your take on the outline combined with the sketched/3d flowers. Sweet photos! A beutiful layout of a beautiful family!
  2. Ohh my this is stunning!!! It reminds me of this artist who does sketches of women and makes dresses out of food for the sketches. This is so elegant and creative!
  3. The first thing I thought of when I saw the mood board was my Oldest daughter, Larisa when she was in dance. And the fact that she loves pink! Dance because you can.
  4. supplies listed in EXIF info. I've scrapped these photos of Larisa before back when I didn't really know what I was doing. lol! the photos were taken at her dance studio when she was a senior (2009)
  5. I'm sorry about your sick doggie Celestine. 🙏
  6. Haha, No you are correct! I just saw orange flower and thought marigold. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I worked on it this morning and hadn’t had much coffee. 😆
  7. GORGEOUS!! Your blending is so subtle but beautifully executed!
  8. Cool building and lovely color combo. Great job!
  9. O is also for Outstanding! Your photo is awsome and I too love how you blended in the text.
  10. Sweet photo of the happy couple! Lovely blending work and gorgeous cluster.
  11. Great photos and wonderfully blended! I love the word art and the beautiful clusters. Awesome layout!
  12. Thanks for this challenge, Andrea! I love blending! Marigold
  13. GWH_SSEmb_StackedPhotos6, florju_AutumnHaze_Mask2, AFT_Delightful_His_Paper_1, AngelleDesigns_HopIntoSpring_Artistic blends, FLO_ColorfulSun_WA. I blended my photo twice and then blended the other elements. TFL!
  14. Oh, Marilyn this is so sweet! I love how you did this page with the main photo as a blended strip across the page and then the other photos clustered with the different pattern paper blended in behind them. And how you connected them all together. I really like your little hanging charm to balance it out. Brave little bunny!
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