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  1. This is gorgeous! Fabulous photo and I love the grungy softness of your bg.
  2. Your page is simple and rustic but beautifully created.
  3. What a stunning photo, the blue is so brilliantly bright and vibrant. I like how your background on the bottom looks like plant life underwater, so gorgeous.
  4. Fun comparison photos! Like the others, I love the curves and your clusters are so pretty and dainty.
  5. What a lovely place for a walk. The kit you used is perfect for your wonderful photo. Love the quote.
  6. Aww this is so sweet! Wonder what's going through his little mind?? Love your blended background with pretty checked paper and the soft edger.
  7. Love the rustic texture of your photo effect, really cool and your background lends to the rustic-ness The animals are adorable!!
  8. What a magnificent view! Love the scatters.
  9. Years ago I had a camera with a panoramic setting, couldn't tell you for the life of me what kind it was. I've tried taking some with my iPhone but I can't keep my phone level to take the scan of the scenery. Here's mine
  10. I had to resize the mask to fit my panoramic, lol! Supplies used: GWH_AutumnBlessings_PaperSpecial-1, AFT_SSEmb_PM_Transferred_3-mask, JZI_BrushSet_PhotoFinish_4, ABR_BOY_EmbMini-3_overlay, GWH_SSWordArt_Enjoy_Definition_Moment, SDE_BrushSet_ArtScribbles, SDE_BrushSet_InkScribbles, GWH_SSPaper_JustBlendIt3_Edgers-Text-Special, ABR_Style_CaptMom
  11. Haha, no. It’s an overlay but I can see it how it kinda looks like her. ☺️
  12. 🐷 hee hee, so stinking cute! I concur, the OOB is spot on perfect.
  13. I love the closeup of the eyes in the middle and your blending is wonderful!
  14. ladyscrapalot

    Glorious Michigan

    I have this kit! I love the color combo and all the little bits you used. I also really like how you used the stitching to underline you title, inspiring. ☺️
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