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  1. Thanks, Andrea! Gotta love Pinterest!!
  2. UGH! I have spent most of the morning trying to get photoshop to play nice with my laptop. I've tried updating this and updating that to no avail. :( I'm thinking I need to get a new laptop but it may not be in the budget. I'll be over in the corner pouting......

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    2. Ngaire


      Now you two behave in that corner!! No high jinks, ok!!!:D Hope your DH computer is good for you Kelly till you get yours sorted!

    3. MariJ


      Heehee.  Made me laugh Ngaire.  You can come play too if you want!

    4. CRS


      7 hours ago, ladyscrapalot said:

      My graphic card is no longer compatible with PS cs6. I tried updating it but it says I have the most current update. DH is coming home tonight (but flies out tomorrow) so I’m going to ask him if he has PS on his laptop that he leaves at home while he’s gone. His runs agonizingly slow but hopefully good enough to do the swaps I’ve committed doing. 🤞🏻aawww Marilyn, you’re welcome to share my corner I just wish it was for a different reason. 😞

      Let's hope he has it....slow is better than nothing. Sorry you are having so much trouble!

  3. Yikes! I’m hoping to start tomorrow but I am having trouble with my photoshop/laptop again sooooo.........
  4. Has anyone ever printed one of your layouts on canvas? I had 2 of Jaclyn's photos printed on canvas and they turned out great. I noticed that Shutterfly does 12x12. I was thinking I would see if my SIL wanted to do that with the layout I'm doing for her. The cost isn't too bad for canvas printing but I wasn't sure how it would look. Thanks for any input!
  5. Thanks Diane! I've made a few changes and per the request of my SIL may make a few more. I agree with you 100% in that for me doing projects like these are the hardest. I'm always doubting my work, but I'm working on that. By doing projects like this and the swap crops pushes me to keep trying harder.
  6. Love the autumn colors! It looks like you picked flowers from the scene of your photo and tucked them in you layout. Awesome job!
  7. What a sweet couple they make! Love her bouquet. I love how added a single flower of the same color to your cluster, it really pops against the soft blue of beautiful blended background. Lovely layout for sure.
  8. I think it's unanimous, Blending rules! lol I LOVE the pops of red with the white so so pretty! Your photos are adorable and your clusters add the perfect touch!
  9. Some how I manged to do all 3 LOs, I'm sore, tired but, happy. lol! Here's my Spring Veggie Sandwich plus tomato. Bike Art
  10. I picked: Spring Veggie DelightWhole grain roll — 1 photo Fresh mozzarella cheese — use blending somewhere on your page Grilled vegetables — use a piece of word art Tomato - something purple I have one photo that I enlarged and blended into my BG paper, which has some purple as does the flower. My word art is going vertical up the side.
  11. Oh poor sleepy baby! I wish I could fall asleep anywhere like little ones can. Your photo is perfect for OOB, I'd be terrified to attempt this the old school way with scissors! Love your gorgeous cluster and beautiful blending!
  12. Diane, I honestly don't think you could create this in traditional paper; it simply wouldn't be this stunning!! You blended background is gorgeous and it is perfect for your lovely photo!
  13. Gorgeous photo!! Superb blending, love the colors and textures! Pretty cluster too!I think there's a bit of magic in digital scrapping!
  14. Can I just say fabulous! The OOB with the ball coming in from above, the baseball stitching as a ribbon, all the other touches; LOVE!
  15. Mikelle, this is so sweet with the photos of little you and your dad!! Your clusters are really pretty