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  1. This is so pretty, April!! Your photo is gorgeous and I love the way you masked and framed it. I saved the email about this tutorial but haven't had a chance to study it. Your lo has piqued my interest!!
  2. Yay for you Jane!!! And we get to see the real YOU!! I like all the photos you took but I love the main one and how you framed and masked it. That's cool that you can take pictures while riding! I date a guy in my younger days who had a bike. Only went on one trip with him and we ran out of gas. My dad bought one but was afraid of it so he didn't keep it very long. I think I would be afraid of the other drivers on the road. So safe stay and enjoy the freedom of the road!!!
  3. I would be proud if I had a green thumb like you. lol! Your roses are gorgeous and you've scrapped them so beautifully!
  4. Marliyn, you dare devil!!! lol! Hey, I would go very slowly and I'm not even injured. Good for you for going for it! Looks like you had a blast!! I love how your composition looks mimics a steering wheel! A fun lo for sure!!
  5. Here's mine Jaclyn's graduation.
  6. Ooo these are great! I like the split frame on the left and the group on the right, they really tell the story. I love your pretty clusters and your color combo. Looks like a fun day.
  7. Love the pinks and greens, Carla! So light and fresh! Your embellishment cluster is so perfect. Wonder how big the trees are now!
  8. My baby's graduating from college soon!! Her friend took the photos. Went a little out of my comfort zone using a bold print and adding alpha. The title is what she put on her cap and is a quote from a movie. You before me, I think.
  9. Can't wait for reveal day!!!!!
  10. Love the softness of your colors and blending. It really frames your family photo nicely.
  11. Ooooh I'm glad you said we could use someone else's proud moment, Marilyn!! Jaclyn is graduating college next month and her friend took some great photos in her cap and gown. Can't wait to get started, too bad I have to go to work first. LOL!
  12. Congratulations Ladies!! Well deserved!!
  13. Oh Carla, this is so perfectly beautiful!! Love the blending/masking of your photo. Your quote/journaling is so heartfelt. I just love it.
  14. Please tell me that's not in FL! lol! Though it wouldn't surprise me if it was; reminds me of TX on the rare occasion we get snow. Love your blending and the grungy bg. Your wordart is perfectly spot on!
  15. This is so perfect for you being a boat lover and all! It made me chuckle! I love your "treasure map" bg with the paint splotches. Your little pirate/cluster is adorable but don't tell him. He might make me walk the plank! lol