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  1. Totally agree!!
  2. Oooo this thread is making me 😋!! We went to dinner last night. The view was amazing. I had a grilled trout salad with beets, feta cheese and roasted pistachios. I'm posting from my phone so sorry if this turns out to big.
  3. Welcome Cath!!
  4. Sometimes it's the tiniest thing that can mess you up! Worked on my reflection all morning. Played around with one photo but didn't like anything I did. Found another photo, kept trying the watercolor tutorial I did before. Even reset tools and rebooted computer. It just wouldn't worked. Read some of the comments attached to video: make sure background is black/foreground white. As simple as that. Got a good start on it. However we are taking a shore excursion and heading down south to Austin, TX to visit bro-in-law. for the weekend. Y'all try to behave! lol!!!
  5. You have capture the golden hour superbly! I love the little umbrella cluster and the black and gold together!
  6. aaawwweeee, This just touched my heart so much. It's a beautiful layout Lei!
  7. Absolutely stunning!!
  8. Beautiful! love the glitter stripes!
  9. Love the bright, cheery colors!
  10. This is so fabulous! Looks like it could be a cover of an album!!
  11. So vibrant and full of energy! Those colors and views; amazing!
  12. I love how your blended photo looks like the same design on your beautiful vase! Well done!!
  13. Oh.My.Gosh! I love this so much. I love the artsy background and the little snippets of Matty, it's so playful!!
  14. Ooo Bianca is so talented, I love the colors she used! And you showcased her artwork so wonderfully!
  15. WOW. WOW. WOW. Grand views is right! That must have been so beautiful to see.