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    Project Life 2020 Week 2 - Happiness Is

    Your tuna dish looks yummy! Your hubby does look very happy.
  2. ladyscrapalot


    ABR_2016Everyday_Collection, SNU_SSDLT_LifeInPictures, BMU_TravelJournal_Arrows, BMU_Manmade_Arrows_1,AFT_AntiqueEdges_Paper_8, JZI_SSTools_Actions_NaturalText14501, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301-Grey, ASO_SS_Styles_SoBasicallyTxt_6401; font used: PeaTiffany I was trying to make this week look a bit different from last week's layout. I didn't have a lot of templates to choose from so I bought Angie's Build Your Own Layout template pack so that I would have more options. TFL!
  3. ladyscrapalot


    ABR_2016Everyday_Collection, SNU_SSDLT_LifeInPictures, ABR_SSPaper_NatureWalk, EMA_IAm_COLL_Mini_Frame2, JZI_SSTools_Actions_NaturalText14501,BMU_SSTools_MegaLift I Squared, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301-Grey, font: Pea Tiffany I tried to simplify things by using one collection and a template. However it still took me awhile to add all the goodies. I even added journaling! 😲😆
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    PL 2020 Week 1

    Love your daily photos and your journaling to go with them! You have a great smile 😊
  5. ladyscrapalot

    TN Pigeon Forge Cabin

    I love the rustic but elegant vibe of your page! Making your cabin sepia was a creative choice and makes a nice anchor for your story.
  6. ladyscrapalot

    TN NC Vacay

    Gorgeous! I too, love the vintage paper you used for your states. Love your fonts!
  7. ladyscrapalot

    Week 1 Who Are You.jpg

    Great layout with interesting photos! Love the snowflake gems!
  8. ladyscrapalot


    Sully, that face!! 😍
  9. ladyscrapalot


    Angie, I love the design of your pages. So graphic and dramatic, love the B&W with the pop of red!
  10. ladyscrapalot

    Jan Proj Life 1

    Love the calming colors, they compliment your photos nicely. The roof workers sure seem calm up there. 😬
  11. ladyscrapalot

    Project Life 2020 Prompts

    Thank you ladies! Luckily it was only a few photos. The photos I used I was shooting in Live mode and had to find a way to fix them to use them. I’d explain it here but TBH I’m not sure of everything I did. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m hoping things will go a bit smoother this week!
  12. ladyscrapalot

    Project Life 2020 Prompts

    When I did a quick(ish) google search I learned there was a Windows app to convert but the reviews weren’t promising. I also learned how to change the setting on my iPhone to make (new) photos more compatible. I didn’t read anything about Dropbox so I will certainly check that out. We’ve both learned something from my PL page this week. ☺️
  13. ladyscrapalot

    San diego

    JCO_CollectionBiggie_UnderTheBoardwalk EMA_SSPaper_EphemeraMaskOverlays_overlay1 SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301-Grey I actually used just one collection! The photos are from about 6 years ago when my DH, Rick & I went to San Diego. I didn't have many photos to choose from but managed to find a few. TFL
  14. ladyscrapalot

    Project Life 2020 Prompts

    Here's my week 2. This week has been a challenge with the camera. We decided to change cell phone companies, (and what a pain in the you know what it has been) and DH and my phone were too old to transfer over so we had to get new phones. So it's been fun trying to learn how to use the dang thing! Live photos vs regular photos, vs videos, plus Apple now uses an new file format (HEIF) which windows doesn't recognize as of yet. I'm just glad I'm starting to figure this out while just taking day to day photos and not on a once in a lifetime vacay or something.
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    Project Life 2020 Week 1

    Nice to meet you! Lovely photos, especially the dragonfly. Very pretty layout!
  16. ladyscrapalot

    January 2020-Yellow

    You have some lovely yellowness around your house. Some yummy ones too! I may have to get Angie's templates.
  17. ladyscrapalot

    Week 1 Right.jpg

    More fun photos for "C" photos!
  18. ladyscrapalot

    Week 1-C copy

    Fun layout! Love your "week one" label, so pretty!
  19. ladyscrapalot


    Hi Doris! It's nice to meet you! Your photo pops and your journaling is subtle yet front and center.
  20. ladyscrapalot

    Week 1 pg 2

    Such bright and cheery yellows. Makes me smile!
  21. ladyscrapalot

    Week 1 pg 1

    This is so cool! it's so dramatic! I agree, it does look like an ad in a magazine. On a side note it reminds me of when I taught Pre-k and was trying to help kids who would say lellow instead of yellow. I would ask them to say yell. They would say yell. Then I would ask them to say y-y-e-e-l-l-ow, nice and slowly drawn out. they would always reply back yyeell -lellow. 🤦‍♀️
  22. ladyscrapalot

    Weekly, December & Project2019 Winners January 6th

    Whoo hoo! Congrats to all the winners!!
  23. ABR_ATCCoin_3.5, VJS_ASpotofTea_collection, BMU_SSTools_MegaLift II Circular, AFT_SSStyles_PaperBorders_6401_SM, EBA_SSStyles_ATCShadows12601, font used; Scriptina TFL!
  24. ladyscrapalot

    Photo Challenge Jan 2020

    You see that because it's your life. I see the sweet baby angel playing happily in a room full of love helping create a fond memory. 💜
  25. ladyscrapalot

    Project Life 2020

    How perfectly wonderful!