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    Help Me With A Layout - I'm Stuck

    Love your redo! Well done!!
  2. ladyscrapalot


    This quote really spoke to me. I guess I lean more to being spiritual but not religious. Namaste my friends.
  3. Supplies listed in photo exif info. I found the face on the internet. tfl
  4. This little ditty popped into my head but I just had to changed it up a bit. lol! tfl
  5. ladyscrapalot

    July ATC Swap

    I haven't really tried using gradients, so I gave it a little try. Purple
  6. ladyscrapalot


    Oh how pretty to have these flowers in your garden! I love your brush work and your pretty background. The stitching around your frames add a nice touch.
  7. ladyscrapalot


    I used Syndee's Floating Frames that I forgot I had. Super simple to use. supplies listed in the Photo Exif information
  8. ladyscrapalot


    So soft and pretty! Your little elf/girl is too cute!! Earlier this week I saw an exhibit of Monet: The Late Years. He certainly loved flowers! Oh ha I just noticed your little caterpillar at the bottom, cute!
  9. ladyscrapalot

    Beautiful Garden.jpg

    How pretty! Love all the little bits you've added, they add a nice little touch.
  10. ladyscrapalot

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge

    Wow what a variety of pretty yellow flowers! Perfect quote!
  11. ladyscrapalot

    Weekend Challenge 7/6/19: Flowers - Arboretum

    OOOOOOHHHHH, Marilyn this is so gorgeous!! I love it so much! I love the soft muted colors, the pretty "purple" glitter edging. And your curving text, perfect touch, it just sort of blends in.
  12. ladyscrapalot

    Wedding Peonies

    I've never heard of preserving flowers that way, very interesting. The peonies are very pretty! I love the font you used.
  13. ladyscrapalot

    Weekend Challenge July 6, 2019

    I have tons of flower photos the trick is trying to find one I haven't used. lol Single Flower
  14. ladyscrapalot

    July ATC - Purple

    Pretty Purple atc for sure!
  15. ladyscrapalot

    July ATC Swap

    Lavender Blue updated
  16. ladyscrapalot


    So perfectly purple!
  17. ladyscrapalot

    purple people eater

    Hahaha! This song popped into my head when I saw this month’s theme. You did a great job illustrating it!
  18. ladyscrapalot

    July ATC_purple_#2

    Fun! Adore your girl!
  19. ladyscrapalot

    July ATC_Purple

    Love the curl edges!
  20. ladyscrapalot

    July ATC - Purple

    So pretty! Fabulous quote, maybe that’s why I loke purple so much! ☺️
  21. ladyscrapalot

    July ATC Swap

    Here's one from me. I'll be back later to LSL!
  22. ladyscrapalot

    Weekly Layout Winners - July 1st

    Congratulations winners!!!
  23. ladyscrapalot

    July ATC Swap

    PURPLE?!?!?! YYYAAASSS!!! Love me some purple! Have to work today but like Marilyn, I will be thinking about it.
  24. ladyscrapalot

    Some items not on sale???

    Thank You, Angie and the Tech Team!! Y'all Rock!!
  25. You could take a photo of the poster. That way you could print it out a smaller size to fit you page or if you wanted to cut the different poses you wouldn’t have to worry if you messed up. You could just print another copy. At least that’s what I would do. I would be so terrified of ruining the poster. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. 🤗