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  1. englishrose


    So pretty - congratulations!
  2. englishrose

    Sneak Peek 1/17

    I always look forward to the sneak peeks!
  3. englishrose

    Weekend challenge

    Oooh that is so stylish!
  4. englishrose

    Newsletter challenge_Word for 2020

    Oh Jane! My thoughts are with you both.
  5. englishrose

    Project 2020_Begins with 'S'

    What a superstar that pooch is - and photogenic too! Loved reading your journaling.
  6. englishrose

    Weekly, December & Project2019 Winners January 6th

    Wow! thank you! Well done to everyone else!
  7. englishrose

    Week 52

    Ha ha! We did exactly the same over Christmas although not to anywhere near as pretty as your coffee shop. Pretty page.
  8. englishrose

    Weekly Winners December 30th 2019

    Well done ladies!
  9. englishrose

    Now that Windows 7 is going away and 10 is mandatory...

    Good luck Gayle - I'm sure you're not alone. I'm hoping I can get away with Windows 7 for a little bit longer. My desktop PC is 10 years old so I may consider buying a new one with Windows 10 installed. From what I hear its people who try to upgrade to Windows 10 on old hardware that encounter the problems. Why oh why can't they just leave things alone??!!!
  10. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - December 16th & 23rd

    Well done ladies!
  11. englishrose


    My daughter's garden this morning. The river level is about 5ft above where it should be! Uses: AFT_Raindance
  12. englishrose

    December to Remeber #18.jpg

    Uses GWH FallFarmhouse GWH_WinterTrim
  13. englishrose

    Pick-A-Gift: December Game Round 1

    23 please - my grandson's birthday
  14. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - December 9th

    Oooh lovely - thank you!