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  1. englishrose

    Scrapbooking funnies....

    ROFL - oh ladies you are all so funny.
  2. I joined SG in July 2010 but had been lurking for a while. Discovering scrapbooking coincided with retirement from my teaching job and the birth of my first grandchild. I've been hooked ever since. Among my first purchases were TYO_Glazed and KSC_RoughHewn. I think I deleted in embarrassment my first attempts and I can't recall the first LO I posted. Here's a very early attempt - I have no idea what collection I used as I save everything as JPEG once it's finished.
  3. My BFF has just acquired a new cat - the cutest thing ever. I should love to scrap photos of her with this collection:
  4. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - October 7th & 14th

    Wonderful work ladies - well done!
  5. englishrose

    Project 2019

    Absolutely gorgeous! What handsome young men.
  6. englishrose

    Triplets - 6 months

    Absolutely adorable!
  7. englishrose

    prompt #9

    Twin sets passed me by too - I think I was more hippy! Really like the way you've put this page together.
  8. englishrose

    prompt #5

    Super photo - also impressed by the way the ribbon weaves through the alphas.
  9. englishrose


    This made me smile. The grunge effect works so well with your LO - love it!
  10. englishrose

    Bingo 1-writing

    how lovely!
  11. englishrose

    17 - Shallow Depth of Field

    Love the simplicity of this and your choice of fonts.
  12. englishrose

    Bingo tasks 21 - Number

  13. englishrose

    prompt #21

    Very cute - that cake looks inviting too!
  14. englishrose


    Beautifully put together - great job!
  15. englishrose


    Love classic car shows - great for photo ops. The road trip theme is excellent.