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  1. Here it is, Merry Christmas (English pop song by Slade)
  2. I'm in! Week 1 (12/1-7) Week 2 (12/8-14) Week 3 (12/15-21) Week 4 (12/22-28) Week 5 (12/29-Jan 2
  3. A great font! I'd love to know the story behind that letter to Santa.
  4. englishrose

    Bingo 9

    What a cute little face. I like how you've picked up all the colours from the photo for you bg papers etc.
  5. That's such an adorable Santa! I love the way you've done the title too - going to tuck that idea away for future use!
  6. sign me up please. I've not been too good at finishing challenges lately - let's see if i can do better this month.
  7. Here is my contribution. the idea came to me straight away although the execution is not as good as I saw it in my head!
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