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  1. englishrose


    Welcome Laura. I hope you find plenty to inspire you and get you back on track.
  2. englishrose

    Sneak Peek 06/15

    How exciting!
  3. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - June 11th

    Congratulations both!
  4. englishrose

    Sneak Peek 06/08

    Yum yum!
  5. englishrose

    Ice Cream Man NL 6/5

    Absolutely brilliant!!!!!! Caught my eye straight away.
  6. englishrose

    Book Your Ticket

    I was hoping there would be a world tour. July is a good month for me so hopefully I won't have to jump ship or parachute out at any time.
  7. englishrose

    Computer crashed, lost tons of files

    That is the thing I really dread. Like Andrea I have 2 EHDs but I'm not as diligent as I should be about backing up. I hope you can retrieve what is most precious too you without it hitting your bank account too badly.
  8. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - May 28th

    Wonderful LOs ladies. Well done!
  9. englishrose

    Wildcard Weekend 05/18

    This is stunning Andrea!
  10. englishrose

    ATC May2018

  11. englishrose

    Apollo 14

    Great interpretation of the theme.
  12. englishrose


  13. englishrose

    May ATC

    Yep I turn that magical number this year too! Will put my thinking cap on (while it still works!) and come up with something.
  14. Beautiful Club Ginny. Summer is very late arriving in the UK. It was great to be reminded of what we have to look forward to!

    1. Boatlady


      I agree the club is beautiful. It will be great fun to use.

    2. GinnyW


      Thank you Ladies!

  15. englishrose

    Weekend Wildcard 21/4

    I hope wooden pew ends don't count as "people"! This medieval church at Blythburgh is known as the cathedral of the marshes and can be seen for miles around in the flat Suffolk landscape. For history buffs - it contains a memorial to President Kennedy's elder brother whose plane crashed nearby whilst on a secret mission during WW2. TFL