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  1. Here are my recoloured embellishments (EBA_BloomGrow). the change of colour in the ribbon was using the colourise function on hue/Saturation and selecting the ribbon with the Magic Wand tool. It took a while becasue of the diferent tones in the ribbon.
  2. Ooh glow lines - I didn't htink of that idea. I'm going to try to remember that one. Super photo and lovely embellishments.
  3. I really like how you've interpreted the challenges this week. Great photoa!
  4. Different colour frames for each photo - great idea! I'm off to jot that one down! Super interesting page.
  5. Here is my LO #2. Thank you for a great week Mikelle. I've learnt a lot.
  6. Uses: AFT_SSStyles_VellumBdrs (inner stroke on bg paper) STI_StrawFields cap_timetogether EBA_Generations (outer frame and stroke on title) CKA_TrainsAndTracks (inner frame and stroke on journaling) JCO_No1Son (title) Font: CooperStd
  7. Goodness how grown up does Lucy look in these photos! Love the combination of purple, teal and lime green. Gorgeous page!
  8. This looks and sounds delicious! Any combo of chicken and rice is a favourite in my family.
  9. Here is my challenge #1. I blended2 papers (butterflies and text) to achieve the bg paper (darker colour @49%) I blended the white flower with a patterned paper (linear burn @35%) then added it to Angie's cluster I blended the photo with the textured paper (screen@32%) I'm not sure the end result was worth the extra work. I think the blended flower was perhaps the most successful.
  10. Uses: ABR_YStory GWH_Enjoy_SSPaper_Special
  11. I think this might push me into areas I've not explored much. Count me in Mikelle!
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