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  1. englishrose

    Alpha or Word Art/Quotes?

    I seldom use alphas for titles - I usually trawl the internet for a useful quote if I cant find some ready made word art.
  2. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - February 11th

    Well done ladies - worthy winners.
  3. englishrose

    newsletter challenge_Conversation

  4. englishrose


    So funny! It's wonderful to be able to capture these precious moments.
  5. englishrose

    Project Life 2019_California_San Simeon

    Love the way you've done your title. Don't the seals look so cumbersome on land.
  6. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - 2/4/2019

    Well done everyone!
  7. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - January 28th

    Great work ladies!
  8. englishrose


    A really lovely photo which I enjoyed looking at very much.
  9. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - January 21st

    Well done ladies - well deserved winners.
  10. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - January 14th

    Well done ladies.
  11. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - January 7th

    Well done both!
  12. englishrose

    Picture Pictures

    An absolutely super page - every square is a little gem.
  13. englishrose

    Hello Again!

    Welcome back!
  14. englishrose


    So funny!
  15. englishrose

    My words

    Good choice of word I might consider that myself.