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  1. Gorgeous! Those little splashes of red in the title and on the berries are perfect.
  2. Here in the UK there's a monopoly version for the Arsenal Football Club and one for my home town of Colchester (and plenty more besdies Im sure). Good luck Tyler with your collection!
  3. Congrats on the weight loss Belle! We get Egyptian geese here occasionally in the UK. They are stunning creatures with marking round their eyes like Cleaopatra.
  4. Lovely to see a heritage page! I love the overall sepia tone to you LO.
  5. those eyes - they just melt my heart!
  6. Gave away all my WiiFit equipment - I wish I hadn't now! Good like with your fitness plan - baby steps are good!
  7. Semi-circular frame for your sunrise photo is ideal. gorgeous seaside embellishments too - love it!
  8. Adorable little bunch of clematis flowers - the colour so in keeping with the marking on the bird.
  9. Love the quote - I've used it several times about my daughter! A very pretty and colourful page.
  10. Yum! Parsnip is one of my favourite winter veg. I make a curried parsnip soup occasionally but this would be a nice alternative.
  11. Wow I've never seen a phone box cut down to its bare essentials like that! It's a work of art and a lovely addition to your wildlife photo.
  12. This sounds delicious. I've not heard of buttercup squash either but I'm sure it would work with any yellow fleshed squash.
  13. An interesting take on Englishness! The perfectly manicured hedges are definitely of a bygone age! Love the gold/red colour scheme of your LO.
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