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  1. englishrose

    Project Life_August 2018 #2

    Incredible photos!
  2. englishrose

    Erie Canal near whitehall

    Like how you've included the front of the boat in the pic - I feel like I'm travelling along with you.
  3. englishrose

    August recipe swap

    This looks yummy - we grow spinach on the allotment and I never know quite what to do with it other than as a boring vegetable. I will definitely try!
  4. englishrose

    Finish This Sentence Game

    Doing housework I listen to BBC Radio 4 - it keeps my brain active while I'm doing all those boring household chores. The last person I spoke to on the phone was .........
  5. englishrose

    La Promenade des Anglais

    Glorious page Geraldine. love the font/alpha you have used for your title.
  6. englishrose

    La Promenade des Anglais

    Make room for me on that bench Marilyn!
  7. englishrose

    Project Life_August 2018 #1

    Three things here made my knees knock - the bungy jump, the accident outside your home and the fall from a ladder. Think I have too vivid an imagination! Glad everyone got out of it ok. Great page - full of interesting info.
  8. englishrose

    Finish This Sentence Game

    Last night for dinner I had home grown sweetcorn. The best thing about next week is .........
  9. englishrose

    Finish This Sentence Game

    I am happy that my garden looks better after 3 days of rain. My next drink will be .......
  10. englishrose

    Aug 11 Weekend Challenge - Beach

  11. englishrose

    Finish This Sentence Game

    I am hoping that the rain stops before tomorrow. Before I go to bed I must remember to ......
  12. englishrose

    A Nonsense Name Game that will not be ongoing...

    • Real name: Hilary Locke • Soap opera name (middle name and street you live on): Claire Hickory • Star Trek name (first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of middle, and last 2 of first): Locclry • Superhero name (color of shirt and item to your right): Jade Window • Goth name (black and pet name): Black Scotty • Rapper name (Lil and last thing you ate): Lil Biscuit So funny Anne-Marie
  13. englishrose

    Question And Answer Game

    Do you wear glasses? Yes, most of the time Have you visited a National Park? Yes. We have lots of National Parks and designated Areas of Outstanding Beauty in the UK and it's not so difficult for us to visit them. Fonts, Alphas or no titles at all? Fonts - they are so much quicker to make titles with! Single photo, multi photo or no photos at all? Mostly multi, occasionally single, rarely no photo. New Questions: What can you see when you look out of your bedroom window? Did you know your grandparents or any of your family members of that generation or older? Do you have one very treasured photo? I never wear .............?
  14. englishrose

    Question And Answer Game

    Do you like doing jigsaws? When I have time, but I never have time! Do you like soaking in a hot tub/spa? Never tried! Have you been skiing? I've never tried but I'm pretty sure the answer will be no! Do you like china cups and saucers? I love a proper afternoon tea with tiny sandwiches, scones and cakes. But I only ever get this when I have a special event and we go out to a restaurant or tearoom. Mostly I drink out of a Denby mug. Do you have a strict cleansing routine for your skin? Have you ever broken a bone? What colour car do you currently drive? What age did you pass your driver's test?
  15. englishrose

    PositiveATC copy.jpg

    This is lovely Ann. Great quote.