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  1. I hope wooden pew ends don't count as "people"! This medieval church at Blythburgh is known as the cathedral of the marshes and can be seen for miles around in the flat Suffolk landscape. For history buffs - it contains a memorial to President Kennedy's elder brother whose plane crashed nearby whilst on a secret mission during WW2. TFL
  2. Super work both. Well done.
  3. Well done both!
  4. Super LOs ladies.
  5. Grrr I'm laid low by bronchitis - I haven't felt this bad in years.

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    2. MariJ


      Oh no!  So sorry, I’ve heard that’s awful to get.   Rest up and hope you feel better soon, Hilary.  :tissue:  :waving-hi:

    3. Marie-Christine


      Sorry to hear that Hilary, get well soon!

    4. BetC


      Oh no. So sorry you are feeling so bad. Wish I could text you some homemade chicken soup. Hope you are up at feeling well very soon.

  6. Beautiful LOs. Well done ladies.
  7. Brave little lad.
  8. Well done both!
  9. Glad to see you back Belle!
  10. Well done both!
  11. Love that photo and that you've incorporated the writing from the back.
  12. Paper and embellishments are perfect for your photo.
  13. Beautiful quote, lovely page. My kids call me Mumsie.
  14. How frustrating not to know where the photo was taken. Beautiful page, love it.
  15. Incredible! What treasures these photo are.