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  1. Great photos of your girls and pretty girlie colours in your papers and emblies.
  2. englishrose


    Lovely LO - lovely shoes!
  3. Maybe the old collection people are thinking about is Ro's Amusement Park. Sorry I can't help with more up to date ideas.
  4. englishrose

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    What a great LO. My Kindle is just like that one. I don't know the series you're reading but it sounds interesting.
  5. Uses: aimeeh_corona I am no great knitter but, not long after lockdown began I had the urge to start a project - something easy that would keep my fingers busy and not require too much brain power. I hit on the idea of mitre blanket squares in 5 colours. To date I have knitted 120 small squares and I have just started sewing them together.
  6. Coughy filter - brilliant!
  7. Giggling so much I'm crying!
  8. Congratulations Andrea! This is an important role. Family historians like me will be so grateful for your hard work in years to come.
  9. Welcome - you're off to a flying start with the layouts you've just posted.
  10. I love a bit of bread and butter pudding and can imagine that a drop of whisky could make it doubly delicious! I have a couple of variations - use panettone instead of bread OR use choc chips and spoonfuls of orange marmalade instead of dried fruit (latter idea thanks to Jamie Oliver).
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