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  1. Uses: BMU_AutumnGarden EMA_BoyOhBoy TFL!
  2. Wonderful take on the template. Cute photos too.
  3. Here is my sport LO. W a a a y behind. I blame the pool, the sun and too many G & T's!
  4. Here is my Old LO. I am so behind!
  5. Uses: BMU_Botanical SBA_Kindred
  6. One of my favourite combos Jane. Our rhubarb is just coming into season so this is a timely reminder for when the glut comes!
  7. South Bank of the Thames in London.
  8. TFL! Uses: BMU_Zoomba BMU_PaintSheers BMU_TrinketCharms EBA_FairyFrolic "Whenever we walk the South Bank we look for the tuba player. I’ve yet to work out how the flames shoot out of the instrument while he is playing. It must be magic! The last time we saw him, he was playing under the portrait of Shakespeare, close to the Globe Theatre. “Two magicians together”, I thought".
  9. Uses BMU_Anchors BMU_Manmade TFL!
  10. Oh boy - how did I get so behind? Must have been those prawns in Peru gave me the jippy tummy! Here is my window LO.
  11. DGS on Mothers' Day 2011 Uses:ABR_BWY
  12. Congratulations on reaching your milestone birthday - you have recorded the event beautifully. Here's hoping you can celebrate in style very soon.
  13. Gorgeous photo of a very healthy hydrangea - wish it would grow like that in my garden. Great quote - I'm making a note of that!
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