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  1. 4 hours ago, ValerieT said:

    4th May
    We are starting our World Tour in Arizona, at the Grand Canyon. It is no wonder that this place is considered one of the natural wonders of the world.

    Grand Canyon.jpg

    Start a new layout with grand as your inspiration.

    Available in the restaurant today are hamburgers, brownies and apple pie.

    I have just the photos! Do you need us to post our progress Valerie?

  2. 7 hours ago, Florida granny said:

    Yay - a World Cruise! Sign me up! I'd like a very large room with an ocean and pool view, a large mini-bar filled with snacks. (Um... is there such a thing as a "large" mini bar? :D ) and a handsome waiter who'll fetch me drinks. Maybe Hilary will share Antonio with me. :) Oh... and a retractable roof so I can see stars at night.

    See all of you tomorrow! Let the fun begin!

    Oh a retractable roof - I never thought of that. I'll have one of those too please!

  3. Yay a world tour! Sign me up please! I can never afford a room with a balcony when I cruise so I "bags" one now. In fact make that a suite. And - seeing as anything goes on this cruise I request special stabilisers for my room so that no matter how rough the sea, my room is always on the level. I want a handsome waiter, looking something like Antonio Banderas to be there to fulfill my every wish. I want the views to be on my side of the ship all the time and a really good camera to record them. It's not asking too much - is it?!

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