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  1. We took my 92 year old Dad to see "Incredibles 2" last night. A special showing with subtitles for the hoh. He loved it. I happen to think he's pretty incredible too.

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    2. Ngaire


      Thats really lovely Hilary. My grandchildren went to see that and they loved it so maybe it was the inner child in your Dad that was coming out😁

    3. Boatlady


      Aww that is so nice. You are lucky to have him with you still

    4. CRS


      We saw a sneak peak trailer for it at Disney and it looks fantastic!

  2. englishrose


    Love how the reeds in the photo blend in with the cluster and the colour of the title matches that on its beak.
  3. englishrose

    Trapped!? Weekend Wildcard Challenge 7/21/18

    Tee hee!
  4. englishrose

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge

    So impressed by the crown - someone spent a lot of time on that - the cake too. Lovely page with cute little touches.
  5. englishrose


    My DGS who is about the same age as your's in this photo, loves pushing a broom along. I'm praying that it's an activity he carries through into adulthood! Super photo and a title that made me smile.
  6. englishrose


    Wow that is some structure and what a place to stay. I'm sure there must be a warm woody smell inside. Great page.
  7. englishrose

    World-Tour-bright colors and birds

    I cant grow lupins - the slugs eat them. Such a pretty photo. I especially like the 2 birds and the way the colour from the flowers bleeds into them.
  8. englishrose

    World Tour LO 8 Thailand-Singapore

    the garden looks so cool and inviting I just want to dive into the photo! Love the realistic tassel and the way you've created the title.
  9. englishrose

    WT 2018 LO 8 Wood and Alpha

    Clever blending of the photo with the wood bg. Pretty pink too that mirrors Karlei's clothes. Great job.
  10. englishrose

    WT 2018 LO 7 - Sand and Animal Print

    Very pretty
  11. englishrose

    Nuage inspects the wood

    You've turned this into a super work of art. I especially like the alpha and the blending
  12. englishrose

    WT Wood-web.jpg

    Super clever idea. Like your sweet little cluster in the corner
  13. englishrose

    07 Layout - Belarus inspiration

    Very nice. I like the little touches - super cluster, blended photo etc.
  14. englishrose

    08 Book inspired layout

    clever how you've put the elements to one side to allow the photo? to shine. with the dark green of the foreground the whole page is perfectly balanced. Love it.
  15. englishrose

    WT 2018 LO #5 - Belarus

    Adults enjoy pushing buttons and turning handles too! Sweet photos and framing.