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  1. englishrose

    Project Life_September #1

    So glad to have an update on your dear hubby You must both be so relieved that he out of his hospital bed and on the road to recovery. You have both been through so much.
  2. englishrose

    AFT Challelnge - Sunny Memories

    What a great idea. Love how this turned out.
  3. englishrose

    Sept Project Life 2

    That looks so inviting!
  4. englishrose

    Mix It Up September

    Here is LO#8. Good thing it's raining outside and I'm indoors with a cold - I'm getting caught up.
  5. englishrose


    Boy was this difficult. I had to resort to using custom shapes to achieve what I wanted. The Nano is SG_DayByDay
  6. englishrose

    Mix It Up September

    I have used GardenPlot in several guises over the years as vegetable gardening features strongly in my life.
  7. englishrose

    Mix It Up September

    I try to catch up but keep falling behind again. Here is LO#7 for 17th/18th September
  8. englishrose


    A day's picking from our vegetable allotment plus my DGS's first wellington boots. BMU_FallWordsOrigins GWH_GrownWithLove MRE_BrightCanyon, EndPoss, FarmhouseStyle
  9. englishrose

    Butterfly Tagging

    Wow! I'd never heard of butterfly tagging What an interesting page.
  10. englishrose

    Suggestions for softening a photo

    I agree with Marilyn - Gaussian blur would be the best solution. If you duplicate your photo onto another layer, apply the blur then use a layer mask to bring back areas that you don't want to apply the blur to (the eyes and mouth perhaps?).
  11. englishrose

    Mix It Up September

    The first bouquet has got to be my inspiration for my LO - we have so many growing on our allotment.
  12. englishrose

    Mix It Up September

    Nearly caught up! Here is my LO for 14th/15th
  13. englishrose


    I used EMA_SSPaper_Memphis and filled it with 2 papers from MRE_Warmth. the ice lolly comes from SNU_SummerDaze
  14. englishrose

    Project Life, week 36, 2018

    Interesting as always!
  15. englishrose

    Mix It Up September

    Here is my LO for 12th/13th