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  1. I nearly always buy collections. I like it when 2 or more collections from the same designer have similar or complementary colour schemes so that I can "mix and match". I also like it when the embellishments include something different (with a family full of men, I get very little chance to use all those flowers that figure heavily in a lot of collections). Thank you for taking the time to ask.
  2. Great LO. I should love to see the whole book!
  3. Super idea Diane. Your ATC is the nearest I will ever come to owning girlie shoes like those. I just can't walk in them, plus being 5' 9" why would I want to make myself 6 inches taller?! Glad I shall be owning that classy shoe at the end of the month.
  4. This is superb! Love everything about it. Well done.
  5. Love the "old fashioned" look of your card Ann. Think I would need that advice if I went up in a hot air balloon.
  6. Love the cityscape and the shooting stars! That song's going to be my earworm today.
  7. Your ATC is a feast of blue - so many shades! Beautiful.
  8. Here is my ATC.
  9. A word of explanation might be needed here! The chant "come on you blues" is shouted from the football (soccer) terraces to encourage any team whose football strip is blue. This could be the mighty Chelsea (a London club) or Everton (a Liverpool team) or lowly Ipswich (my local team). TFL
  10. Too true, too true! It was lovely to see the Dresden collection used again.
  11. I'm a hashtag innocent too Mikelle! Count me in April. September is a busy month but I'll do my best.
  12. Welcome Coco!
  13. Worthy winners!
  14. Angie - you're spoiling us!
  15. Well done ladies!