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  1. Love your mix of grand scenery and everyday life. Thank you for letting us read!
  2. This is looking great! My DGS loves dinosaurs!
  3. Day 4 and 5 Added 7 embellishments, a title and journaling
  4. Days 1,2 and 3 I have chosen MRE_BrightCanyon I have 3 photos - I turned all of them to black and white - they seem to have more impact that way. The position of the photos may change.
  5. Ditto to everything said above. Welcome Valerie!
  6. I'm going away for a few days and have run out of time to complete this week's assignment. I'll paly catch-up when I get back on Wednesday.
  7. Gorgeous! Great idea for a challenge Valerie.
  8. Catching up with 2 days here. My 5 embellishments are from BMU_SeizeTheDay, Countryside, Zoomba and Eve I have desaturated the blue on the frame and large flower to make it more black and less blue. The fonts are: Bambi Bold and Cooper STD. The titles may not stay that colour. I'm waiting to see what happens tomorrow.
  9. I love the world tour! Glad to see we are going traveling together again. I would love to see India and especially the Taj Mahal. If you came to my neck of the woods I guess London would be the main attraction but Colchester where I live is Britain's oldest town and we have structures going back nearly 2000 years - certainly worth a day wandering around my town. Then there's the coast, not dramatic but definitely moody. And the countryside - a lot of which was painted by the famous landscape artist John constable in the 19th century. I'm a big fan of my corner of the world - I'm sure you can tell.
  10. Mummy robin must have sensed that you and your DH would treasure her presence. What a lovely thing to happen.
  11. Really like the strips of paper behind the main photo and the work art - makes the word art pop even more. Interesting page.
  12. I used ASO_SSEmb_AlteredCanvas on my photo then changed the blending mode to overlay. I've erased the effect on the faces as it didn't look right.
  13. Welcome Corinne! Your English seems pretty good to me! We are all addicted to scrapping here so you will fit right in.
  14. I used AFT_AntiqueEdges and changed blending mode to screen