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  1. Struggling with the new layout. The print is very small and the page doesn't fit the whole screen.

    1. MariJ


      Me too, Hilary.  I've found that if you move your cursor to the right, a box with a drop-down will pop up.  You can choose 300x300 to see the page better, but unfortunately can't keep it that way for other pages, or start to type your comment.   You'll need to go back to the smaller image page to type.  

  2. Wow - that is brave! Super LO - such a clever idea.
  3. Super LOs ladies!
  4. Tee hee!
  5. Stunning!
  6. Where do I sign up for this magazine - it sounds just what I've been looking for ?! Fabulous work - it made me smile.
  7. Oh gosh - I just looked at your first example - I remember that page so well! Great challenge - not sure when I shall have the time this weekend.
  8. Oh I really feel for you! You've expressed your emotions beautifully.
  9. Gorgeous - great combination of colours.
  10. Got to be my favourite feel-good movie. Clever ATC - the people look as thought they are singing their hearts out.
  11. Ooh pretty! I can never grow it in my garden.
  12. He's handsome alright! Great page.
  13. It could only be The Princess Bride! Super treatment of the photo.
  14. So funny! Like how you've highlighted the main words in the quote with a larger font.
  15. Ssh don't tell anyone but I was underage when I went to see this movie! TFL Uses: Photo from the internet SNU_ChunkyMonkey font CKI_Graduate