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  1. Thanks for solving a 2 year old mystery Marie Christine.
  2. I absolutely adored Bruges when I went 2 years ago. We sat in the square and had lunch under those orange umbrellas. The waiter told us we hadn't been to Bruges unless we'd drunk beer from a glass that was supported on a wooden stand (can't remember what it was called). The beer was delicious but took a short-cut straight to my head. Love your LO - thank you for reminding me of my visit!
  3. Well done both!
  4. Simply adorable!
  5. Well deserved wins ladies!
  6. I used to keep everything on my computer until I realised that I really couldn't share them with people that way. I've been scrapping in paper size A4 for a while which shrinks nicely into 5 x 7 photo format which I can get printed out really cheaply. If I buy an album with 200 slots then that gives me enough space to record a year's worth of events. Special holidays (vacations) have been getting their own photo books for about 3 years now.
  7. The idea of bananas being led by a monkey made me chuckle. Well done AFRS!
  8. What a glamorous lady - than and now. I love the film star pose. what a great photo to have and you've scrapped it beautifully.
  9. This is lovely - love the quote. I might have to scraplift your idea!
  10. What a master stroke Jo! Great execution of your bright idea. Love it!
  11. What a great photo to have. you have captured the era well with your papers and embellies. I especially like the quote.
  12. Superb!
  13. Well done girls!
  14. Finally loaded! The order form on the rhs of the book is from the early 1950s. My Grandad was ordering bulbs for his garden. The order was made out in UK old money and the parcel was to be delivered to the local railway station - all so old-fashioned in these days of internet ordering and home delivery!