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  1. Here is my LO so far. I've tried to make a cluster using train related items - not easy! Going to have to jump ship for a few days. hope I will be able to pick up where I left off next week some time.
  2. This is not a view that I see very often as it's 250 miles away but it brings a lump to my throat every time I see it. I think it's the majestic sweep of the valley and the sense of history - all those people over generations who have fought here for survival against the elements. Very romantic for me as I look at this view from the comfort of my car or when I walk along the valley floor and then retreat into a pub to warm up and dry out.
  3. Uses: BMU_TravelJournal BMU_Countryside BMU_Anchors
  4. We're all with you and feeling your pain!
  5. I'm really uncomfortable using these colours - hence Ive hidden a good proportion of the bg with a large photo. Not entirely happy with the way its going ....
  6. I got caught up in the anniversary celebrations and forgot about the challenge! Here are my 3 blended papers. they are from: LLO_AutumnSymphony JZI_HarvestSpice I used BMU_SSPaper_BgBlenders4 to blend them
  7. Nicely done! We always seem to have a glut of courgettes in the summer - I might just try this!
  8. I admit I had to look up tater tots! Sounds like a real comfort food recipe.
  9. Would love a slice of that right now! What a versatile recipe.
  10. Ah ha - I see the trick! We grow a lot of raspberries on our allotment but they never make it home - we eat them all straight off the canes. Lovely page Ngaire.
  11. Just lovely - and so touching.
  12. This has turned out very well. What a priceless way to capture this aspect of your relationship with your Gran.