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  1. In researching a minor "twig" on my family tree I came across these photos and this story about one of my ancestors. Uses: BMU_Heritage
  2. I think this is an incredible assortment of photos and you've scrapped them beautifully. My Dad was part of the D-Day landings and like other fathers mentioned here, he was still a teenager when he went to fight.. I have photos which I've never scrapped because I've not found a suitable scrapbook product. I feel guilty that I haven't recorded this momentous part of his story.
  3. Really like what you've done here.
  4. This very obliging robin sat on the sign for several minutes while I photographed him and the garden he "owned".
  5. This is fab! Now have the song in my head.
  6. Love the clean look to this - it caught my eye immediately.
  7. Well done both!
  8. Yep - the ear worm is having a great time wriggling around my head! Great ATC!
  9. Love reading your journaling Jane!
  10. Well done both!
  11. Welcome Daisy.
  12. I stupdily flattened my LO before making a note of all the supplies used. I know it includes: KME_SlicedandLifted JSM_NipandTuck BMU_Countryside ACA_WordArt_Beauty Apologies to any designer I've missed out. TFL
  13. Lovely!
  14. Hi Kim. Lovely to see another Brit on the MB. There are several of us. I hope you find a happy scrapping home here.
  15. Love the little label. Super page.
  16. What a clever way to incorporate your quote. Super LO.
  17. Yes I made stationery too, a couple of years ago.
  18. Stunning LO! Elegant and classy.
  19. Well done both!
  20. TFL! Uses: ABR_SM_CaptMem BMU_SSPaper_Edgers CRO_SNU_SoRetro
  21. TFL! Uses: JSM_dDEveryday (retired) ACA_OppsAttract (retired) BMU_RoadMap
  22. Welcome!
  23. Ooops I just realised I was supposed to use a template! anyway my LO is here
  24. Fabulous pages ladies - both brought a tear to my eye.
  25. Hee hee!. I'm now thinking of the Jefferson Airplane track about the white rabbit. Great idea Angie.