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    Weekly Winners - March 30th

    Brilliant work ladies!
  2. englishrose

    After Covid travel

    So funny Andrea! thank you for a morning giggle.
  3. englishrose

    Close Up

    I've done the seal trip from nearby Morston Quay - it's a fabulous few hours!
  4. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - March 23rd

    Great work ladies!
  5. englishrose

    Cone Head

  6. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - March 16th

    Great work ladies!
  7. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - March 2nd

    Very well done ladies!
  8. englishrose

    Hi from NB Canada

  9. englishrose

    Biggest Digi Scrapping Frustration

    Is it too corny to say - too little free time to spend on it?!
  10. englishrose

    Feb. ATC copy2

    Very very pretty, Ann!
  11. englishrose

    Spring Is Coming

    I'm with Jane re spring flowers. I'd add camellias and early iris. Spring is sort of here already; I have daffodils and a few early tulips in my garden. But many areas of the UK are suffering flooding on an unprecedented scale and I'm sitting at my computer watching "wet" snow falling!
  12. englishrose

    newsletter challenge

    Such a good choice of bg paper. I love the way you've scrapped this. BTW the macarena the only dance anyone will ever see me dance!
  13. englishrose

    Weekly Winners February 24th

    Lovely work ladies. Well Done!
  14. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - February 17th

    Great work ladies - congratulations!
  15. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - February 10th

    Well done ladies!
  16. englishrose

    Week 6

    Lovely to see your face in this page! The colour combination is very pretty and goes well with the sepia effect on your selfies.
  17. englishrose

    Asheville was Grove-y

    Such interesting journaling! Great choice of bg paper and embellishments.
  18. englishrose

    Newsletter Challenge

    This is so pretty Jane! I love the limited colour palette and the sweet cluster. Lovely work!
  19. englishrose

    SG_Feb_Monthly Challenge #1

    So clever!
  20. englishrose

    Weekly and Forum Game Winners - February 3rd

    Congrats ladies!
  21. englishrose

    Project Life 2020_Januay pg3

    Another really interesting page Jane. I too went to see Little Women and enjoyed it.
  22. englishrose

    JJ20 - Bridge of Sighs

    I have never visited the original in Venice, but the other 2 are very familiar. What a good idea to put all three on one page.
  23. englishrose

    Paris by the Water

    Love this! It's too long since I last visited.
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  25. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - January 27th

    Lovely work ladies!