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  1. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - February 10th

    Well done ladies!
  2. englishrose

    Week 6

    Lovely to see your face in this page! The colour combination is very pretty and goes well with the sepia effect on your selfies.
  3. englishrose

    Asheville was Grove-y

    Such interesting journaling! Great choice of bg paper and embellishments.
  4. englishrose

    Newsletter Challenge

    This is so pretty Jane! I love the limited colour palette and the sweet cluster. Lovely work!
  5. englishrose

    SG_Feb_Monthly Challenge #1

    So clever!
  6. englishrose

    Weekly and Forum Game Winners - February 3rd

    Congrats ladies!
  7. englishrose

    BIRTHDAY FREEBIE Train from Angelle Designs

    Thank you for the freebie! Happy birthday!
  8. englishrose

    Project Life 2020_Januay pg3

    Another really interesting page Jane. I too went to see Little Women and enjoyed it.
  9. englishrose

    JJ20 - Bridge of Sighs

    I have never visited the original in Venice, but the other 2 are very familiar. What a good idea to put all three on one page.
  10. englishrose

    Paris by the Water

    Love this! It's too long since I last visited.
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  12. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - January 27th

    Lovely work ladies!
  13. englishrose

    Project Life Week 4a

    Yes, I agree,you're a brave lady to share this with us. I love the choppy fringe on the short wig which I think suits you best. Keep smiling Andrea - so many people love you.
  14. englishrose


    That would make a brilliant Christmas card!
  15. englishrose

    Weekly Winners - January 20th

    Beautiful work as always ladies!
  16. englishrose

    Enjoy Life

    Beautiful, beautiful photos and I love the way you've scrapped them.
  17. englishrose


  18. englishrose

    Jan ATC 2 - Vintage

    I was never sure what sassy meant - I do now! Lovely ATC Diane.
  19. englishrose

    ATC Coin-3.Andrea

    Definitely - you've planted an ear worm Andrea!
  20. englishrose

    JAn ATC 2-Andrea

    Love your work Andrea. You're definitely "on a roll"!
  21. englishrose


    So pretty - congratulations!
  22. englishrose

    Sneak Peek 1/17

    I always look forward to the sneak peeks!
  23. englishrose

    Weekend challenge

    Oooh that is so stylish!
  24. englishrose

    Newsletter challenge_Word for 2020

    Oh Jane! My thoughts are with you both.
  25. englishrose

    Project 2020_Begins with 'S'

    What a superstar that pooch is - and photogenic too! Loved reading your journaling.