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    Trouville sur Mer

  2. englishrose

    Meeting Andrea

    So glad you two met up - thank you for sharing something of your happy time together.
  3. englishrose

    7 Months Old Hi Res

  4. englishrose

    Hello fromSouth Carolina

    Welcome Thelma!
  5. englishrose

    purple people eater

    LLOComicLife frame Special BMU_Zoomba SNU_Learning Curve Purple monster from the internet
  6. englishrose


    I love that quote - wonderful shout of defiance in the face of old age! You've scrapped it well.
  7. englishrose


    ooh I love your mermaid!
  8. englishrose

    July ATC - Purple

    What an interesting quote. such a nice font too
  9. englishrose

    Weekly Layout Winners - July 1st

    Well done ladies
  10. englishrose

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    I'm going to try to keep up with this month's challenges. I'm going to stick my neck out and use the pink swatches although I'm not sure what papers to use yet.
  11. englishrose


    Great ATC
  12. englishrose

    July ATC_Purple

    Great crown! I think I have those curled edges somewhere - I must look them out cos they look really cool on your ATC
  13. englishrose

    July ATC_purple_#2

    Love the rather coy looking lady - lovely ATC.
  14. englishrose

    July ATC Swap

    I haven't done an ATC for a long time. Here is mine
  15. englishrose

    Weekly Layout Winners - June24th

    Well done ladies - well deserved!
  16. englishrose

    I Have and I Want! (Wednesday Forum Game #2)

    I have Brandy Murry's Botanical collection and I have used it for many different sorts of pages - it's so versatile. I want the Sunflower Collection because nothing speaks of high summer better than the sunflowers that grow in among our vegetables
  17. englishrose

    Weekend challenge

    Love it!
  18. englishrose

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge-Rainbow

  19. englishrose

    Question and Answer Game

    Wow! Thank you!
  20. englishrose

    Question and Answer Game

    Are you a snacker? Savory or sweet? Fav? Yes - crisps (potato chips) If you weren’t doing what you’re doing what would it be? is working at certain job. Right this minute - if I wasn't doing this I'd be watching TV. As far as a career is concerned I think I would like to have another crack at teaching, a do it better next time Most productive time of day? For housework - early morning, for scrapping - late evening Do you meditate? No Next Are you loyal to a particular brand when you shop for clothes? How far do you live from the nearest accident and emergency hospital? What was the last electrical item you bought? How many framed photos of your family do you have on your shelves/walls?
  21. englishrose

    Question and Answer Game

    What color do you use the most in scrapping? Beige/cream Do you have a rocking chair? No What's your favorite soup? Butternut squash + What scrap challenge would you like to see? That's a tough one - maybe greetings cards? Next Do you keep a reading journal or a list of the books you've read? Your favourite medium for household ornaments - glass/ceramic/wood? When you're by yourself for a meal, where do you like to sit? Do you visit a salon to have your hair cut or does someone visit your house?
  22. englishrose

    Question and Answer Game

    Do you have a favorite Scrap Girl challenge? I love the world tour but couldn't participate this year Have you ever seen the Northern lights (aurora borealis)? No - it's on my bucket list! Do you have children and/or furbabies? if so how many? 2 children Do you listen/like to audio books? I'm a recent convert but I have to make sure I'm doing something mindless while I'm listening otherwise I miss great chunks while I'm thinking about something else or I fall asleep! Next Are you proud of your handwriting? What are your plans for the weekend? My godmother was always known as Auntie. Do you/did you have anyone who you called Aunt/Uncle who was not a blood relative? Who is your favourite artist/sculptor?
  23. englishrose

    June ATC_jitterbug

    Love this - the spotlight effect is super.
  24. englishrose

    Question and Answer Game

    What was the last book you read? The Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon (it's a novel!) Do you follow a sports team? No Did you grown up with Grandparents in your life? Yes. My last grandparent died when I was 38 Do you have wallpapered or painted walls in your home? A mixture Next When do you eat your main meal of the day? Do you always have a dessert or is it just for special occasions? How many cousins do you have? The roof to your house - flat or pitched?