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    What an incredible shot! Love how you've captured the moment and the wonderful shadow he casts on the sand.
  2. englishrose

    Who will win

    Love the little "fishy" touches.
  3. englishrose


    I've just had to look up this title. sounds like a good read. Oh no - not another book to add to my "must read" list. Pretty LO - love the little girl surrounded by books.
  4. englishrose

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    What an incredible building!
  5. englishrose


    Just beautiful! I spent ages looking at the details.
  6. englishrose


    Yes I agree - who says you have to have faces in every photo? It shows a beautiful tender moment in a way that a shot from the front probably wouldn't (apart from the problem of being swept away by the tide whilst taking the shot)! I think this is a really lovely LO Ngaire.
  7. englishrose

    World Tour LO 7 - Botswana

    The view looks divine. Super blending and a sweet little cluster.
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    What an interesting style these statues have. i would like to see them "in the flesh". your blending is superb - matching the colours of the verdigris.
  9. englishrose

    The Pink Lake

    you have certainly been to some interesting places Joyce. I get a real sense of your travels from the filmstrip photos.
  10. englishrose

    WT 2018 Botswana Lochiel Salt Flats

    Yes I saw Nessie too! It made me laugh. It looks a rather inhospitable place - nice to look at from a distance.
  11. englishrose

    Layout 7 19th July

    Very clever!
  12. englishrose

    Botswana Layout

    Love how the wild life comes straight at you from the page and walk all over your title. Ngaire is right - that strip of red makes all the difference.
  13. englishrose

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Here is my sand LO. I added the zebra paper from ChicInstinct.
  14. englishrose

    Baby Roselynd

    Such a cute photo and a lovely bg.
  15. englishrose


    Clever idea Ngaire. I like how everything radiates out from the centre of the bible.
  16. englishrose

    Boat read

    What a way to spend a day! Lovely LO - it's a great photo of Debbie too.
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  18. englishrose

    Tuesday newsletter challenge

    I heard Adam Kay on the radio a week or so ago. Sounds like a book worth reading.
  19. englishrose

    Project Life Week 27

    Never thought about using my slow cooker for lasagne! An interesting page and a lovely colour combo.
  20. englishrose

    World Tour

  21. englishrose


    A lovely page!
  22. englishrose

    Weekly Winners July 16th

    Oooh lovely - thank you!
  23. englishrose

    I can go anywhere

    I've not read any Ken Follett - I think I'd better add him to my reading list. Super page.