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  1. Humpty Dumpty is going home today.Thank you all for the kind notes.

  2. I talked to our son aka Humpty Dumpty this morning, they put him back together again.. He sat up and ate for the first time since Sunday morning. His surgery was over about 1 this morning. They had him up and walking with a walker but after about 4 feet he got rid of it and walked. He should make a great recovery. Thank you all for the support.

  3. Our son was badly injured  in was in a snowmobile accident in Canada on sunday. His friend brought him home ---12 hour drive- but he is  in massive back pain!!!! He was transferred to Hartford Hospital in CT. They will put rods and screws in his back as soon as they can(tomorrow) 

    He is not paralyzed  and should be fine. But I am beside myself with worry. I will be going back to CT as soon as DIL needs me....it's the mother thing!

    Please send healing thoughts our way.

  4.  Off on another adventure...Yippe! Tomorrow we leave to go to Ft. Myers and then Sarasota for a few days. I may be late with  things but will try to keep up every morning and night when we are at the hotel.

    Happy Scrapping everyone.


  6. Sad news. My niece battling cancer has passed away at 4 am (South African time) she was 42. Her baby just turned 2.

  7. -28 wind chill right now temp of -9...bring on spring

    1. englishrose


      Like Marie Christine I have been following the weather reports from the USA - it sound horrendous! Stay safe and warm everyone.

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  8. I'm having a rough time of it, I spend Sunday evening in A&E and after more tests on Monday I was diagnosed with IBD a remnant of the norovirus I had a couple of weeks ago. I've been told to rest and slowly introduce bland food again and it should settle down, does anyone else suffer from IBD?

    1. englishrose


      So sorry to hear that you've been so poorly Marie. My daughter's norovirus went the same way. She stuck with bland food, drank whole Jersey milk and avoided coffee. Now fortunately she seems to be back to normal. I do hope your symptoms soon disappear.

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  9. Have you seen the large circle ice in Maine? My son sent me video. It’s right behind his work. It’s amazing!

  10. Today is two years Jody died, so hard to believe.  Her boys are now 15 and 17½ and continuuing to grow into young men she would be proud of.  I’m grateful Darren keeps in touch.   She is sorely missed; it’s a hard day.  :( 

    1. englishrose


      It's lovely to hear news of the family. Jodie is sorely missed even by those who never met her face to face.

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  11. What? 11:50 am and I’m Still in bed? Amazing how engrossed I get in a good book.

  12. I can't believe I haven't been on the forum for 3 days, I've been a poorly girl struck down with some kind of a stomach virus, trying to scrap but energies are a bit low! Hope to be back in top form soon!

  13. Well,I just got some sad, bad news. What a start to this year. My niece is in South Africa, and has cancer that’s spread to her lungs. She has a 2 year old son, and 2 older children ages 12 and 8. Her current husband has a special needs child too. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

  14. EVERY.  SINGLE.  YEAR.  I always get sick sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year.  I haven't had a voice since Friday...

  15. Who's ready for the holiday festivities to begin?  Starting tomorrow we'll have a new game weekly, Holiday challenges and a new free with purchase kit each week!

  16. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I spent it in the hospital, but I did have turkey for dinner. I have what they call non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. They had to drain fluid out of my abdomen and send it out for testing. My oxygen level was low so I had to go on oxygen. I had so much blood work done on me I felt like a pincushion. I came home on Friday night. I'm on two different diuretics and a very low sodium diet. Crikey!

    1. englishrose


      So sorry to hear this Carol. Take care of yourself and get well soon.

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  17. My pc has decided to STOP, nada, nothing, power supply unit has malfunctioned.  I can get a refurbished power supply unit but I don't know how reliable it is. Has anyone had similar problem and did you end up buying a new pc or just bought a new refurbished part, the part if of course a lot cheaper but is it any good, how long is a piece of string type of question.

  18. Went in for oral surgery today...now for a couple of days of rest so it can heal up

  19. Just posted my 20-page heritage scrapbook project.  So happy to have this done.  I did fine one error but will fix that later.  My love of genealogy and writing family stories was why I got into scrapbooking in the first place.  Thanks for letting me "hijack" the gallery and post my story.

  20. Who's ready for the anniversary party starting on Sunday??

  21. Sooooo you hear about fingerprints been burned off..? I think I did that to my hinting finger on my right hand. Makes it difficult to type. I poked a bubble on melted sugar... holey macaroni!

  22. What can one say about the last week except I hope this is the end of my run of bad luck! While my dear son-in-law was lying in an induced coma in ICU from a heart attack, I was being x-rayed and stitched up in the same hospital after a fall down the stairs in the rain. I was so tired after a sleepless night I lost my footing! After 4 hours of repairs, I felt like a footballer going back on the field after half-time. Luckily my son-in-law is back with us with no apparent brain damage from 19 mins without oxygen (so now he's superman) and I am bruised and battered but have no broken bones! I will be giving thanks for the positives!

    1. englishrose


      Sending positive thoughts your way and to your whole family.

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  23. Poor Justin...took him to the clinic this morning and he's got hand foot and mouth.  

  24. Whew! Just finished all my CT pages through Christmas. We are going to a family reunion (his) in mid-Oct. Then I have rotator cuff surgery scheduled for Oct. 30. Since the bad shoulder is my right side, I'll probably not be able to scrap for several weeks or more. I will be watching all the beautiful pages that everyone makes, tho.

  25. Hi Everyone!  I just popped in to say hello and browse the boutique!  Wow!  I love that Amanda is designing with Scrapgirls now!  And of course I didn't get out of the boutique without filling my cart with some new goodies! I hope everyone is well!


    1. englishrose


      So good to see you again Sara - I was wondering about you only the other day.

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