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  1. I still hve my stitches in from surgery last week, and now I have the ‘flu. I can’t win.

  2. Don't faint...but I created a layout tonight AND posted it!!  

  3. Football game #1 in just wrapped up.  Started my morning at 5am cooking for the boys, and at 12pm I'm headed to bed.  LONG days..but hey we won!~

  4. This week i've been scheduling the designers for the 2019 clubs.  I just stopped to take a look at the list and all I could think was "man that's a strong line up" Excited to see what these designers bring us next year!

  5. So Dash’e first time on the bus went well going there, coming home, him another kid were on the wrong bus. So we had to wait 15 minutes for them. His color badge said bus 302, when he should have been on 344, how can they make mistakes like that and tell the child you’re on the wrong bus, when they told him to be on bus 302! I was not happy.

  6. Phew...a week up with my children and their families...fun but so tiring. We had DIL and grandson on the boat for a few days, they left and now I can rest. Children are for young people!!!!

  7. Off to feed the football boys for the first time of the season...in a couple of hours 70 hungry boys will be looking for food.

  8. Has everyone read through our fun nonsense game as there are some fun results.

    You can find it HERE

  9. I am here using my laptop as my computer/craft room is being painted. the last room in the house to be painted. I do not have the laptop set up for doing  scrapbooking so I am spending the day sorting and throwing out bits and pieces of my papercrafts things. 

  10. First day of school...where did Summer go?

  11. Just gotta say I love my Scrap Girls.

  12. Hillarious comment from Dashiel...”did you eat the seeds of the apple Nana? If you did leaves will grow out your ears.

  13. Hilarious comment from my granddaughter yesterday! She was asking her mother all about atoms, and after some more in depth questions, her mother said she would have to look that up. GD says, "I really need to talk to a brain.. not a body, just a brain with a mouth and ears! I think she's probably ready for Google at the age of seven! 😂

  14. 112 degrees at 8pm is NOT cool....

  15. Spent some time tonight watching the deer in our front yard. There were 11 at one time, then some moved off and 4 fawn moved into their spot. I think I took 100 photos!

  16. There’s an excessive heat warning for our area... anyone looking forward to winter? I know I am. 112 degrees today.

    1. englishrose


      I'm definitely with you Andrea. the only upside - it's too hot to do anything except scrap!

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  17. Just thought I’d pop in & say “hi”. We are on a 3 week caravan tour through the Red Centre of Australia. Currently we are at Uluru (Ayers Rock). Tonight we are doing a sunset viewing of The Rock, having dinner under the stars and then walking through The Field of Light. Great way to celebrate my 65th birthday. A once in a lifetime experience.

    1. englishrose


      Congratulations and many happy returns! What an experience to have on your special occasion.

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  18. I called 911 to tonight. These two handsome firemen came to save me In their fire truck. My smoke alarms would’t stop blaring. I tried everything to shut them up. They said the a/c unit is leaking rain, and it got into one of the detectors in one of my bedrooms. Yikes!

  19. Do you ever have a layout that just does NOT want to cooperate???! Sigh. I think I'm going to give it a rest and re-open tomorrow.

  20. The beauty of jet lag is I get to watch the Wimbledon finals at 1am and now watching the football world cup final at 4.30am :) 

  21. Love taking little trips...but hate taking all week just to catch up from being gone for 2 days.

  22. Thomas is engaged! He dropped by last night to show us the ring (and to call her father) before he asked her.

    The happy couple last fall http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/172181-cherish-each-moment/


  23. I survived my surgery. He says my kidney is very sick. All the tubes in the kidney are scarred and narrow, so he stretched them out, and removed the stones. So I am in a lot of pain, and refuse to take opiods. If this happens again he’ll remove my kidney. He will be dragged in kicking and screaming into theater, because he does not like removing vital organs. I have to limit my salt, and green leafy vegies, like spinach ( I love spinach, eat it every day) and kale and the likes. I have to up my green beans, hate them, and soy beans etc. eat little animal fats, no biggie, so yeah my new diet.

    1. englishrose


      Hope the pain quickly subsides Andrea and that you begin to feel better very soon. Hope too that you can learn to love your new diet. Sending you hugs.

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  24. Baby Roselynd Cecilia Whitney arrived this morning at 8.25am, weighing 7lbs 13 oz. only 2 pushes! After being 2 days overdue.


  25. Woopie, My layout 'Travel' has been selected  as most outstanding digital scrapbooking layout http://gallerystandouts.com/fingerpointing/ if you scroll down to 3rd June. Txs Debby for letting me know x

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