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  1. A year ago today (1/15 here; 1/16 in Australia) Jody died.  She’s been so much more on my mind than usual and I’m missing our connection and her bright spirit.  I’m going to look for signs of her throughout my day today.

  2. I’m home. Thanks for all the prayers. More kidney stones removed, flushed my kidney out. There is some nerve damage to the nerves ro my stomach muscles, but he hopes it’ll  repair itself, that’s the reason I have a softball size lump on the left side of my stomach....But i’m home!! Hopefully the last time. I’ve lost like half my hair, ugh.


  3. I guess I've been away too long, having just discovered collections that I bought last October and November, and a couple of clubs, in my download folder and not yet unzipped and filed!  Looks like I'll have some fun over the weekend playing with new goodies!

  4. My Kidney is still not healthy - back into surgery again tomorrow. UGH! Why don't they take it out?

  5. Time for celebration...boys went back to school today!

  6. At church today there was a little boy with his dad that just got out of jail again. I asked the boy what he wanted for Christmas and he said he wanted a remote control truck. On the way home I remembered we got our son a remote control car along with nice gifts- there was no way I could sneak it out from the tree without peeping eyes telling on me. I asked Joseph if he would give the boy his gift, without hesitating he said "Yes" and rewrapped the car and put the boy's name on it and we had it delivered. The Christmas spirit came to our house and brought the joy of giving. By the way, our son got ungrounded for being too ornery earlier! Merry Christmas! 

  7. I think my boys got their Christmas wish...I have no voice and haven't since yesterday.  They are loving this!

  8. I'm not doing very well, I've gone down with another chest infection, same like last month, off to the dr's in a mo, grrrr.............grrr........ not happy.

  9. A little bit heart sick. When you see your dad's shop on the news... all burnt out.


  10. A little bit heart sick. When you see your dad's shop on the news... all burnt out.


    1. englishrose


      It looks awful! Your comment about the potential cost of insurance premiums for your Father's property made me so cross. We have similar problems in this country with properties that are liable to flood. It doesn't seem right that the people that need protection the most are deprived of it. Wishing your family well as they contemplate the clean up operation.

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  11. My family's house made it through the night! They let the water company employees in, and they said there is a firetruck in every driveway up there. :whew:Now I can stop worrying and get on with the things I need to get done today.

    1. englishrose


      That must be a real relief to you and your family.

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  12. That fire made way too much progress overnight. It burned one home on my nephew's road this morning. The fire expanded on the back side and is quite close the my dad and brother's homes. 

  13. And now my dad's house is in the voluntary evacuation zone. :huh: I'm heading there for Christmas, so I really hope there is a home to go home to.

    1. englishrose


      We are getting news coverage in the UK of these dreadful fires. Hope all your family is safe and their properties spared.

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  14. in the past 2 days, I've managed to lose my glasses, my keys, and tonight I left my Bible & a couple books at Barnes & Noble. <_< oops. on a good note, I bought myself a Windows laptop tonight. came home, within 5 minutes had connected to my network and printer and was immediately able to print. I really hope this solves my issues and I will be selling my Mac. whew. 

  15. Bittersweet. My parents just texted the last pictures of my childhood home. They're moving to NC. I'm excited for them, but sad because I never got a chance to see the place one last time. 

  16. On National Adoption Day Nov 17th we did adopt Bradley there were 12 children adopted in our county court that day. It was very exciting and Bradley smiled so big and shyly hugged people that were there. He is our joy and bundle of energy. We are thankful to the Lord for bringing this little handsome son into our life over three years ago.

  17. My surgery is at 10:15am tomorrow. I pray I make it through and brb and well. soon finally.see you on the flip side.

    im home! He managed to get everything. I’m surprised i’m Feeling so much better. I still have a stent that he will remove on the 29th, but no drain. Now to get well. Rest. Get well. Thanks for all the prayers and best wishes, :) ❤️ 


  18. My surgery is at 10:15am tomorrow. I pray I make it through and brb and well. soon finally.see you on the flip side.

  19. My surgery is at 10:15am tomorrow. I pray I make it through and brb and well. soon finally.see you on the flip side.

    1. englishrose


      Hope all goes well for you Andrea. Hope you'll be back to full health very soon.

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  20. I am thankful that there are still some honest people left in the world. I misplaced my wallet at work on Tuesday and some kind person found it and turned it in to lost and found. A great reminder to live in the present moment. Many blessings to this person.

  21. Is it me? I'm trying to buy some of the lovely alphas in today's newsletter but the reductions are not showing up at the checkout .........

  22. Surgery went well. Not in any pain, so far. Got a prescription for pain pills, just in case. Will need some physical therapy so they gave me a prescription for six visits. While I was still out, they gave me another cortisone injection in my pointer finger of the right hand. Hope this works or I might have to have surgery again.

  23. Here I sit at my computer. I'm tired, sick, and counting the hours until my surgery. I've got a slight fever, head cold, and I'm sneezing and sniffling. Can't sleep now, as I've been sleeping on and off all day. I'm just antsy.

  24. I’ll be going back under the knife on the 17th. I’m not happy. I need a shower. I need to lie on my back. I want to have my appetite back, the water retention to go away. The stent and drain to be removed so that I can lie dowdown properly, and not having to change my bedding every day. Ok that’s me, complaining. Off my soap box for now. I miss my scrapping, going to try and do a layout tomorrow for ‘medicinal’ purposes.

  25. I’m home, but miserable. Please never have a lithotripsy ever. This happened because I had one 16 years ago.yhen the power ent org 20 minutes after I got home. Now I’m going to sleep.

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