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  1. Me again, Hope you are having a good birthday! Haven't seen you in forever.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great day.

  3. Very fun. Love the apron. I like your cookie and chips. Like the heart swirl behind the chocolate. I really like your font that you have used.
  4. Love this. I really like your quote. I like how you made so many different colours. And they blend so perfectly.
  5. Very pretty ATC . Like the beautiful rich colours. Your quote is lovely. I like how you positioned the photo and attached it to your background with a clip, so as to keep your papers together. Very pretty.
  6. A great ATC, to celebrate the arrival of spring. Love how you created a note so casually and the ink splotch mimics our crazy winter. A lot of fun.
  7. momwife and friend


    These two pages of photos are stunning. I love this kind of photography also. I like the neutral background with the bright and happy clusters of flowers. Very pretty layouts.
  8. momwife and friend

    Project 12 Nov-2011

    This is such a pretty layout. It is so cozy and inviting to look at. The added words about angels makes it even more special. Your pumpkin pie looks amazing.
  9. Beautiful layout. I love the bright colours against the dark background. The swirls and embroidered flowers are so pretty used with your nieces photo. Such a special event to document.
  10. I like how you blended the scene with your papers. I really like the colours of this collection. I like the sun in the corner. The inset photo is great. Your layout tells the story of this adventurous morning perfectly.
  11. My daughter has had 5 amazing years at the University of Toronto. In that time she also played hockey for the varsity team. She has been Captain for the last two years. I have watched her grow into a young, strong and amazing woman. Although all experiences must finish, she will take all the skills learned into her career and will continue to experience other great times. Go Blues Kelly O.
  12. I really like this layout. I like the vibrant colours. I like the rings above the popcorn machine. I like the girl standing behind the rope waiting in anticipation. Just beautiful.
  13. Very pretty layout. Love all the blended elements. I like how your photos blend so perfectly with your papers. Really very pretty.
  14. Very pretty. I really like the blended photo of you and your friends. Your writing is great. I like the title. I just added that collection to my wish list. Beautiful layout!
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