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  1. journaling: There’s so much to keep up with (that I want to remember) that for the next several weeks my photos may run a bit over or go back to the previous week. The night Dave died, Sarah and I opened a bottle of his favorite champagne and used the last of his Scotch to light a fire. A fitting sendoff, I do believe. Ivy never got on his hospital bed until he was gone and they came to take it away. She was so protective. My son took his son to Disney World for his 6th birthday. While there, Scotty carried a photo of him and his dad on the Space Mountain ride for one last time together. I've decided to move into the downstairs bedroom where Dave was. Not for sentimental reasons, just because I like the room a lot more that where we were upstairs. It’s brighter, my bird feeders are right outside, and there is an adjoining bathroom and reading chair. I moved a twin bed down from a guest room. Sarah brought home a fish after a night out with her girlfriends... okay .... We’ve received so many flowers and plants, and I didn’t tell anyone not to send them. I’ve really enjoyed them and they brighten my day. A friend I’ve known since we were 5 (that’s 61 years!) sent me this incredible bowl from Seasons of Life. There are crystals, and pebbles with handwritten sentiments. “It’s okay to cry. Grief never ends but changes. Honor the loss. Love is immortal.” And more. supplies: cap_2020Sep_flower6, cap_2020Sep_paper7, cap_2020Sep_solid4, cap_2020Sep_waseptember, Fonts: Arial, Brittany, CVW_SupplyTracker
  2. Week 35. Now I'll go back and start catching up. Week 36
  3. journaling: This week was what we had anticipated for so long, and even when you’re ‘ready’ for it, you aren’t ever really ready. Sunday was just a bad continuation of the previous two days. Lots of pain and quite a few calls to hospice for advice on medication. Everything was changed to every two hours and all we wanted to do was keep him comfortable. I prayed, I sang, I talked to him and held his hand, I told him over and over that we were going to be fine and it was okay to go. I played some of his all time favorite songs on YouTube and barely left his side. Wednesday I finally had to get some sleep so I settled in my recliner at about 1:30 am. I listened to his shallow breathing, and when I woke up at 6:30 he was gone. Peace. Stillness. Such grief. Phone calls. Emails. Update CaringBridge.... Food from the neighbors who thought that we would have all the family arriving any moment. So many things we never got to do. Trips we planned but never made. Sixty-five used to feel so old when we were younger, but this week? This week it’s far too young. My head knows this is for the best, but my heart will miss him forever. 1954-2020 supplies: cap_2020Sep_frame1, cap_2020Sep_paper7, cap_2020Sep_qte, cap_2020Sep_scatter, cap_2020Sep_solid4, cap_2020Sep_waseptember, Fonts: Arial, Brittany, CVW_SupplyTracker
  4. Scrapping again for the first time since hubby was placed in hospice care. It's like starting all over again. I have a new pc, I went from PSE9 to PSE 2020... talk about hunt and peck! Picking up with the first week in September for Project Life, and will go back and fill in the missing weeks a few at a time. I missed you all.❤️

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    2. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      So sorry to hear about Dave, but pleased to hear he was home when he passed away it must have been difficult with covid in the care home and much better to have his last days with you. I was wondering how you both were when I posted my project life pages 

    3. AnnBK


      Hi Becky!  Good to see you again.

    4. Becster


      Thank you so much everyone! I'm doing well, today I'm writing up things for the Celebration of Life that will take place on October 3rd. Music is a hard choice, having both been in Music Ministry for over 40 years! How do you narrow it down?! 

  5. Here you go! Mama's Oven Meatballs
  6. I may have shared this before, but it's a new card. Hubby's illness has kept me away from the pc recently. I take this to pot luck suppers a lot! supplies: cap_2020Aug_arrows, cap_2020Aug_blankbanner, cap_2020Aug_solid3, cap_2020Aug_solid4, font: Adobe Caslon Pro Bold, Georgia Bold, CVW_SupplyTracker
  7. It's a challenge! New PC, new PS Elements 2020 (I've been using PSE9 all this time!), and no styles loaded .... okie dokie. I can do this! LOLOL
  8. I know I missed the deadline, but wanted to do a card anyway. It's tough to get upstairs to the PC these days as hubby is home on hospice care. Grilled Peaches in Cinnamon Sugar
  9. Supplies: ABR_2016Every_Solid_Peach, JSM_dD-Everyday_Paper_Peach (retired), SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301-Vellum, Font: Problem Secretary Normal, CVW_SupplyTracker
  10. Crisp Cucumber Salsa
  11. cap_2020Jul_ephemera4, cap_2020Jul_heart4, cap_2020Jul_solid1, cap_2020Jul_solid7, cap_2020Jul_wasummer, JZI_LoveyDovey_EMB_Staples-2 (retired), Fonts: Happy Ending, My Own Topher, CVW_SupplyTracker
  12. journaling: During the Covid quarantine, local food trucks have been hiring out to neighborhoods. This week was wonderful! Uncle Bud’s Catfish was here and oh my goodness! It was amazing, and the biggest hush puppies I’ve ever seen! I hope they come back! I never tire of the sunsets that we see off our deck. Our Florida son, mister “I don’t want a dog!” now has a dog. LOL! That’s Hershey, sharing a popsicle with our youngest grandson. This week Sarah completely transformed the front of our house! She weeded out the front hedge area, and laid down all new mulch. Together we trimmed all of the shrubs. When she was finished doing that, we went shopping for border stones, soil, and flowers. She dug out all around our mailbox and arranged it all! She worked so hard, and I’m so pleased with it. We bought all perennials so everything should come back up next spring. We had one more food truck this week. Our neighbors, Dee and Daniel, own House of Eggrolls. Oh heavens, it was so very good! They have promised to do this again for the neighbors. supplies: cap_2020Apr_Aprchword, cap_2020Apr_flowerpot, cap_2020Apr_paper8, cap_2020Apr_solid3, cap_2020Apr_wadreaminspire, cap_2020Apr_waletyourcreativity, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, Fonts: Arial, Brittanic Bold, CVW_SupplyTracker
  13. Week 16, hoping to get closer to being current again. Hubby still in nursing home, it's just a crummy situation. I miss you all. Edited to add Week 17.
  14. journaling: Adjusting to having Dave home. It’s great to have him here, and he is more self-sufficient than before but we are still hyper vigilant. Sarah bought herself a bike and has been enjoying riding around the neighborhood when we can't take long walks like we were doing. Ivy thinks Sarah is the best thing ever, unless she wants to brush her - then she tries hiding under a chair. My Trekkie nacho chip - I wasn’t sure whether to eat it or put it up on eBay. (I ate it.) Sarah has really been in a green kinda mood lately! On Earth Day she planted flowers and has plans for a small garden out front by our mail box! Finally! After months of not getting his hair cut, and everything being on lockdown due to Covid-19, I got Dave outside on the deck and cut his hair! I think it turned out pretty good! On a day when he wanted an extra long nap, Sarah and I set off to walk the greenway by Stewart Creek. It’s so pretty, and I saw parts of it I’d never explored before. Dave’s physical therapist is coming to the house twice a week. He doesn’t like it, but he tolerates it and mostly cooperates. Next week she wants to take him outside to navigate the front walkway, supplies: cap_2020Apr_Aprchword, cap_2020Apr_flowerpot2, cap_2020Apr_heart, cap_2020Apr_paper8, cap_2020Apr_rr, cap_2020Apr_solid3 SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, Fonts: Arial, Britannic Bold, CVW_SupplyTracker
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