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  1. Apple Cake, one for conventional oven, one for the Instant Pot. It's soooooo good! Apple Cake, conventional recipe Apple Cake, Instant Pot
  2. This recipe is for conventional oven. The Instant Pot recipe is on another card. Enjoy! supplies: BMU_SSStyles_AutumnJewel1_Sunset2, GWH_GrandmasKitchen_Emb-Flower-Creme, GWH_GrandmasKitchen_Emb-Flower-Red, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, Fonts: Arial, Cairo, CVW_SupplyTracker
  3. Conventional recipe to follow! The photo is mine, oh mercy it was yummy! Almost like a bread pudding. supplies: BMU_SSStyles_AutumnJewel1_Sunset2, GWH_GrandmasKitchen_Emb-Flower-Creme, GWH_GrandmasKitchen_Emb-Flower-Red, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, Instant Pot brush by me, img from, Fonts: Arial, Cairo, CVW_SupplyTracker
  4. Tomorrow, tomorrow, can't wait till tomorrow!
  5. Sondra, how scary! I will keep you all in my prayers tonight.
  6. What a sweet girl! Lovely page. :-)
  7. Here is my Week 11.
  8. Journaling: On Sunday we invited folks from the congregation to join us for the anthem. We ended up with 28 people singing “I’ll Fly Away.” An amazing joyful noise! On Monday we had a lovely visit with Floyd and Missy Page and their son Sam. Mom knew Missy when they worked together in Rochelle, Illinois back in the mid-1970’s. They have remained great friends all this time. Mom was so excited to see them. Sunday morning a friend took this picture of a wanna-be visitor! He said the squirrel stayed at the window for most of the service. I can’t help but remember the old song “Mississippi Squirrel Revival”! You’d think at his age (63) Dave would eat his peas, but he manages to pick them out no matter how I make them. These happened to be in chicken fried rice. I just shake my head, not much more I can do. On Thursday our son Scott and his family lost their dog. It was an accident at home, and they are broken hearted. She was such a love bug, she will be missed. Friday night was so much fun! Our pastor’s granddaughter Isabella (Izzy) was part of her middle school’s production of “Beauty and the Beast”. She was a whisk in the banquet scene and the entire production was just amazing! She and her grandparents, and one of the show’s directors, sing in our church choir. I love living in a smaller town where we have the opportunity to do things like this. supplies: AFT_Illum_Paper_11, AFT_Illum_Paper_4, AFT_Illum_Paper_7, MPE_SIM3_Calendar, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_DateMarkers_Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_White-Sm, SG_RustReflec_EMB_JZI_Tag, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, lliella_ImHealthy_eatmore1 (non-SG), "Be Our Guest": internet, Font: Arial, Gabriola, Georgia, CVW_SupplyTracker
  9. Here is Week 10!
  10. Journaling: On Monday my lilies were peeking up from under the wild strawberries. The red-wing blackbirds are finding the feeder again, so are the doves and a few mocking birds. I managed to apply my decal to the Instant Pot and only wrinkled one little spot. I think I can smooth it out if I cut it carefully with my X-acto knife. Choir practice on Wednesday was great! We covered a lot of music to get us through to Palm Sunday and Good Friday, then spent the remainder of the time hitting trouble spots in our cantata. I wish the SPRC committee would make a decision about the music position at church. We’re into our third month as interim musicians. We’re enjoying it, but I have invested hours upon hours planning service music and bringing our lyric licensing up to speed. On Thursday morning it snowed. Really? It wasn’t much and didn’t last long, but it was there. Our friends just a little north of us (5 miles maybe) got a lot more than we did. On Friday we were bored, so we drove west of Nashville to look for McKay’s Books. Holy cow what an awesome place! Two stories, over 33,000 square feet, and everything from books to movies to games to musical instruments. I must go back alone sometime when I can wander at my own pace. Dave isn’t very patient with things like this. Saturday night was Date Night. We went to La Tavola for pizza and a glass of wine. Supplies: AFT_Illum_Paper_4, AFT_Illum_Paper_7, AFT_Illum_Paper_11, BMU_BookClub_GenereTab_Adventure, BMU_BookClub_GenereTab_Biography, BMU_BookClub_GenereTab_Historical, BMU_BookClub_GenereTab_Romance, BMU_BookClub_Rd_GotBooks, DRB_Snow-Bunny_Snowflake, JRA_SpringTweets_WordArt_CelebrateSpring, MPE_SIM3_Calendar, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_DateMarkers_Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_White-Sm, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, Font: Arial, CVW_SupplyTracker
  11. Sounds great! We had more snow this morning.
  12. Here is Week 9!
  13. Note - I reworked several of the labels used so that I could add my own text. I duplicated the file, then used the "clone tool" to wipe out the existing text, then added my own and saved the blanks for the future. I used PSE 9. journaling: Mmmmm! We look forward to this all year! It’s time again for the annual chili cook off and dessert competition! We had 18 different chilis entered (including mine this time) and oh boy they were wonderful. I lost count of how many I actually tried. Our chili judges were Mark Stewman, Joe Schofield, and Derek Johnson; our dessert judges were Lara Mascarenas and Laini Burgett. Our winners were Dan Walker’s chili and Judy Hennessey’s cheesecake. We had a really good crowd this year. I need this t-shirt! (note: It says “Somewhere between Proverbs 31 and Madea, there’s me … ) Still loving my Instant Pot and I am goofy enough to have ordered a decal to stick on the side. Some of them online are really clever! I love mine, it’s Simon’s Cat begging for more food. We love those cartoons! It’s been unseasonably warm and nature is confused. We already have dandelions sprouting in the yard and pretty soon we will need to cut the grass. Of course, we’re almost guaranteed at least one more good snow, but maybe not. supplies: BMU_LoveIs_Pink, MPE_SIM3_Perpetual_Calendar, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_DateMarkers_Brushes, OAWA-IHeartYou-Solids01, OAWA-IHeartYou-Solids04, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, bed_nf_el17-flat ribbon1, bed_nf_el25-button7, bed_nf_el37-iamnotafraid copy (made solid by me), bed_nf_el39-power.png bed_nf_el45-believe copy (made solid by me), bed_nf_el45-believe, bed_nf_el5-flr5, Fonts: Arial, Trebuchet MS, CVW_SupplyTracker
  14. Beautiful, club, such vibrant colors!
  15. supplies: AFT_Illum_Emb_Floral_2, AFT_Illum_Emb_Floral_3, AFT_Illum_Paper_4, AFT_Illum_Paper_7, ASO_SSDLO_Cal_PerpetMini, MPE_ScrapIt_MonthlyTwo_Blue, Font: Chunk Five, CVW_SupplyTracker