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  1. Becster


    So far behind ... Week 7
  2. Becster

    Project Life, Week 07, 2019

    journaling: This week was quite interesting! Dave’s therapy equipment arrived and we got him started. It’s time consuming, but not difficult to manage. Followed up at the doctor, and he says we need to make sure to do it more and to watch the videos at the web site. We celebrated Valentine’s Day at church. A couple of the ladies got together and hosted a lunch for some of the couples and older singles that might not have anyone to celebrate with. It was really nice, and afterward we went to visit mom and took flowers and a balloon. Dave and I celebrated the next night at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville! We had tickets to see William Shatner of StarTrek Fame. As lifelong Trekkies, it was something we just couldn’t pass up! He was just as awful as we expected. Poor man, he can’t sing at all and he only did ONE song! He mostly spoke the lyrics. The other acts were great, though. There were a few newcomers, but we saw Larry Gatlin, Ricky Skaggs, Aaron Tippin, and Riders In the Sky. Saturday morning I attended a Vacation Bible School workshop. This year’s theme is “To Mars and Beyond!” (The little cartoon in the middle reads: "We go together like deviled eggs and a church potluck.") supplies: ABR_PuppyBreath_WA_PuppyLove, ACU_SweetLove_Emb_heart, ACU_SweetLove_Emb_key, AHA_360-2019-02_dates4, AHA_360-2019-02_paper12, AHA_360-2019-02_solid05, MPE_Calendar_grids, MPE_SIM3_CalendarMPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarkers-Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, Fonts: Arial, Cheddar Salad BTN, CVW_SupplyTracker
  3. Becster

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    It’s still very hit or miss. I won’t use it until I’m positive it’s stable.
  4. Becster

    March 2019 Desktop

    supplies: AHA_360-2019-03_dates3_month-march, AHA_360-2019-03_dates3_year-2019, AHA_360-2019-03_emb_beadball, AHA_360-2019-03_emb_card3, AHA_360-2019-03_emb_flourish1, AHA_360-2019-03_emb_frame3, AHA_360-2019-03_solids04, AHA_360-2019-03_solids12, ASO_SSDLO_Cal_PerpetMini, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301-Vellum, CVW_SupplyTracker
  5. Becster

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Have you had any issues with GN5? I also downloaded it as an upgrade to GN4, but it's still very glitchy for me. I went back to working in GN4.
  6. Becster


    Week 6! Exciting stuff about DH this week.
  7. Becster

    Week 06, 2019

    journaling: That’s exactly what we’re trying to do! It’s back to being very cold, but Ivy loves it. Our yard is a mess but she has all of her toys out there as she guards the house. “Play with me?” No ma’am, it’s 27F out there! Happy Chinese New Year, year of the pig. And a not-so-happy Super Bowl game this year. We weren’t too invested in either team, but of the two the winner wasn’t who we would have chosen. C’est la vie! The biggest news this week was Dave’s decision to seek treatment for his peripheral neuropathy. It’s to the point where he can barely walk, even with a cane, and on Sunday he almost fell in the choir loft. I think I heard a collective gasp as he stumbled and had to be helped out. A random ad on Facebook popped up on Monday and the treatment looked unique. It’s at a clinic out near where we went last weekend, so he called them and got an appointment for the next day. He failed all of the sensory tests (meaning he has no feeling in his feet). He signed up for help and once the equipment comes to our house he will be doing low level light therapy twice a day to help regenerate the nerves. Stay tuned! supplies: AHA_360-2019-02_dates4, AHA_360-2019-02_emb_arrow1, AHA_360-2019-02_emb_heart1, AHA_360-2019-02_emb_wa1, AHA_360-2019-02_paper12, AHA_360-2019-02_solid05, BMU_GenHospital_Button-Medical, MPE_Calendar, MPE_SIM3_Calendar, MPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarkers-Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire Font: Arial, CVW_SupplyTracker
  8. Becster


    I'm so far behind. Hubby is doing treatment for his neuropathy twice a day downstairs and my pc and files are all upstairs. You know how men are when they're sick, lol. "Stay here with meeeee!" 😁 Week 5 (the last of January)
  9. Becster

    Week 05, 2019

    journaling: Mother Nature is clearly off her meds this week. The weather has been crazy! As you can see, it rained (on Ivy), then it snowed a little, then by the weekend it was up in the 60’s and even reached the low 70’s at one point. Ivy was clearly unhappy with how little snow we got. “Really mom? That’s ALL???” I would love to see her playing in the snow, I bet it would be fun to watch! Brian, Seth, and William are getting ready for our first ‘modern’ worship service this Sunday. Our friends Amy & Brian -and their group Phoenix Rising- played for the opening of a biker shop out in Spring Hill, TN. It’s about half an hour west of here, so since the weather was so nice we went to see them. Amy is a ‘hooper’ and the kids were enamored of her skills. She even has a flaming hoop that she uses while singing! All the water that normally drains from the rock face on the sides of the highway had frozen. Even though it was warm, it was still just a lot of icicles. Crazy to see. supplies: AHA_360-2019-01_dates4-AHA_360-2019-01_january.png AHA_360-2019-01_dates4-year-2019.png AHA_360-2019-01_papers03.jpg AHA_360-2019-01_solids03.jpg AHA_360-2019-01_solids09.jpg MPE_Calendar, MPE_SIM3_Calendar, MPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarkers-Brushes, SBA_EmeraldWinter_WA_Alpha-Baby, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire Winterberry_EMA_COLL_Mini_Snowflake2, aimeeh_360-2019-01_emb_trees, Font: Arial, CVW_SupplyTracker
  10. Becster

    February 2019 Recipe Swap

    Finally managed to keep PSE open long enough to make a card. Pretty sure now the font I was trying to use is corrupt. 😞 Instant Pot Beef Barley Vegetable Soup (front) Instant Pot Beef Barley Vegetable Soup (back) Notes: 1. This was adapted by the creator from a non-IP recipe, so it can be done on the stove. 2. I have made this in my 3-quart IP by halving the ingredients (same cooking time, though). 3. If you are gluten free, just omit the barley.
  11. If you are gluten free, omit the barley. ABR_FromKitchen_Paper-Green, ABR_FromKitchen_Paper-Utensils, CR-WhatsCookin-FlourishDoodle2.png Font: Times New Roman, CVW_SupplyTracker
  12. supplies: ABR_FromKitchen_Paper-Green, ABR_FromKitchen_Paper-Utensils, CR-WhatsCookin-FlourishDoodle2.png Font: Times New Roman, CVW_SupplyTracker
  13. Syndee, you are a rock star! Thank you so much for including a GoodNotes file in your new brush set! ❤️

    1. MariJ


      Thanks Becky, now I need to check that out.  :) 

    2. SodScrap


      Same Marilyn!!

  14. Becster


    Hope to get caught up this week! Week 4
  15. Becster

    Project 2019, Week 04

    journaling: Winter Wonderland! Not really, but we did finally get a little snow! I was up really late with Ivy when it started, but it didn’t last very long. By morning her outside water dish was frozen and she couldn’t quite figure that out. There have been a couple of “Super Moon” events, but for the most part it has been way too overcast to see anything. I did get this very cool shot of the moon rising behind the house across the street from us. The last Saturday in January has been designated Prosecco Saturday by my best friend’s daughter. The holidays are over, and we need something else to celebrate. Cheers! Ivy has the right idea. It has been in the low 20’s and teens all week. If it’s this cold, I want it to snow! supplies: AHA_360-2019-01_dates4-AHA_360-2019-01_january, AHA_360-2019-01_dates4-year-2019, AHA_360-2019-01_papers03, AHA_360-2019-01_solids03, AHA_360-2019-01_solids09, aimeeh_360-2019-01_emb_banner4, aimeeh_360-2019-01_emb_trees, DRB_Snow-Bunny_Heart-Brad-01, DRB_Snow-Bunny_Heart-Brad-02, DRB_Snow-Bunny_Winter-Wonderland, GWH_RingInTheNew_Emb_Ribbon-Gold, MPE_Calendar, MPE_SIM3_Calendar, MPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarkers-Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire Winterberry_EMA_COLL_Mini_GoldSnowflakeStamp1, Fonts: Georgia; LDJ Mothers Typewriter, CVW_SupplyTracker