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  1. Note - Low carb, NOT low fat! Good if you are following a LCHF way of eating. supplies: CRO_RosehillCot_PM_Paper_StuccoDamask, CRO_RosehillCottage_CSM_Emb_Button2, CRO_RosehillCottage_Doily, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe_6301-FlatGrey vjs-preciousmoments-bow-01, vjs-preciousmoments-ribbon-02, Font: Bookman Old Style, CVW_SupplyTracker
  2. Journaling: On Saturday the 13th, Dave and I went to the Vintage Market Days in Lebanon, TN. It’s about a half an hour from us and while everything was too pricey for us, we ran into our former pastor! It was great to see Denman, he retired from ministry almost a year ago. One of the little flowers from last summer has started growing again! I was about to toss out the soil in the small pot when I noticed the unique leaves. Now it’s blooming. Sharon and Mark sent flowers to mom for Mother’s Day, and all of my kids called me. That’s really all I need! After church we went to La Tavola, they were open just for Mother’s Day. They are usually closed on Sundays. We were so full we ignored dinner later! Monday. Oh, Monday. Such a heartless thing. Our power went out while we were having our first cup of coffee and the surge wiped my computer of any sign of Windows. Fortunately my files weren’t destroyed, but we had to visit Geek Squad again. Thank goodness for service contracts! We’re getting our money’s worth out of it, that’s for sure. Wednesday night was a blast! Our choir director is on vacation, so I got to run the rehearsal. It was just like old times! I’ll be directing on Sunday, and Dave will be playing. It was so much fun to get a chance to do this again! On the way into the rehearsal, there was a bunny by the parking lot. He was nice enough to pose for me. Dave’s sister and her daughter flew up on Friday and whisked mom away for two nights in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel. She had a great time and we were grateful for a couple of nights off. We picked up my computer and had a lovely dinner at Mimi’s in Murfreesboro. supplies: AFT_AML_Emb_Peony_1, AFT_AML_Emb_Scatter, AFT_AML_Specl_Emb_Flwr, AFT_BS_Cal2016, MPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarker_Brushes, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_2017, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, vjs-preciousmoments-solids-02, vjs-preciousmoments-solids-09, Fonts: Arial, Problem Secretary Normal, CVW_SupplyTracker
  3. HAHAHA! I did it again. All of my April LO's for Project life have an extra day on the calendar. Have to edit them all and re-upload. But today is not that day.    :hit-head-with-hammer:

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      So funny, Becky. Gee, I've never done that. :lol:

    3. Becster


      1 hour ago, Florida granny said:

      So funny, Becky. Gee, I've never done that. :lol:

      Uh huh. ;)

    4. LauraYB


      HA!! I wasn't worried about a little typo--I'm impressed that you get your pages done, Becky!

  4. Journaling: Sunday was our choir’s big fundraiser! After church we had a potluck and then our annual dessert auction. The day before we set up the table decorations, fresh cut flowers in Mason jars. So simple and pretty! Our favorite auctioneer was back. Trey will be 16 next month and plans to become a licensed auctioneer when he is legally of age. Dave was all ready to bid, and my “Do Nothing Cake” (with pineapple, coconut and pecans) sold for $50! Deb Hayden won’t have to cook dessert for a long time! Oh, Dave didn’t buy my cake, someone else did. I caught a mockingbird munching on one of my tomatoes so I’ve covered it with tulle netting. It still gets sun and water, but keeps the birds out. I bought a 3-tier planter at Aldi. The top has lettuce seeds, the middle has gerbera daisies, and the bottom has green onions. We’ll see how they do. Dave got his eyes checked and has ordered new glasses. Maybe Dusty won’t chew on these? Thursday evening one of my church kids was in her concert at school. The Soaring Singers is a select group of kids in grade 3-5. This was her final concert since she will be moving up to Middle School in the fall. Charley was one of my helpers in Vacation Bible School last summer and her mom sits next to me in choir. I bought myself a pre-Mother’s Day gift - a new camera! I dropped my smaller Canon after Bill and Denise’s wedding last month and this Nikon was on sale at Target. It has 20.2 megapixels and a 28x zoom! Supplies: AFT_BS_Cal2016, MPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarker_Brushes, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_2017, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, vjs-preciousmoments-solids-02, vjs-preciousmoments-solids-09, Fonts: Arial, Problem Secretary Normal, CVW_SupplyTracker
  5. Journaling: It’s so good to have my computer back! I killed it last week by accepting an update to the video card. Bad move! I had to give it to the Geek Squad for three days so they could undo what I had done. Our baby birds have fledged! This one was still hanging around but after a few days we only saw them from afar. “Bob” continues to be prolific, and the tomatoes are so delicious! We used some of them on our tacos for Cinco de Mayo. For May the Fourth - Star Wars Day - we watched a few of the movies. Fun times! We capped off the week by having a date night in Nashville. We started off with dinner at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville where I had my first (and probably last) margarita. Sorry folks, tequila is just nasty. We had tickets for “Gospel Night at the Tabernacle” and what an amazing show! Garrison Keillor has been one of our favorites for many years and his guests were just phenomenal! The historic Ryman Auditorium is so steeped in stories that I just love going there. There was an intermission of sorts, but Garrison stayed on stage and conducted a hymn sing with the audience! A Capella and lots of harmony. What fun! Supplies: AFT_BS_Cal2016, BVA_DLOAlbum_4x6_RecipeCard_Arrows_4_arrow-middle, MPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarker_Brushes, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_2017, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, vjs-preciousmoments-solids-02, vjs-preciousmoments-solids-09, Fonts: Arial, Problem Secretary Normal, CVW_SupplyTracker
  6. journaling: Crazy, crazy weather! It rained and rained and rained. In the photo on the upper left, that’s the garden and playground behind All Saints Episcopal on Lee Victory Parkway. Trust me, it’s there. Behind the tree line is where the banks of Stewart Creek usually are. Not this week! We have laughed about the road sign at Jefferson Springs but it means that there is a boat ramp ahead and no outlet. This week it meant that the boat ramp and parking lot were submerged. Just last week this was where we had our Easter Sunrise service. What a mess! Donut arrived this week! We have dear friends who own an art gallery in New Orleans and these unique fish have been selling like crazy. Made of odds and ends, this one was named Donut because of a child’s block that was included. The teeth are colored pencils, there is a Batman Pez dispenser, and the top fin is made of different colored rulers! Every time we look at it we see something different. Laurie decided to deliver him personally and drove up for an overnight visit. We’re thinking of maybe getting him a companion. Our hummingbird feeder has been out for a while, but so far we haven’t had any hummingbirds. We did however spot a male house finch partaking of the nectar. I make my own, none of that red dye stuff. Ick! Mom’s sister Virginia came up for the weekend. We had a lovely visit and I know they were glad to be together again. At lunch we had ‘Bob’s’ first offspring! Oh my goodness it was delicious! supplies: AFT_BS_Cal2016, CRO_HappyCamper_CM_Emb_Fish, CRO_HappyCamper_CM_Emb_Pole, JZI_Mojave_Paper_Chevron-1, JZI_Mojave_Paper_Solid-Cream, MPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarker_Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, Fonts: Arial, Problem Secretary Normal, CVW_SupplyTracker
  7. I need to find another recipe, you beat me to it! Beautiful!
  8. Hi Valerie! Welcome aboard! This is the best place ever for scrapping friends and helpful advice!
  9. I found the sweetest paper in my stash for a wedding anniversary LO, and thought I'd love to have the kit it's from. Retired. :(

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    2. angleigh


      Is it this one?  If so and you'd like to purchase it just email me and I can probably help make that happen


    3. Becster


      Oh my gosh! You're amazing. <3


    4. MariJ


      Oh I have that one and love it!

      Angie sure is the best!

  10. YES!!! I have my styles back!!!! I changed the location of the files, deleted the MediaDatabase.db3 file, then let everything load again. Now if I could just download Office 265 in English and not Spanish, it'd be great.
  11. Thanks all! Yes, I found that MediaDatabase.db3 file and deleted it, but it seems like every time I've had to reinstall PSE9 the folders that hold the styles seem to change. I'm trying again now, I"ll let you know if it works! Maybe it's time for me to let it go and get a new version. (But I like the ooollld onnnee!!!)
  12. I know it's an old program, but I've had to reinstall everything. Once upon a time it was posted which file I need to delete so that the database can re-build itself. However, I no longer have that info and my searches haven't turned up anything. EDIT: I found reference to deletung a metadata file but it doesn't say which one. Thanks in advance!
  13. All of mine are Western Digital as well. Never any issues.
  14. Picking up my revived computer and the shiny new battery backup later today. :)

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      Yay!  That's exciting.   Good luck, Becky.

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      Hip hip hurrah!

  15. Ooh! New pretties!