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  1. Becster

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Thank you! She also sells weeks that start on Sunday, but as add-ons not the full journal. She said she will be doing that for 2019, though.
  2. Becster

    Project Life 2018

    Week 27 Looks looks I skipped a week or numbered incorrectly. Will edit later. Oops?! EDIT: All fixed, I numbered incorrectly!
  3. Becster

    Project Life, Week 27, 2018

    Journaling: Even though it’s just the two of us, we still like to Celebrate the Fourth of July! We do miss the big family gatherings we had before we moved here four years ago, but I guess that’s just a part of life. There has been so much political discord lately that it was very entertaining to find out that we Democrats were planning to launch a Civil War on the fourth. There were very clever, stylized “letters home from the front lines” and it made me laugh and took my mind off of my daily woes. Dave has never really enjoyed going to see community fireworks, so we didn’t fight the crowds this year -or the heat or mosquitoes- but our neighbors set up their own displays. All I had to do was stand in the front yard and watch in all directions. Of course, it all made us miss our Dusty Puppy. He was terrified of fireworks and thunder, so in a way I’m glad he wasn’t here this year but he is never far from our thoughts. Trying something new in my health journey. I ordered a month’s worth of Thrive from my friend Caryn. It’s a great boost for my energy, so we shall see. Supplies: AFT_AmeriBlue_Emb_Sequin, bed_bb_el63-grill-sticker, bed_rmnisc_pp15, CKI_SL_brad-starsstripes, CKI_SL_stars-glitter2, CKI_SL_ws-celebratefreedom-blue, LLO_PIrateBay_Paper_Blue, LLO_PIrateBay_Paper_Cream, MPE_Picnic_Collection_Mini_WA_Cookout, MPE_SIM3_Calendar_SquCorner_Box-3, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_DateMarkers_Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_White-Sm, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, SNU_SSTools_Styles_GlitterEdge6301-Blue, SNU_SSTools_Styles_GlitterEdge6301-Silver, Font: Arial, CVW_SupplyTracker
  4. Becster

    Bla bla bla

    That's hysterical!
  5. Becster

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Fantastic!!!!! WOOHOO!!!
  6. Becster

    World-tour-3-Stone &Arrows

    Beautiful! I visited the Bok Tower when I was very small, but I remember it!
  7. Becster

    July 2018 Desktop

    supplies: ASO_SSDLO_Cal_PerpetMini, ASO_SSTools_GlitzyChristmas_6401_Blue1, bed_rmnisc_pp15, bed_rmnisc_pp16, CKI_SL_brad-starsstripes, CKI_SL_stars-glitter, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_FlatGrey, Font: Chunk Five, CVW_SupplyTracker
  8. What does this error message mean? "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200"

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      Thanks, i'll try again first. It is actually a re-sized file that I was going to add to the journaling thread.

    3. Becster


      It worked. Thanks! The dimensions were too large.

    4. MariJ


      Oh that’s great and I noticed it was in that thread and disappointed I couldn’t see it.  So, I’m off to check now!

  9. Becster

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Zen. I have a weekly LO that works. Grid is Kara’s but I changed the layout of the days. Stickers are freebies, and the font is KG Ray of Sunshine. I’m also going to do a daily page, maybe with some journaling or a photo. Picture needs to be resized, will edit and add in a bit. EDIT: Sorry - it won't let me upload the file, I"m getting a "can't process" message. Will try later.
  10. Becster

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    On any page, doesn’t matter which, label all of the tabs so that you can see them ‘completed’. Now, use the lasso tool and select them all at once. Choose ‘copy’. Go to every other page and hold your pencil down on the page, and a dialog should pop up. Select ‘paste’ then drag the labels into place. Unfortunately you have to paste them onto every single page.
  11. Becster

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Seriously considering starting over. My journal is a hot mess with all kinds of things added all over as I try to find what works for me and a layout I actually like. Maybe this is why I never got too far in a paper planner. 😂
  12. Becster

    July 2018 Recipe Swap

    Thanks so much!!!
  13. Becster

    Project Life 2018

    Thank you!!!
  14. Becster

    Project Life 2018

    All caught up! Week 25 & Week 26
  15. Becster

    Project Life Week 26, 2018

    Journaling: When I start clowning around in church you know it’s almost time for Vacation Bible School! As the Assembly Leader and also the Music Leader, it’s my job to drum up volunteers and remind everyone to get their kids registered! It’s just a few weeks away now, and there I am with my sidekick, Romper. It’s so much fun making a spectacle of myself!!! The heat here has been unbelievable! The 92F is bad enough, but the heat index has been 103F or higher every day. Knock on wood, our air conditioning is holding up! I made another cheesecake in my Instant Pot this week and took a piece to mom. It was gone in a flash! Dave and I finally got our Frosties for Molly this week. Molly lost her battle with dementia last week, and her movement is strong. Her son Joey has been sharing her struggle for the past year to raise awareness. We are dealing with this as well with Dave’s mom, so any support we can give is helpful. supplies: AFT_DreamyCanvas_Paper_Cream, BMU_SSStyles_AutumnJewel1_Fushia, CAB_Melon-Choly_FxPlnPaper03, MPE_SIM3_Calendar, MPE_ScrapItMonthlyTwo_DarkText, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_DateMarkers_Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_White-Sm, SDE_FollowYourHeart_SolidPaper6, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, Fonts: Arial, Cherry Swash, CVW_SupplyTracker