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  1. Hey, I remembered this time around! LOL I haven't tried this yet, but I hope they are as good as they are easy. Quick Yeast Rolls
  2. Cant wait to try this! Supplies: GWH_GrandmasKitchen_Alpha-per, GWH_GrandmasKitchen_ColMini_Paper-Creme-Red-Dot, GWH_GrandmasKitchen_Emb-Tag, Font: Bell MT Bold, CVW_SupplyTracker
  3. My brain isn't working. I have a new debit card, and the number is different. Where do I go to change this information for the shop? I looked there and didn't seem to see it under my account settings. I think my purchases go through PayPal, where I've already updated, but I want to make sure. Thanks in advance!

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    2. alsoarty


      On Pay Pal. The change you made was there.As far as I can tell. Hope I'm helping?


    3. Becster


      Thanks, I was thinking there was somewhere in the Shop where I saved that information. 🙂

    4. angleigh


      If you pay with PayPal, all you have to do is update it with them...and your done. 

      If you have a card on file, You won't see it in your account at all.  If you have it stored in the shopping cart, you won't see it until you put an item in your cart.  This is due to the fact that the cards are stored with our credit card processing company, not in our store.  This is due to security reasons.  Credit card processing companies are held to a very high standard for security, and have to scan their site daily.  Once you have an item in your cart you will see the option to pay with the credit card you have on file.  If you need to delete it, you can at that point.  Then you won't add your new card to the store until you actually checkout.

      Hope that helps!

  4. journaling: The tributes to the Notorious RBG continue to be shared. Such a loss, especially in an election year. When we knew Dave’s time was limited, I ordered a piece of jewelry from Spirit Pieces. The swirls in the galaxy are approximately 1/4 teaspoon of his ashes. The funeral home assisted me in gathering what was needed so that I could mail it to the artist as soon as possible. I was hoping to receive it before his Celebration of Life, and even though they said it could take four to six weeks, it came back in only two. Poor Ivy, she is such a bad patient! It was time for her
  5. journaling: Going through the motions, one day at a time. Doing stuff, keeping busy, working on plans for the Celebration of Life on October 3rd. The amazing Irving Berlin quote was posted on Facebook. Ironically, Irving Berlin’s heirs were clients of Dave’s. The Princess Bride reunion was glitchy, but a very welcome distraction. It was (still is, I suppose) one of our favorite movies. I’ve lost count how many times we’ve watched it. That’s not a new dog, that’s what was left after I brushed Ivy for thirty minutes. She loved it, and is enjoying me being able to spend time wit
  6. Yum! This time I will put it on my calendar so I don't forget.
  7. Okay, for real this time. Crockpot Chicken Tortellini Soup
  8. supplies: cap_2020May_paper15, cap_2020Oct_coaster2, cap_2020Oct_coaster4, cap_2020Oct_journalmat, cap_2020Oct_paint, Fonts: Arial, Calibri; CVW_SupplyTracker
  9. I did the wrong theme. back to the drawing board after I do dinner.
  10. journaling: There’s so much to keep up with (that I want to remember) that for the next several weeks my photos may run a bit over or go back to the previous week. The night Dave died, Sarah and I opened a bottle of his favorite champagne and used the last of his Scotch to light a fire. A fitting sendoff, I do believe. Ivy never got on his hospital bed until he was gone and they came to take it away. She was so protective. My son took his son to Disney World for his 6th birthday. While there, Scotty carried a photo of him and his dad on the Space Mountain ride for one last tim
  11. Week 35. Now I'll go back and start catching up. Week 36
  12. journaling: This week was what we had anticipated for so long, and even when you’re ‘ready’ for it, you aren’t ever really ready. Sunday was just a bad continuation of the previous two days. Lots of pain and quite a few calls to hospice for advice on medication. Everything was changed to every two hours and all we wanted to do was keep him comfortable. I prayed, I sang, I talked to him and held his hand, I told him over and over that we were going to be fine and it was okay to go. I played some of his all time favorite songs on YouTube and barely left his side. Wednesday I finally
  13. Scrapping again for the first time since hubby was placed in hospice care. It's like starting all over again. I have a new pc, I went from PSE9 to PSE 2020... talk about hunt and peck! Picking up with the first week in September for Project Life, and will go back and fill in the missing weeks a few at a time. I missed you all.❤️

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    2. AnnBK


      Hi Becky!  Good to see you again.

    3. Becster


      Thank you so much everyone! I'm doing well, today I'm writing up things for the Celebration of Life that will take place on October 3rd. Music is a hard choice, having both been in Music Ministry for over 40 years! How do you narrow it down?! 

    4. AnnBK


      Wish I could give you advice, Becky.  All I will say is that your grief is yours alone, no right or wrong way. You WILL laugh again, it may take a while, but you will.

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