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  1. Becster

    Project Life Week 22, 2019

    journaling: Our Georgia grands, and mom and dad, were part of a scout troop that placed flags in a cemetery for Memorial Day. So proud of them, our son is a Marine but no longer active duty. When we weren’t looking. Ivy decided to get a little deeper into her pool! She came in the house with her face and belly dripping, then went back out and did it again! She likes “digging” in the water. Our flowers out front are exploding with blooms! The Easter lilies are gorgeous, and our Star Jasmine is full and beautifully fragrant! The most difficult part of the week was receiving a call on Thursday from the nursing home. Suddenly mom wasn’t able to swallow. Of course we went right over, and met with the head physician who was on call. Given her other problems, she recommended that we admit mom to Hospice Care. Mom was lucid enough that we were able to discuss it with her and she agreed that major surgery was not an option. She has internal bleeding but they don’t know where or if it can even be repaired. We called the family home, and now it’s just a waiting game. It was a long weekend. supplies: AFT_DreamyCanvas_Paper_Cream, AHA_360-05-2019_paper12, AHA_360-05-2019_solid11, AHA_360-2019-05_dates3, AHA_360-2019-05_emb_frame1a, JWH_AmericanCity_WordArt_MemorialDay, MPE_Calendar_grids_04, MPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarkers-Brushes_841 SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, Font: Arial, Georgia, CVW_SupplyTracker
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    Week 21 Week 22
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    Wow, thank you! I feel like I'm sooo far behind.
  4. Becster

    Project Life, Week 21, 2019

    journaling: A mostly quiet week, which was very welcome! On Sunday morning, our Methodist Missionaries were in church and caught us up on their children’s home in Thailand. Vicki and Carol run a home and school for special needs children and we have several fundraising events for them throughout the year. Vicki (pictured on the left) is Brian Brown’s mom; he plays guitar and his wife Amy sings in the choir. I had to save this photo from the internet, it really describes my love for Ivy! She is just so sweet! My cardinal is a little blurry, but I took this photo from the car before he could fly away. It is scorching hot already, and it isn’t even officially summer. Ivy discovered the sprinkler when we came home from our walk, so I set it out for her in the back yard, too. She still loves just standing in her pool and drinking, she’s so funny to watch! She also sits on the little hill by the deck and keeps an eye on everyone that passes by. Cars, trucks, bicycles, joggers .... everyone is a potential threat! Dave and I celebrated our 44th Anniversary this week! We went to dinner at Outback Steak House in Murfreesboro and had a super dinner and a couple glasses of wine. It was almost all compliments of our choir, as we still had one gift card left from our Christmas gifts! (No, we don’t get out much, lol) One of our church kids graduated this week and we were invited over for a pool party celebration. She is brilliant, and has already been taking college courses during her Senior year. Way to go, Kody! supplies: AFT_DreamyCanvas_Paper_Cream, AHA_360-05-2019_paper12, AHA_360-05-2019_solid11, AHA_360-2019-05_dates3, AHA_360-2019-05_emb_beads, BMU_LoveIs_LoveIs_Everlasting, DRB_Summer-Story_Emb_Fun-in-the-Sun, MPE_Calendar_grids, MPE_SIM3_Calendar, MPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarkers-Brushes_841 SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, amd-cap and gown (non-SG), Font: Arial, Georgia, CVW_SupplyTracker
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    Week 20
  6. Becster

    Project Life, Week 20, 2019

    journaling: We had a great time while the kids were here. I bought them red noses for Red Nose Day, and we went bowling. I haven’t bowled since Dave and I were engaged in 1974! I did okay, considering. Sunday was Mother’s Day, and it made me feel good that Athena joined the other kids up front in church for Children’s Time. Our new music director, Seth, is great with the kids. We took presents to mom, some new shirts, and Sharon arrived later in the afternoon. Mark came in, too, so I made sure to get photos of all three of the Olsen ‘kids’ with mom. I love the photo of me with Steven. Jess was kind of missing in action, she wasn’t feeling well. Mark couldn’t stay, but the rest of us went to dinner at O’Charley’s and had a super nice time. After we got home, in all the confusion of kids running around, someone finally asked “Where is Bishop?” Turns out Bishop busted out the screen in the dining room while we were gone and took off! Right around the same time we realized he was missing, one of our neighbors posted his picture on our community Facebook group. “Is anyone missing this dog?” Steven, Athena and I walked down a couple of blocks and retrieved him. I have to repair the screen this week. The kids left Monday and of course we all were exhausted by then. It’s tough being a grandparent! The clock I ordered for mom came in and it’s wonderful! She gets so confused about what day it is and this solves that easily. Ivy has a new pool, but so far all she does is stand in it and drink from it. supplies: AFT_DreamyCanvas_Paper_Cream, AHA_360-05-2019_paper12, AHA_360-05-2019_solid11, AHA_360-2019-05_dates3 AHA_360-2019-05_emb_beads, AHA_360-2019-05_emb_clock, AHA_360-2019-05_emb_flower4, MPE_Calendar, MPE_SIM3_Calendar_Week3-a, MPE_ScrapItMonthly_DateMarkers-Brushes_841 SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, Font: Arial, CVW_SupplyTracker
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    Winner Winner Hide and Seek

    Congrats to the winners!
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    Let's Play Hide and Seek Round 2

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    Let's Play Hide and Seek Round 2

    Such a pretty collection!
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    Judy's To-Die-For Green Beans

    Very true!!! LOL
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    Let's Play Hide and Seek Round 2

  12. Becster

    Let’s Play Hide & Seek!

    Love it!
  13. Becster

    June 2019 Recipe Swap

    Yummy!!!!! Judy's To-Die-For Green Beans
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    Judy's To-Die-For Green Beans

    Aside from the green beans, there is not one redeeming healthy thing about this recipe! Our pastor's wife made this for the Christmas party and everyone was begging for the recipe. Enjoy! Supplies: ABL_FarmersBounty_Emb1_Beans, ABR_HomeCook_Paper-Solid3, SNU_JustPeachy_EB-FlairPinwheel, SNU_JustPeachy_EB-Leaf, SNU_JustPeachy_EB-PinwheelFlwr, SNU_JustPeachy_EB-PinwheelFlwrYllw, SNU_JustPeachy_EB-PinwheelFlwrPeach, SNU_JustPeachy_EB-TinyFlwrPk, Fonts: Georgia, LD Becca, CVW_SupplyTracker
  15. Becster

    June Recipe Swap

    Ooh, this looks so good!