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  1. I finally figured it out! I had started my journal in a Windows program and apparently Good Notes can't open that file correctly. Once I uploaded the original journal file (with nothing added) I was able to finally get things working. I was faced with having to add everything again, but someone in a FB group suggested that I just screen-cap my original pages, crop them, and paste them in to the new journal. Lifesaver!!! I did that this morning and it worked perfectly!
  2. For sure! Our 43rd anniversary is May 24th!
  3. I installed iFont which was free, not sure about AnyFont. I also installed PDF to Image (free!) which can turn your freebie sheets (lots of places out there) into a PNG. Magic eraser (set to about 10% sensitivity) will erase the backgrounds from that png so you can crop and insert. Look at me being all knowledgeable when this time yesterday I was tearing my hair out!
  4. Tearing my hair out with all new software. The Mac programs aren't working well at all. I have managed to import my journal into Keymote, but can't navigate with the tabs. I turned off the pencil up at the top of the screen, but still no go. I posted some questions in the FB groups, so hopefully I'll get some answers there.
  5. Umm ... 9.7" 32 Gb ...? Just says in the ad, "latest model". It's gold, and very fancy looking!
  6. As he told the sales person, it's better then a 4-figure piece of jewelry! I've always preferred hardware anyway.
  7. Guess whose hubby just bought her an iPad and Apple Pencil for their anniversary?!?!? I've spent all week learning to do this is Android, now I get to start all over. LOL #notreallycomplaining
  8. I'm having so much fun with this! Since we were nudged into retirement (aka weren't hired for the church music job) this has kept me busy all week. And it looks like maybe I'm getting an iPad? We'll see if hubby is still leaning that way tomorrow! I love the tutorials showing how the Apple Pencil can just select things, copy and paste them. I can't do that in the Android app, or the PC version I downloaded. Of course, now that I've learned the Android tricks I may have to start over with the Apple apps. LOL
  9. Digital Planners
    Has anyone tried these yet? There are several FB groups dedicated to different types and discussing software. I'm intrigued, but on the fence.

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    2. SodScrap


      I think we need to start a thread on this!  I would love to incorporate my scrapping supplies!  

    3. Becster


      1 hour ago, SodScrap said:

      I think we need to start a thread on this!  I would love to incorporate my scrapping supplies!  

      Yes!!!!  I spent all day on this yesterday and had such fun!!!

    4. Becster


      Not sure where to post it so I'll leave that up to you. :)


  10. Beautiful LO's, congratulations!
  11. Not quite off topic, but is there a blinkie for Project Life 2018?
  12. Try looking at Office Depot or Staples, too.
  13. Thank you! Great illustrations!
  14. Thank you! Great things to choose from!
  15. Week 19 Nothing is happening today or tomorrow that can beat the rest of this week, so I went ahead and did this page!