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  1. Crisp Cucumber Salsa
  2. cap_2020Jul_ephemera4, cap_2020Jul_heart4, cap_2020Jul_solid1, cap_2020Jul_solid7, cap_2020Jul_wasummer, JZI_LoveyDovey_EMB_Staples-2 (retired), Fonts: Happy Ending, My Own Topher, CVW_SupplyTracker
  3. journaling: During the Covid quarantine, local food trucks have been hiring out to neighborhoods. This week was wonderful! Uncle Bud’s Catfish was here and oh my goodness! It was amazing, and the biggest hush puppies I’ve ever seen! I hope they come back! I never tire of the sunsets that we see off our deck. Our Florida son, mister “I don’t want a dog!” now has a dog. LOL! That’s Hershey, sharing a popsicle with our youngest grandson. This week Sarah completely transformed the front of our house! She weeded out the front hedge area, and laid down all new mulch. Together we trimmed all of the shrubs. When she was finished doing that, we went shopping for border stones, soil, and flowers. She dug out all around our mailbox and arranged it all! She worked so hard, and I’m so pleased with it. We bought all perennials so everything should come back up next spring. We had one more food truck this week. Our neighbors, Dee and Daniel, own House of Eggrolls. Oh heavens, it was so very good! They have promised to do this again for the neighbors. supplies: cap_2020Apr_Aprchword, cap_2020Apr_flowerpot, cap_2020Apr_paper8, cap_2020Apr_solid3, cap_2020Apr_wadreaminspire, cap_2020Apr_waletyourcreativity, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, Fonts: Arial, Brittanic Bold, CVW_SupplyTracker
  4. Week 16, hoping to get closer to being current again. Hubby still in nursing home, it's just a crummy situation. I miss you all. Edited to add Week 17.
  5. journaling: Adjusting to having Dave home. It’s great to have him here, and he is more self-sufficient than before but we are still hyper vigilant. Sarah bought herself a bike and has been enjoying riding around the neighborhood when we can't take long walks like we were doing. Ivy thinks Sarah is the best thing ever, unless she wants to brush her - then she tries hiding under a chair. My Trekkie nacho chip - I wasn’t sure whether to eat it or put it up on eBay. (I ate it.) Sarah has really been in a green kinda mood lately! On Earth Day she planted flowers and has plans for a small garden out front by our mail box! Finally! After months of not getting his hair cut, and everything being on lockdown due to Covid-19, I got Dave outside on the deck and cut his hair! I think it turned out pretty good! On a day when he wanted an extra long nap, Sarah and I set off to walk the greenway by Stewart Creek. It’s so pretty, and I saw parts of it I’d never explored before. Dave’s physical therapist is coming to the house twice a week. He doesn’t like it, but he tolerates it and mostly cooperates. Next week she wants to take him outside to navigate the front walkway, supplies: cap_2020Apr_Aprchword, cap_2020Apr_flowerpot2, cap_2020Apr_heart, cap_2020Apr_paper8, cap_2020Apr_rr, cap_2020Apr_solid3 SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, Fonts: Arial, Britannic Bold, CVW_SupplyTracker
  6. Strawberry Corn Salsa Something a little different!
  7. Supplies: AFT_StrawbFields_Emb_Border1, AFT_StrawbFields_Emb_Ribbon2-b, AFT_StrawbFields_Paper_2, BMU_SSEMB_DLP_8, TYO_Glazed_Emb_TagSkinny, Fonts: Atial, My Own Topher, CVW_SupplyTracker
  8. Hoping to get a few more pages done and get caught up. Hubby has been back in the hospital and to the nursing home again, rather serious this time. I just haven't had any mojo for scrapping, but if I don't keep at it then it won't get done. Week 15
  9. I’m so enjoying having Sarah here! We’ve been taking long walks, and on Easter Sunday we colored Easter eggs. It’s been years since either of us did that! And she made us both mimosas for breakfast. The evenings have been very cool, so we have enjoyed making a fire on the deck. Ivy has been enjoying it too! Dave was finally cleared to come home and Ivy was just about more excited than any of us! We had to get him into the house before we could let her in to see him, she would have knocked him down. She loves her daddy! Sarah is staying on for a while to help out. We are both so grateful. ACU_HipHop_Wordart_Memories, cap_2020Apr_Aprchword, cap_2020Apr_paper8, cap_2020Apr_solid3, MPE_TakeA_Hike_WA_nature, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, STI_Eggciting_Embells_egg_green, Fonts: Arial, Britannic Bold, CVW_SupplyTracker
  10. journaling: What day is it? I have no clue. At all. Life goes on under quarantine, Hubby is still in rehab, which is a good place for him to be. He’s complaining, but I suppose that’s a good sign. At least he’s making the effort to succeed in physical therapy so he can come home. Ivy remains as cute as ever, our maple tree in the front yard is finally sprouting. A friend from church made masks, one for me and one for Dave for when he gets home. It’s so much better than the one I tried to make with a bandana. A neighbor was selling their patio umbrella so now it lives here! Our deck fces west and it is brutally hot in the summertime. Jeff and his dad delivered it and set it up. Sarah needed to escape Indiana for a while so I flew her down on Thursday. Ivy is so happy to have her here! Me too, I’ve really missed her. Our knockout roses are beginning to bloom. Publix now has their aisles marked as ‘one way’. On Friday Sarah and I drove an hour north so she could (carefully) pick up something from a friend. It was so nice to get out of the house for a few hours. Ivy turned 3 on Tuesday! Not much of a celebration, but then she is celebrated every day. supplies: cap_2020Apr_Aprchword, cap_2020Apr_paper8, cap_2020Apr_solid3, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, Fonts: Arial, Britannic Bold, CVW_SupplyTracker
  11. Just squeaking in under the wire! I'm not even sure what day it is any more. I know it doesn't look much like an omelet, but my non-stick pan has decided to no longer be a "non-stick"pan. Zero Point WW Omelet
  12. On the current Purple Plan, this is ZERO points! Just be sure to calculate for whichever plan you follow. Supplies: ABL_FarmersBounty_Paper_Orange, ABL_Henhouse_Freebie_Eggs, CED_GoingHome_Paper_Eggshell, CRO_FarmLiv_Chicken, CRO_FarmLiv_Pap7, Font: My Own Topher, CVW_SupplyTracker
  13. Here is Week 13. Almost caught up again. Our daughter is here since last Thursday to keep me company, and hubby is coming home this afternoon! It's been a long four weeks.
  14. journaling: The self-isolation continues. We’re all finding things to do to combat boredom, but fortunately I’m retired and pretty much a loner so it’s not affecting me as much as some. A friend shared a link on Google that allows you to take a photo with a wild animal in your house. That was fun for about 30 minutes! LOL. The kids are still decorating sidewalks, and it’s been in the upper 70’s this week. Ivy helped herself to my glass of ice water, and has been playing in her pool every day. Everything is blooming, and I’m sniffling all the time. We laugh that it sounds like we’re all infected, and I know it’s not funny but we have to have something to laugh at. Dave continues to make strides in his physical therapy sessions, not much else to report there. I suddenly remembered that Palm Sunday was coming up in a few days and we had ordered almost a hundred palm branches for the congregation. The original plan was to give everyone a branch for the services and then use them as filler for our Easter Flower Cross. We were going to invite people to come by at their leisure to add flowers, but on Friday the governor closed all non-essential businesses and told us all to stay home. I now have a bucket full of palm branches in the downstairs bathtub. Oh well. supplies: cap_2020Apr_Aprchword, cap_2020Apr_bird, cap_2020Apr_flowerpot3, cap_2020Apr_paper8, cap_2020Apr_solid3, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSSTYLES_ShadowMe6301-LaceWire, Fonts: Arial, Britannic Bold, CVW_SupplyTracker
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