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  1. Anniversary Sale - Does the discount apply to all items? I had a couple of older things bookmarked but the price is still the same.

    1. MariJ


      I'm not sure of this Becky, hopefully Angie will see it, I'll try to alert her.  A few times I've had this problem and emailed Angie and it was a mistake.   But, I'll let Angie know you are having problems with some items.

    2. MariJ


      Hi Becky, Angie said that if you let her know the products that aren't showing correctly she will look them up for you.   

  2. 14, 31, 75
  3. I joined August 6, 2010. I can't recall how I found SG, I think it was just a random search. I had seen an article on digital scrapping and I was intrigued! I had paper supplies all over the house and it was getting too expensive to keep up with. I loved that with digital scrapping I could re-use the supplies over and over again! I've learned so much since joining Scrap Girls and it has helped in all other digital aspects of my life.
  4. Thank you! The other was a tribute to Tom Petty.
  5. journaling: Mom’s surgery went very well. There were no complications and once we were able to see her we went back to the hotel and crashed for a while. Dave’s sister and her daughter had flown up and we got rooms in Nashville for two nights so that we could be closer. This hospital is 45 minutes from home. Another lady from church, Sandra Boaz, is in the ICU room next to mom. She fell a week ago and has had the same surgery. What are the odds?! Flowers are from the head nurse and our next door neighbors, Ray and Derry. We had a lovely dinner out and then slept hard. The next day we didn’t want to wear her out, so we took turns visiting. Right across from the hotel was the War Memorial Plaza and museum. It was really nice to get outdoors for a bit and play tourist. At left is the Viet Nam Memorial. In the midst of all this we lost another Rock and Roll legend - Tom Petty. It was such a shock to everyone. Also, the flags are flying at half-mast for the victims of the horrendous mass shooting in Las Vegas. It’s just beyond me how someone could do something like this. There are so many stories of bravery that are being told, and it warms my heart. Our niece Jessica flew home Monday afternoon, but Dave, Sharon and I went to dinner that night at Fleet Street Pub in downtown Nashville. The food was great, and I joked that I had a “mini Groot” on my shepherd’s pie. Only my friends who have seen “Guardians of the Galaxy” get it. As if we weren’t worn out enough, Dave and I ended up getting sick. It started on Wednesday night (we had to skip choir) and by Friday we were at the doctor’s office. We have matching masks for when we visit mom. They moved her to a rehab center on Thursday, it’s very close to home. supplies: AFT_BS_Cal2016, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_DateMarkers_Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_EverydayStories_PB-Cream, SNU_EverydayStories_PB-Yllw2, SNU_EverydayStories_PM2-Teal, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, Font: Arial, CVW_SupplyTracker
  6. Week 39! One more week and I will be all caught up! Edit: I'm caught up! Here is Week 40!
  7. journaling: Sunday night we held our first “Barn Again” since the barn was torn down last winter. We had fun, but it just wasn’t the same. Mom went with us and had a really good time! She participated in the hymn sing and said her burger was fantastic. Up top is some of our choir members singing “Turn Your Radio On”. To the left is Dick Phillips, his wife, Geanie, and Billy Knight. Dick and Geanie performed professionally many years ago. I love to listen to them! Sunday morning Sandy brought us all our pottery pieces that we had painted last weekend. I was very happy how mine turned out! I have it right here on my desk! Wednesday evening at choir we posed for a new photo for the web site and our new church directory. This isn’t the one we will use, but it was fun! We have two new members there in the front row: Ashlyn is the granddaughter of one of our basses, Domenick, and Izzy (Isabella) is our pastor’s granddaughter! They’re doing a great job. Anything from Thursday onward is a blur. Mom fell in her bathroom (I found her around 9am) and we had to call for help. The original X-rays said three broken ribs, but after they transported her to a trauma unit north of Nashville, the 3-D X-rays showed seven broken ribs; five of them in two places. They are going to do surgery Sunday morning to “plate” some of them so that she won’t puncture a lung when she breathes. I know she’s in a lot of pain. supplies: AFT_BS_Cal2016, CRO_FarmLiv_Barn, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP12, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP7, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-SP2, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_DateMarkers_Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, silly-cartoon-face-hi clip art (internet), Font: Arial, Crazy Girls Blond BTN, CVW_SupplyTracker
  8. Almost caught up! Week 37 and Week 38
  9. journaling: Compared to the past few weeks, this week was downright boring! Our food drive at church brought in 2,000 pounds of food (and monetary donations) to support our weekend backpack program for kids in the community! One dollar donated = one pound of food. My friend Page Durham is the director of our Community Food Pantry. She came to the women’s meeting Tuesday night to discuss more in detail of how the pantry works and to thank us for sponsoring the Food Drive. On Thursday, Dave and I went up to The Hearth and Grill Shop. Our gas fireplace has never worked well, and is a pain to light. It borders on being dangerous. We did some comparison shopping and have ordered a completely new, remote controlled system! They will remove the old setup and cart it away, and install our new system. I loved the sign they had on display! Speaking of puppies, Dave and I went to a local craft fair on Saturday and this happy guy was in the car in front of us! supplies: AFT_BS_Cal2016, AFT_SSStyles_MetalEdgePlastic_NoEdge_Green1, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP12, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP7, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-SP2, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_DateMarkers_Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, Font: Arial, Chunk Five, CVW_SupplyTracker
  10. journaling: I finally found some fall flowers for the planter on our front porch. I’m hoping to fill in the bottom spaces soon. On Thurday we had lunch with a dear friend of Dave’s from high school. Diane Maier was in town and she found us a real Jewish deli! Now we know just where to go for good matzoh ball soup! The weekend of the 10th Florida braced for the arrival of Irma. Our son and his family drove across to Naples, and of course the kids thought it was a great adventure. Then Irma changed course and aimed straight for where they were staying. They quickly changed their minds and drove back to Miami. It turned out to be a good decision - they never lost power. The Florida Keys and Key West were battered. Our old fishing place flooded and was featured on the cover of the New York Post. Dave’s aunt and uncle drove up here from Florida and didn’t return home until they were assured there was no damage to their place in Hobe Sound. We were predicted to get a lot of bad wind and rain here, but it never materialized. On Saturday our ladies group from church took a group of girls from the youth to paint pottery! We went to The Pottery Place in Murfreesboro and had a super time! After painting we all went to Chili’s for lunch. I painted a sunflower dish, and we will get the fired pieces back next Sunday at church. supplies: AFT_BS_Cal2016, GWH_MomsDay_Emb_PaintSplatter, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP12, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP7, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-SP2, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-wordybit3, JZI_Sunflower_EMB_Sunflower-2, JZI_Sunflower_WA_Flower-1, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_DateMarkers_Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SG_RustReflec_Emb_ABR_PaintBrush, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, SRO_SchoolIsIn_PaintBrush, Font: Arial, Chunk Five, CVW_SupplyTracker
  11. supplies: ASO_SSDLO_Cal_PerpetMini, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP10, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP4, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP7, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-flower1, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-flower2, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-flower5, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-vinedoodle2, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, Font: Chunk Five, CVW_SupplyTracker
  12. journaling: Still reeling from the loss of Dusty Puppy we decided to go ahead with plans to attend a MTSU/Vanderbilt football game with a church group. As we hoped, it was a great distraction. Over on the left is Gnash, the mascot for the Nashville Predators hockey team. He cracks me up! In the middle is what’s left of our oldest son’s car. His wife Joelle was in an accident at 3 am on the first, and she and her friend walked away with cuts, bruises and a minor concussion. All six airbags deployed. God is good. Their youngest, Preston, just turned three! While we were in Chattanooga, we watched the news as Hurricane Harvey plowed through Texas and left major devastation. This week it’s Florida’s turn. This storm has the potential to be even more devastating than Andrew was back in 1992. We lived through that one and this one has us terrbily worried for our family and friends that still live there. We invited our son and his family to come stay with us in Tennessee, but he scoffed at us. We were being too dramatic. Uh huh. They’re planning to leave south Miami and go to his in-law’s over on the Gulf Coast, in Naples. We still think he’s crazy, but he’s an adult. The path shows that our entire family could be affected: Scott in Miami, Steven in Atlanta, and us here in Tennessee. Yuck! We cried and then we had to laugh when the vet called to say that Dusty’s remains were ready to be picked up. They were so sweet, and I didn’t look at the box until I got home. Really? “Dusty Poppy?!” They’re replacing it at no charge and were very embarassed. Saturday was annual Old Timers’ Day in La Vergne. We helped out at the church booth for a bit and then took a ride on the ferris wheel. supplies: AFT_BS_Cal2016, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP12, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-PP7, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-SP2, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-heart1, JLA-lifecapturedseptember-heart2, MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_DateMarkers_Brushes, SBA_SSStyles_PhotoBorders_6501_WhiteSm, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301_Lace-Wire, Font: Arial, CVW_SupplyTracker
  13. Cheesy Curly Noodles
  14. This has been a family favorite for years! I think my mom got this recipe from the back of a can, or maybe from a magazine. supplies: ASO_SSTools_VintTapestries_6401_Plain_4, CKI_MMP_capsicum-glossy, CKI_MMP_cheese, CKI_MMP_garlic-glossy, CKI_MMP_onion2-glossy, CKI_MMP_parsley, CKI_MMP_tomato-sliced-glossy, JRA_VintagePageBuilders_BasePapers_1, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe_6301-LaceWire, Fonts: Chunk Five, Life's A Beach, CVW_SupplyTracker