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  1. This is magical! I love the template frame used to highlight your photo.
  2. This is a page of my two granddaughters, Millie and Ella, in the production of Alice In Wonderland. ITEMS USED: AFT_Blushed_CollMini
  3. What a great memory page! I like the photos shaped in a circle. Clever! The journaling is exceptional. What a wonderful page and memory to last a lifetime!
  4. This is a page from the scrapbook I surprised my friend, Gloria, with last month. I did a scrapbook of her daughter's first child. This page is her grandson's aunt meeting her nephew. ITEMS USED: CRO_RosehillCottage
  5. This is another page on my newest little angel, Evie Rose. I am just now getting around to scrapping pages of her. ITEMS USED: CRO_Cot_PM_Paper_Stucco Damask and Damask_Paper_3; Emb_Bird5, Ribbon_3 and 4 CRO_SpringFling-Emb_Berries; Sign; Ribbon_2 SDE_ThinkSpring_Scribble2
  6. I am still confused as to how to thank everyone for viewing my page. So when you don't hear from me just know I appreciate your comments.
  7. This is my last grandchild, Evie Rose. She is now one year of age. ITEMS USED: SDE_ThinkSpring
  8. This is a page on my granddaughter, Millie, and her Aunt Chelsea putting together a wildflower arrangement. I used just one kit for this layout. It may be a little over the top as I tried to get everything in. I changed the color of the background paper to fit the challenge. ITEMS USED: DDS_LightWhisper
  9. Millie and Ella spent a couple of weeks at their grandparents home in Washington State this summer. Their Aunt Chelsea traveled from Chile to spend time with her family and the girls. She taught them how to arrange flowers, and assisted them with a wedding for two of the farm animals. LOL Items used: AFT_SSClub_SwapMeet AFT_SSemb_SparkleFrame_3-1 and 3-2 SDE_ThinkSpring_Emb-Bells2
  10. This is a photo of my granddaughter, Maggie Jane. She had just finished high school when this photo was taken. I wanted to capture her energy. I have owned the kit, "Visionary," for quite some time. When I saw this photo, I knew this was the perfect kit to use. The word art is from my stash. ITEMS USED: AFT_Visionary_Paper_2 and Paper 8 Visionary_Emb_Border uster AFFT_SSEmb_ivelyFrames_4_1 and 4_2
  11. How fortunate you have this special photo of you and your dad. Love the frame and butterfly embellishments. In Japan, butterflies are seen as the personification of a person's soul; whether they be living, dying, or already passed. Lovely page.
  12. I have not been on the Scrap Girl forum for some time now and do not know to thank those who view my page and leave love.   I am assuming this is your page Florida Granny.  Thank you for your viewing my page and you comment.


    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      You've written this in the forum, but seeing my name caught my eye. You are more than welcome, Betsy! It's so good to see you here and I always enjoy seeing your awesome work.

    2. alsoarty


      Yeah I tried to send you a message - glad you're back!

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      I think when you comment on someone's status is shows on the front page. It didn't used to. Now, a PM is probably the best way to let someone know you appreciate them. :)

  13. Angie is the greatest when it comes to paper. Love her papers! And, now that I have learned to use templates, I am always on the lookout for amazing templates!
  14. I just noticed these page templates for missionaries! My son served a mission in Italy and I have never scrapped this wonderful period of his life.
  15. I had a very hard time choosing! However, I have a granddaughter going off to college this fall and she is full of life. This kit reminds me of her!