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  1. Welcome to Scrap Girls! I am rarely on the site, but plan on changing that status! You are going to love being a part of Scrap Girls!
  2. Great page, Jeff! Love the color choices and composition! You are going to give us all a run for our money.
  3. My son and his wife and five children spent Christmas in London and Paris this year. This is a photo of my granddaughter, Maggie Jane, sightseeing in London. For the background, I used a photo from Google Images and used effects to turn it into an oil painting. ITEMS USED: EMA_Amalgamation_BrushSet1_Brush4
  4. I have not been on the Scrapgirl site for quite some time. Leaved from a post by Andrea that Jody has lost her battle with cancer. I am beyond sad to hear this news. She was such a strength to me during my own battle with cancer. This news breaks my heart.

    1. alsoarty


      Thanks Betsy - it is in deed sad. Cancer is a horrible disease.


    2. GinnyW


      This is so sad. Jody was a very special lady. I will truly miss her

  5. Love this Andrea! Which frames did you use? They really set off your photos beautifully!
  6. Having trouble ordering and have not been able to use Sydnee's code to purchase products. I see Sara is also having problems. Anyone else?

    1. lorac


      I had trouble with Syndee's code yesterday. Sent a message to Angie and she notified Syndee and it was fixed. Try contacting Syndee and let her know what is happening.

    2. AnnBK


      Doesn't work for me, either. Frustrating, I likely will miss the deadline.

  7. Just found this exceptional page! This is stunning.
  8. I just ran across this layout while searching for inspiration for a page. This is truly stunning. Such a wonderful "man" page. I am going to save it as an "inspiration" page but know I will never be able to accomplish what you have done on this layout.
  9. This is such a beautiful page. Matty is so adorable! I like the papers you used for this layout. Perfect for a "guys" page.
  10. Stunning! Love the way you used the multiple frame. Very artistic and the blending is wonderful! 1\
  11. Bella on her first birthday. She has yogurt on her mouth. Her mom has started her off right! ITEMS USED: ​Brandy Murry's Photo Edges
  12. This is a photo of my son, DANNY. I have always loved his eyes and wanted to do a memory page. ITEMS USED: BMU_TornPhotoClusters
  13. Beautiful card. Love the colors and design!
  14. This is a page on Maggie Jane, my sweet granddaughter. I am not sure I used the masked frames correctly. But I gave it a try! ITEMS USED: SNU_SSEmb_FramedMask2-4_a_Mask SNU_SSPaper_ArtMixBorders_Stitched-Paint SNU_SSPaper_ArtMixBorders_Stitched-Paint-4 SDE_FlowersBloom_Paper-Pink
  15. Millie had two roles in the production of The Steadfast Tin Soldier. She was a clown and a mermaid. ITEMS USED: ​BMU_Zoomba Collection