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  1. We gathered at my son's house for Christmas Eve to exchange gifts. This is my son, David's family except for Ben and Abby. I am not in the photo's because I was taking the photos! ITEMS USED: BMU_ChristmasChronicles_Paper_Music SNU_SSEmb_ArtMix_Blend-MagicalFrame3 ABR_CaptXmas_Paper_DamaskRed http://5a63d8b791f9c_GIFTEXCHANGE.jpg
  2. I have done one. I am waiting for the weekend challenge.
  3. Love the expression of your granddaughter's face! The word art says it all! Love the Beatles!
  4. Is it too late to sign up for this challenge?
  5. Maggie played the lead role in Xanadu a few years back. I have always wanted to scrap this experience, and this is challenge gave me the motivation to do so. ITEMS USED: BMU_Zoomba_Paper-Blace AFT_Lively_Paper-6; AFT_SSEmb_LivelyFrames-3-1; AFT_Lively_Paint-Emb.4
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    Thank you, Andrea! I think so. And, he has a great sense of humor!
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