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  1. So I gather I posted correctly?
  2. This is my grandson, Joshua. He is a senior this year! I like this photo, because he is relaxed and chilling out after a day of school and working a part-time job. ITEMS USED: BMU_Zoomba_Paper-White; BMU_BrushSet_ArtRem-Circles SNU_FleaMark-ArtMini_This Moment AFT_Lively_Paint_Emb-7 and Emb-8 5a5d38e048a93_JOSHUA2018.jpg
  3. They are current photos. I thought this page did not meet the requirements? Also, I think the reason you were unable to send me a message is because my mailbox was full. I have since deleted the old messages. It should work now.
  4. I figured out where the delete button was located. I was searching at the top of the page instead of the bottom. Thanks for all your help!
  5. Maggie was having a good week. She met up with friends at the Garden District Coffee Shop. She just learned she received a full scholarship to college. We are so proud of Maggie for all her accomplishments. ITEMS USED: BMU_Petals-Floral; BMU_BrushSet-AtRemWC ABR-Brush_CaptLife-Taught SNU_BS_AJ_Messy-Corner;SNU_BS_AT_Messy-Inky
  6. Bella and Evie are my youngest grandchildren. They are very active and keep me on my toes. ITEMS USED: BMU_BSweet_Paper-Gradient; Mixed and Embossed SNU_ArtJournel-Nano_Heart GWH_SSDLOT_JustBlendit 1-2 WordArt from my stash
  7. Thank you. I thought I had figured it out! Did I do wrong? Sorry. Just have a hard time posting since the blog was redesigned.
  8. Thank you. I still don't know if I am posting this correcting in relation to the link. Also, I failed to list the items I used, but do not see how to edit the page. Sorry! I have not posted in a while and the blog has changed since I last used it.
  9. I would like to sign up for Project Life 2018. Is it too late? I posted two pages under this challenge. Please let me know if I should remove them.
  10. This is a great "man" page! The red poppies really set off the photo of grandpa and Bodie.
  11. This is adorable! I love the composition of this page. A sweet and beautiful tribute to your little dog.
  12. Mom

    This is a lovely page. I love the soft colors and the way you framed you mom. This is a beautiful tribute to your mom.
  13. This is stunning! I love the way the red rose frames the larger black and white rose.
  14. I always enjoy your nature pages. This page is so peaceful. I love the way you used the frames. Stunning.
  15. I just posted a page in the Project 2018 gallery.  I am unsure if I followed the instructions correctly re: the link.  Hopefully, I did it correctly.  If not, please let me know.  I have decided if I don't joint a challenge group, I will never scrap again.  Challenges are great motivators.

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    2. Mikelle


      I love your layout!  Looks like you posted the link below the actual layout, though - and rather than a link, it's showing up as the layout itself.  When you're in the Project Life 2018 thread, click on the little double chain link in the icon bar above the comment area.  A box will come up, and you can paste the address to your layout there, and link it to whatever text you'd like.  Hard to explain, but once you figure it out it will be easy1

    3. CRS


      Mikelle explained it well, but if you are still having trouble, check out this tutorial with screen shots.


    4. A-M


      As the host for the Project Life challenge I tried to send you a Private Message but I was unable to. Maybe you have your account set to not receive these. But I have included some information in the comment I made about your layout in the gallery which I hope you will read. Just in case you do not see it HERE is the link to the thread in the forum where you can read information about the challenge and sign up if you want to take part.