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  1. Barb Eugene


    I've used Blurb for printing my photobooks for over 7 years now. The products are very nice and the customer service is amazing. The primary reason I changed from Shutterfly to Blurb way back then was because Shutterfly limited the photobook size to 100 pages where a Blurb book can have over 400 pages. I need the extra pages for my annual family photobook. Plus, Blurb has really good sales, too!
  2. Barb Eugene


    I have used Blurb since 2011 for my annual photobook and for other printed book projects. One of the reasons I was first interested in using Blurb was because the limit on the number of pages in the books was over 400. My annual photobooks are between 200 and 300 pages long. Blurb also has fantastic customer service. I'm a loyal customer.
  3. Barb Eugene

    New Printer?

    You might want to check the price of ink before making your purchase. The replacement ink for one of my work printers cost more than the actual printer.
  4. Barb Eugene

    Color Variations In Pse12?

    The short videos that come with this training and action set are really good. I learned things about using Elements that I hadn't known before. These actions are not intimidating at all! Why not watch a few videos and try the actions out?
  5. Barb Eugene

    Color Variations In Pse12?

    A while ago I purchased the Fix Photos Fast with Actions videos that Scrap Girls promoted. The actions in that set work significantly better than the Color Variations in earlier versions of Elements.