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  1. The short videos that come with this training and action set are really good. I learned things about using Elements that I hadn't known before. These actions are not intimidating at all! Why not watch a few videos and try the actions out?
  2. A while ago I purchased the Fix Photos Fast with Actions videos that Scrap Girls promoted. The actions in that set work significantly better than the Color Variations in earlier versions of Elements.
  3. I have that set of actions and am using PSE 14. It works perfectly for me. Just make sure the photo you are running the action on is simplified. All the styles and actions I had purchased before when I had PSE 11 work for me in PSE 14.
  4. I, too, had thousands of photos that I wanted to digitize. I first organized the photos, then set up my laptop and scanner in the living room during football season and scanned away. It surprised me how many photos I could scan during one game! By doing the project myself, I was able to dust off the prints that were dusty and was able to scan the photos to folders that were organized in a way that made the most sense to me.
  5. Thank you! I searched for a while on google and learned about how to unencrypt the files like you said, Leslie Ann. Again, thanks!
  6. Someone figured this out in a posting and explained how to fix the issue. I can't find the thread and was hoping someone might be able to direct me to it. When I transferred files to a new computer, I was not able to open a lot of files that were created on a Mac. The title of the files appeared in green, not in black, like the other file names. I recall the issue could be resolved by changing something in the properties of the files. I just purchased some files by EMA and LLO. The titles are in green. I would like to be able to save them and actually be able to retrieve them later on.
  7. That worked! Thank you!
  8. I don't see either of those options in Elements 14 under Preferences.
  9. I'm using Elements 14. When I work on a layout that is smaller than SG papers and drag a paper into the layout, the paper is resized to fit the layout size. Does anyone know if it's possible for the program to stop the auto resizing? Is there a setting I don't know about? Thanks!
  10. I have a ShootSac. It has a separate compartment for a big DSLR camera with plenty of room for personal items.
  11. Thank you so much for the information!
  12. Good afternoon: I hope someone has an answer for me as to why I'm having a problem using embellishments in Elements 13. This issue doesn't always arise but has several times for me today. While working on a layout, I will add an embellishment. After I resize it using the move tool, the transparent area around the embellishment turns white, so that the embellishment is within a white rectangle. After much head scratching, I have been able to work around that by deleting the embellishment from the layout and photo bin and then opening it up again in Elements. This is rather frustrating as the white area doesn't appear on all embellishments I use. Is there a setting I may have changed to cause this? Barbara
  13. Thanks! I had to add an additional step. After contracting the selection, I added the selection to its own layer. Otherwise I could not apply the stroke.
  14. I really liked how April treated the title for her Canada trip, an example in the newsletter. How is that accomplished in Elements?
  15. I encountered the same problem as LisaLynn did when I upgraded to a new computer and copied files from Carbonite to the new computer. Fortunately, Angie sent me links to the files I couldn't use. I just went through all my ScrapGirls files and "unencrypted" the ones with green titles. I'll try from now on.