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  1. The Winner of the Wish List game is posted HERE!

  2. I'll hopefully be there - the only chat I could make today! I always need practice working with templates.
  3. AFT Beautiful Mess collection; EBA Paper Pusher collection; GWH_MyBestFriend Pencil shavings; AMD_FruitSmoothie_Emb_Paint_Pink; AFT_BreakFree_Emb_PaintTube-3, Paint-4; ASO_WCW_Emb_Paint1; SNU_SSTools_Styles_CrackleTexture6301-7; MRE_Chalkboard_Black
  4. I laughed at several of these posts! Great to read about everyone. What random things should I share? Hmmmm. 1. I love cool/cold, crisp weather, as well as rainy cool days. I really dislike hot weather and bright sun, and I'm not sure why. 2. I recently retired from the U.S. Air Force after 20 years (and two months, but who's counting), and I'm now working in a part-time job that I enjoy - but it's not as part-time as I thought it would be! 3. I am a dentist, and I specialized in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology - so that's what I do, look through a microscope and diagnose biopsies and resections from the oral cavity, salivary glands, sinonasal area, etc. I really enjoy my job! 4. I have an incredibly strong sense of integrity and fairness. To the point that I can't be around dishonest or insincere people - and I can pick up on manipulation very quickly. I refuse to tolerate it. I just walk away. 5. I was a music major in college (along with biology); I have a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance. I used to play drum set, 4-mallet marimba, timpani... I don't really play percussion anymore, but I do still play piano occasionally. This was one thing I wanted to do once I had more time in my part-time job - practice music everyday - but it hasn't happened yet! 6. I have officially run 3 full marathons (26.2 miles), and several more half marathons. At the same time, I've never considered myself a "real" runner. The Air Force forced me to stay in decent shape, but now I need to get with it and start exercising again. I'd like to start running again, and exercising almost everyday. It's SO HARD to start, though! 7. I lived in northern Japan for 3 years while in the Air Force. I can't even express what an incredible experience that was for me! 8. I usually don't wear any makeup, and I wear very little jewelry; a lot of days I forget to even put my earrings in, although I like wearing them. I just don't have the patience for makeup, it takes too much time to apply! 9. I have a benign essential tremor, or familial tremor, that I've dealt with since I was about 11. And yes, I was a general dentist for 4 years before I became a pathologist! It really didn't affect my dentistry, but I took a beta blocker everyday so that my patients wouldn't notice my tremor. It's a "fine" tremor, an intention tremor. I used to get really annoyed by people asking "Are you OK? You're shaking! Are you nervous?" I'm OK with it now that I'm older, it doesn't bother me. 10. I'm primarily a cat person, but I love animals/pets in general. I have two daughters, they are 10 and 12; one wanted a puppy, one wanted a kitten, so when we moved 4 months ago we got pets for the first time in my kids' lives (DH isn't much of a pet person). Of course I love the kitty, but I've been surprised at how much I enjoy our new puppy, too! Although the potty training, oy. As for DH... he also seems to be enjoying the animals. Surprise, surprise! 😍
  5. Mikelle

    newsletter challenge

    Such a cute puppy! He's a great focus for your summer, even with the challenges. I hope David is feeling OK. Love the puppy stickers!
  6. Keep them coming, everyone! Remember, you have until midnight ET tonight (Friday) to add wish list comments! I'll post the winner sometime tomorrow (Saturday).
  7. Make sure to comment in the Wish List Game thread!  The more collections you post, the greater your chance of being the winner!

  8. Reading everyone's posts is a great way to see kits I missed! I'll have to check out the Cat's Meow collection, since we now have a kitty!
  9. I have several of the early kits you all have mentioned. I still use them! Here's Scenic Route, from Angie; it was the November 2007 SG Club collection. By then, I had convinced DH to let me sign up for the clubs, and I've gotten them ever since!
  10. LOL, Bea! You're pages are beautiful!
  11. Wow, this is a really good LO - doesn't look like a first time LO! Were you a paper scrapper before digital?
  12. I am style junkie, too! I found a few that I bought in 2007. Doesn't seem like I've had them that long!
  13. Congrats, Jane (in N.Z.)! You've won one of your Wish List choices: In the Moment Collection by Carol W. Designs! Welcome to the Wish List Game! This is an easy and fun one – simply browse through the SG Shop and pick out items you wish were part of your stash. In this thread, post the marketing graphic (thumbnail) and name of a collection, paper set, or other product that you want, along with the reason you want it, or what you plan to create with it. You just might get what you’re asking for! You may post as many times and as many items as you wish, BUT after you post you must wait until at least one other member posts before you post again. You have until Friday night October 18th, at midnight, to post as many times as you’d like. After Friday night, one lucky person will win one of the items posted, by random draw. Here is an example post: I sure wish I could have Aimee Harrison’s Cozy Comfort Collection! Since this is my family’s first autumn in 7 years, I would use this kit to scrap layouts of our first real fall in our new home!
  14. Well, I'll be the first to go, since I'm already here! This is the first layout I EVER created, and I think it was with the free kit SG offered at the time to get you hooked on digital scrapping. (Their plan worked quite well on me, needless to say!) The kit was Syndee's Summer Girl Collection... my computer says that I acquired the kit on July 9th, 2007. Wow! Before I created this layout, I had gone through the first several lessons in the free how-to handbook SG offered (offers?) Or maybe it was Ro's Photoshop lessons, I don't remember. I do remember being very proud of myself with this layout, that I figured out how to make the fish different sizes and tilt them!
  15. It’s time for a Flashback! 15 years is a LONG time, and the scrapping world has changed a lot – I can’t believe that much time has passed since Scrap Girls began, but I’m so grateful SG has stuck around. I can’t imagine scrapping without the inspiration I get from the challenges and awesome scrappers here at SG! I myself first checked out SG in 2007 when my older daughter was only 6 months old (she’s 12 now), and I officially joined SG in 2008 (I know, my profile says 2010, I had a different sign-on at first). Today, let’s flash back to your “early years” with Scrap Girls. Tell us – or better yet, SHOW us – the first kit or two that you bought here at Scrap Girls. How about the first layout you ever created and/or posted here at SG? Show us! If you no longer have your “firsts”, post the oldest that you do still have. Or, post a link to your first SG layout. Any posts in this thread containing one of your earlier kits and/or layouts will be entered into a random drawing for a $3 SG Gift Certificate to the SG Store! Post your kits/layouts here in this thread by Saturday night, October 19th 2019, midnight ET to be eligible. And… GO!