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  1. Mikelle


    Hi Laura! Yes, get back into scrapping! My DH also makes sure I have everything I need to scrap, it's very nice.
  2. Mikelle

    June Project Life 1.jpg

    I like the lined texture of the paper, and the stamped palm tree behind the photo, along with the squiggle line embellishment.
  3. Mikelle

    Be Happy

    Beautiful, I love this! Love that photo, too!
  4. Mikelle

    Project Life 2018 May 2

    OOOHHH, Graeters ice cream, how I’ve missed you! I like your blended photo in the background, it looks antiqued, and then the different types of photos, scalloped edges and straight, and lifted. Pretty paper, too!
  5. Mikelle

    Project Life, Week 22, 2018

    Great journaling, and I love the bright red pop of the cardinal and poppies.
  6. Mikelle

    Bodie and Bet

    Sweetest photo ever! Love the photo mask on the gray canvas, and the stacked papers beneath.
  7. Mikelle

    Project Life 2018

    Here is Week 20
  8. Mikelle

    PL 2018 Week 20

    CTH_SSAlbum_MSPL5_6; COL Inspiring Collection; KSC_VintageNursery_DigiEmb2_Ribbon-Green; ABR_2016Every_Flower8b; ABR_Dec25_Emb_Flower-Green; BMU_Menagerie_LeatherStrip; STI_SSTools_Styles_Rust_4902-2; Pea Alicia and LD Cursive Flourish fonts
  9. Mikelle

    Save The Date June 26-30

    I'll be at a work conference for most of it, which is good... I'll actually have more time to scrap, especially in the evenings.
  10. Mikelle

    Weekend Wildcard 6/9/18

    Here's mine: A Quiet Sunny Place
  11. Mikelle

    A Quiet Sunny Place

    BMU Grace Collection; SRO_SS_Emb_TearAwayEdges; GGD_MineralSprings_Paper_16, 7; COL_SSEmb_NaturallyHandmadePieces_Strip1,2; JZI_Risshuu_wA_Quiet; CRO_sSStyles_HappyCamper; AFT_LayerStyles_PoiseGlass_5; Pea Mee-Mee and Pea Memorable fonts; SNU_SSStyles_SoftColor
  12. Mikelle


    Ooooo, plus OOB! Great page and layers, I love the 3-D look!
  13. Mikelle

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 6/5/2018

    I'm with Beatrice - white space is not my style! But I don't usually scrap from just one collection either, so here's layout with white space and one collection: Fly Fishing
  14. Mikelle

    Fly Fishing

    White space... not my deal! JZI Angler Collection; Pea Loftsgard font; vjs-photofilters-cool-and-warm
  15. Mikelle

    Book Your Ticket

    Maybe Japan? I have photos from Japan!