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  1. I'm back, we made it to our new location!  We'll move into our "new" house next week sometime.  

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    2. Boatlady


      Phew...I bet that is exciting and hope the rest of the move is good.

    3. Marie-Christine


      Congratulations with completing the final leg of this journey, just need to move in now and settle, glad to see you back!

    4. DixieLee


      I hope everything falls into place for you, including weather. It ought to be beautiful this time of year- many blessings on you!!


  2. Mikelle

    Amber & Gemma by the sea

    Cute cute photo! I love the grunge look, and the mermaid cluster, but especially how you incorporated the actual color palette into the layout!
  3. Mikelle

    WWC-6-1-color palette

    Gorgeous photo and flower! The challenge didn't have to use the color palette, you could also just use the photo as inspiration, which is exactly what you did - beautiful! I love the dragonfly, too.
  4. Mikelle


    I think you did a fabulous job, and I'm trying to figure out how you got the flower to jump off the page like that. I love all the grunge in the background, and the text bits. I'm curious, too, what your other two layouts were!
  5. Mikelle

    June 1 WW Challenge - colors

    Pretty photo, and I agree, the watercolor on the portion of the photo in the background is great! Beautiful layout.
  6. Mikelle

    Weekend Challenge

    The grunge blocks are great here, and lead right into the circle photo. I love the bear!
  7. Mikelle

    Lavender Packets of Love

    This is a great idea! I love all your blending and painted elements. Perfect layout for the color palette!
  8. Mikelle

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 01

    Ooohhh, I love the little kitten, so cute! Beautiful photo, too, and the white space with the water stains is really nice. The whole layout makes me think cool and relaxed.
  9. Mikelle

    Weekend Wildcard June 1st 2019

    Here is my layout: Beautiful I used the same photo that I based the color palette on, but I played with the blending modes and landed on a combination of color burn and linear burn. Yes, we're in the midst of moving chaos, and thanks for all the well-wishes. DH tore his meniscus, too, so that isn't helping anything. Right now I've got the girls gathering all their stuff together that we don't want the packers to pack; the girls additionally have all sorts of things going on this weekend, like sleepovers, birthday parties, swim parties... in between everything else I'm trying to run them all around. But, it will all get done - the packers come on Monday for 3 days (we have so much stuff), and then the movers come on Thursday! 😁
  10. Mikelle

    WW June 1st Color Palette

    SDE Lavender Fields Collection Biggie BMU Botanical Collection Biggie SNU Wordsmith Collection Biggie ASO (AFT) ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Photo Masks Reawakening SNU ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Inky Page SNU ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Crackle Textures 6301 SNU ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: ShadowMe 6301 BMU ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Cut Out 8501 Retired: Ro_Styles_VelvetGlitter2201-Red2
  11. Mikelle


    Aaaahhhggg, what adorable photos!!! She's so cute, and I love the mama-baby photo! Perfect for the color palette, too. I like the grunge block newspaper tear in the background, with the painted butterfly overlaid. Thanks for doing the challenge!
  12. Weekend Wildcard for June 1st is posted HERE!

  13. SNU_SSActions_ColorSwatch6301
  14. Mikelle

    Weekend Wildcard June 1st 2019

    A couple of weeks ago, I was able to spend a few hours with my younger daughter at a kids’ activity camp on the Guadalupe River (in South Texas). While there I took this photo of a bee hovering near a flower. I love the colors in the photo, and so I decided to make a color palette based on the photo. Your challenge is to create a layout using the color palette generated from the photo, OR create a layout inspired in some way by the photo itself: think flowers, bees, insects, spring, hot weather, meadow… I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Post your layouts in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge gallery, and don’t forget to post a link to your layout in this thread so we can find it easily. Here is a link to the full size color palette, and below are links to several collections that would be perfect for this challenge. You are not required to use these collections, they are just suggestions - and there are many more in the shop! The Lavender Fields Collection Biggie (Butterfly Dsign) Lavender Fields Collection (ML Design) Lavender Fields Collection Biggie (Sekada Designs) Best Ever Collection Mini (DRB Designs) Wisteria Collection Mini (DRB Designs) Morning Heather Collection (Aimee Harrison) Amethyst Mist Collection Biggie (Laura Louie) Psyche & Cupid Collection Biggie (Designs By Helly) La Belle Vie Collection Mini (Amanda Fraijo-Tobin)
  15. 😂 Puppy dog birthday! Cute cute photos, and I love the paw prints along the sides. Lyla doesn't look all that excited to have that hat on! Funny!