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  1. Hi Esther, welcome to Scrap Girls! If you have any questions, ask away!
  2. Here is mine: Reno Trip, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, 1992
  3. AHA High Notes Collection; JSM Nip & Tuck arrows; DRB Simple Pleasures Triangles; BMU OYP Yellow Damask style; ASO/AFT Dreamy Canvas style
  4. Remember the days when we could easily meet together in a group? Dinner parties, family celebrations, girls' nights out - I know we miss those times. Your challenge this week is to scrap a layout using a group photo/photos. Once your layout is complete, upload it to the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout so that we can all admire it. If you're participating in January Challenge Chase, don't forget to post the link there, too!
  5. Mikelle

    PL 2021 Week 51

    MPE SS Layout Template Scrap It Monthly Two 14; ABR JIF CTW; JRA Jingle Bells Mini, Elf Esteem Mini, BMU Wesley's Christmas Poinsettia white, Noella Poinsettia gold; JRA Jingle Bells WA Paper Scraps Gifts; JRA Winter Roses snowflake brads; ASO Glitzy Christmas style; SPE This That style
  6. Hi Jennifer, welcome, glad you're here!
  7. Here's my first layout: Week 1 I like to do PL from Sunday through Saturday, so for week 1 I included the first 9 days - the layout looks a bit stuffed! I also brushed out any journaling I thought wasn't fit for public consumption (has to do with politics and me weeding out my Facebook list). I kind of wish I could stick with just one kit/look for my PL layouts, but I find myself getting too bored doing that. Every time I work on a PL layout, what keeps me motivated is wondering which collection I'll use once I have my photos laid out. I print my PL layouts and put each year in on
  8. Mikelle

    PL 2021 Week 1

    SRO Daily Life Template; DBH Finding Peace Mini Collection; ABR Captivating Moments Nano Flower2; ACA Story Life Alpha; LDE Becca font and LDE Cursive font; DEB SSClub Apr 11 Bonus Style; ASO Frippey style
  9. I love that bottom photo!!! Your layout looks so clean, I really like the photos against the white background.
  10. Love your photos - especially of Lucy hanging on her rocking horse, and of the girls on the little ski sled. And David, I'm so glad he's feeling a little better now.
  11. Mikelle

    2021 Week 1

    This is perfect! Great photos, and plenty of journaling. A PL page after my own heart!
  12. Mikelle

    PL 2020 Week 50

    EBA Sugar Plum Collection; SDE Hygge Solid Paper; LLO SS Layout Templates Mighty Mosaics; DEB Fall Splendor style
  13. Mikelle

    PL 2020 Week 49

    MPE SSDLAT SIM 4 Series 3; SRO Homespun Christmas Collection; SPE This That style;
  14. January 2nd task: My scrapping goals for this year include keeping up with Project Life layouts, not falling way behind like I have the past two years (still not done with 2019, but I'll keep going). I see a lot of people mentioned organizing scrapping supplies; I'm pretty happy with mine, although I do have to spend a few hours here and there putting new purchases in their categories. I'll also just continue to participate in challenges as time permits. @MariJ, I also have found it challenging that the newer SG designers/collection pieces aren't named according to what they are (red
  15. Mikelle

    PL 2020 Week 48

    LLO_SSDLT_InaMood1_Template 5 and 6; GWH Family Recipe Nano Collection; GWH Tis the Season Papers; SNU Little Red Bird style;
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