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  1. Mikelle

    Weekend Challenge April 4, 2020

    Here's mine: Grandma, Mom, and Me 1972
  2. Mikelle

    Grandma, Mom, Me 1972

  3. Mikelle

    Project Life 2020 Prompts

    I've been posting in the other thread, but I'm guessing both are being monitored for layouts. (?)
  4. Mikelle

    I'm Not coming down

    Our Chiweenie is perplexed, but loving all the attention!
  5. Mikelle

    Project Life 2020

    I've been working hard on my PL layouts, trying to get caught up. I'm putting them together like an assembly line - pick photos for all of the layouts, then lay them out, then do journaling, etc. I should be posting them all in the next few days, hopefully! Week 5
  6. Mikelle

    PL 2020 Week 5

    ABR_SSDLOT_Alb5 series; KSC_Jif6 Ever So Lovely; DCA_LoveSoSweet_LovelyPink paper
  7. Mikelle

    Blossom and Bloom

    So pretty! I love the raised paper cut flower.
  8. Mikelle

    PL 2020 Week 4

    LLO January Photo Frenzy Templates; Pea Kristy font; ABR_AYO-JustBPlay Zoom Page Kit;
  9. Mikelle

    Project Life 2020

    Here's week 3. With everything going on - we're living history right now - I really want to get caught up on PL! PL 2020 Week 3 And now week 4. I haven't kept up with the daily prompts the past two months, and with everything going on I'll have to adjust my PL layouts for a while. I'm trying to get back to the daily prompts, though, I really like those. PL 2020 Week 4
  10. Mikelle

    PL 2020 Week 3

    CTH_SSAlbum_MSPL5_2; AHA Snow Beautiful Mini collection;
  11. A sale in the SG Shop!  That's a good thing, as my shopping cart was overflowing from the last time I wandered through (just left the cart sitting in the middle of the aisle, how rude of me.)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DixieLee


      If I see a cart in the aisle it probably has one of my kids in it guarding any toilet paper! Does SG have TP??

    3. Mikelle


      1 hour ago, DixieLee said:

      If I see a cart in the aisle it probably has one of my kids in it guarding any toilet paper! Does SG have TP??


    4. angleigh


      12 hours ago, DixieLee said:

      If I see a cart in the aisle it probably has one of my kids in it guarding any toilet paper! Does SG have TP??

      Ha!  No TP....sorry!

  12. Mikelle

    Biggest Digi Scrapping Frustration

    I don't mind how my supplies are organized - I'd say 75% of what I have is from SG, and I have all that organized by designer, then type (papers, embellishments, etc). I think my biggest frustration now, and it's really just been in the last few years, is I have a hard time searching for what I want. I use the search function on my Mac a lot, but if the files aren't named according to what they are - like *paper_red, or *flower_blue_large - then I miss the collections that just come as numbered files. That happens more with other scrapping sites, in my experience, not as much with SG, but seems to be an issue with the newer collections/designers. Because of this, I've found myself from the beginning of a layout deciding I'm going to primarily use one particular collection, rather than the usual hodgepodge way I scrap.
  13. Come join us this week in the weekly chatting thread.  Give us an update on how you're doing!

  14. Mikelle

    Weekend Challenge March 21, 2020

    This was last weekend when we had a bit of a snow storm. The girls played out in the backyard, sledding while Pumpkin (our Chiweenie) chased them down the tiny hill. Winter Fun with Pumpkin
  15. Mikelle

    Winter Fun with Pumpkin

    Angelle Designs Winter Miracles Collection; JRA_SSPaper_Edgers_Midwinter_2; JZI_SSPaper_PhotoFinish-Blends-1; LLA_WCabin_WA_Winter; helly_old 2 style; SNU_sSStyles_LittleRedBird; Baby Boston font