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  1. I sent mine. I had problems with #8 too, but finally got it!
  2. Mikelle

    Wow...14 years

    I wandered around the site several times in 2007 when I first discovered digiscrapping was a thing, but didn't join the forum until 2008 - and that was under a different ID (DoodleSprite, I think). I was on and off for a while, trying to learn Photoshop. In 2010 I decided to make more of an effort to learn, but had forgotten my logon info, so I made this account (oops).
  3. Mikelle

    Journaling Challenge

    Here is mine: Laura's Birth Story I've been meaning to do this layout for a long time!
  4. ASO_Take Wing Collection; EHI_SSTools_Styles_BarelyThereInked5401-4; Pea Liz font
  5. Mikelle

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge for Oct 13

    Here's mine: Decorating Fun
  6. Mikelle

    Decorating Fun

    TYO_JunkLove_Paper_MuddyTeal; BMU_BlessedBe_Paper_Tapestry-Gold; TYO_JunkLove_EmbMini_FlowerTealCopper, VineLeafCurls, VineLeafy, GoldCurls; LLO_AutumnSym_Leaf_Copper; ABR_HisNHers_Emb_Flower-YellowMLT; BMU_AutumnJewel_Flower-JadeGlitter; BMU_BlessedBe_EMB_Paper-Flower-2; BMU_ChasingDragonflies_Flower-White; Pea Liz font; ASO_SS_Styles_Greyscale_6401_4_LG
  7. Mikelle

    Family Snapshot

    Pretty photo, so serene! I like the background gradient paper, with the leafy pattern.
  8. Mikelle

    Happy Birthday!!

    Yay, looking forward to this week!
  9. Mikelle

    Paint a Rock

    My step mother paints rocks, they’re beautiful! She plants them in random places for people to find. Pretty layout!
  10. Mikelle

    AFT Designs - October Challenge & Prize

    Here is the second LO. I suppose the colors could also go for spring, but this really was taken in October, the same day as my first layout! Little Things
  11. Mikelle


    Outside the box, but it worked! I like the filter appearance you got on the photo, and the blending. Gives a sense of high energy!
  12. Mikelle


    She’s beautiful! And I love the tiara. Really pretty page!
  13. Mikelle

    AFT October 2018 challenge (First LO)

    Thank you!
  14. Mikelle

    AFT October 2018 challenge (First LO)

    Wow, you commented quick! 😄 Thank you!