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  1. Week 13. I still called it March, though.
  2. MPE_SSDLAT_ScrapIt_Monthly_Three_03; PWR_BunnyBaskets Collection (retired); BMU_VintageEaster_EMB_PomPomBall-String, Lace-Bunny, Chick-1; Flower; SPE_SSStyles_ThisThat_green; ASO_SS_Tools_Swirled_6401_black; EHI_SSTools_Styles_BarelyThereInked5401-9
  3. I just sent mine, Ann! Let me know if you didn't receive them.
  4. And I’m in San Antonio, at least for another year. Welcome to Scrap Girls!
  5. Funny, I posted my layout and then realized I uploaded it right next to yours which also has "HERON" in large letters on it. Great minds! I love your journaling here. Poor heron... I hope he found some water to relax in!
  6. Good timing; I came across these photos yesterday while I was searching for some other photos I thought were missing. For this layout, I also used the painting (clone stamp tool) technique in today's blog (Anna Mansfield), to get my photo to fill up the entire mask. Great Blue Heron
  7. TYO_OutsidePlay_Paper_GreenWater (retired, color adjusted); SJOJ_SSEmb_PhotoMasks_Basics_Outdoors; Angie Briggs Wonderful You embellishments and Alpha3; AFT_SSStyles_MercuryGlass_6401_White; AFT_SSStyles_GlowStainGlass_6401-1; Pea Sandra Dee and Shelley Belley fonts
  8. I forgot to post my link here! San Antonio, TX
  9. Even so - close enough to see the towers burning, I can't even imagine. I think this is a great layout, with the journaling. We scrap so many happy memories in our layouts, but I've been tempted to try a layout depicting my negative feelings towards something, just to get it out. This event is a big part of our lives, one of those events where most people remember "where they were when...", and I think scrapping that is an important part of the story.
  10. "This is San Antonio, Texas in April of 2006. Bill and I didn't live there at the time, but I had to take the Fellowship exam at the AAOMP conference that year. We knew at some point we would likely be stationed in San Antonio, and sure enough, after 5 1/2 years in Dayton, Ohio, we PCS'd to San Antonio in June of 2012. These photos were taken at the River Walk downtown, where the conference was. It's a popular tourist location, and we don't go there very often now that we live here. By the way, in the photo below, I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Karlie. We were so excited!" SNU_AYO_ZmPg_Noteworthy; EHI_AYO-ZmPg_UpattheVilla_WordArt-Us; SNU_SSEmb_CurlTornEdges-5; SNU_SSStyles_CrumpledPaper6301-Brown; WHI_SSTools_Styles_BarelyThereInked5401-9; ASO_SS_WeatheredWood_6401_Brown; Pea Beth R font
  11. What an incredible layout and memory to scrap! Wonderful personal history in that bridge.
  12. Beautiful! I knew there were concerts there, I've got some live recordings at Red Rocks. We have an outdoor amphitheater in Washington, as well, a huge venue by the Columbia River, at the Gorge at George, WA (funny, huh?)
  13. Wow, incredible history to that island. I'd love to visit it sometime!
  14. You can walk there! That must be nice. Pretty layout!
  15. Oooo, I need to drive up there sometime and see this!