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  1. It took me a while, but I didn't struggle too much. Andrea, using premade clusters is a good idea. I didn't this time, but I actually need to do that more often. Here's mine: Summer Hike
  2. MPE Take A Hike Collection; BMU Outdoor Dad Collection; AFT Crisp Air Collection; Styles: SNU Painted Page, SNU Spooky Watercolor Pumpkin Punch, SNU Art Journal, Ro Velvet Glitter, DEB Glitter Rocks. Fonts: Tan Patty, Pea Tiffany. Brushes: MJO Swirls Flowers special EBA Spattery Leaves, VRA Letterpress
  3. I'm going to try - lots of embellishments are hard for me! I just get overwhelmed on where to put them all.
  4. You did great on this challenge! I'm going to have to try, too - I have a hard time adding a lot of embellishments, but I'm getting better.
  5. Hi Julie, welcome to Scrap Girls!
  6. Cute, cute photo and great OOB extraction! I love all of the motion and energy on the page, great word art, and I always love torn/rolled paper.
  7. Tami Miller Designs The High Road Collection and Collection Super Mini; STI Hearth Word Art Growth; AFT Designs Pleasure photo mask; Styles: Florju Fly Free Bubble, SNU Artful Life, and ASO/AFT Frippey; SDE Color Fields mask
  8. Hi KTB, the tutorial link that Anne-Marie posted above goes through the steps of how to put a link to your layout in this thread, but let me know if you have any questions. I looked in the Monthly Challenge Gallery for your layout(s) and I don't see one yet; I was going to post a link to it for you. Don't let this keep you from posting your layouts! I'll keep an eye out for your layouts in the gallery.
  9. Mikelle


    I absolutely love your journaling. Your layout is exactly what I envisioned with this particular challenge, nice job! Gorgeous flower and leaf clusters, and your background is beautiful too. I also love the sparkles and bubbles, and water stains. Just beautiful!
  10. Congratulations - 63 years! I'm sorry you guys didn't get to do everything you might have otherwise, but I'm glad you're staying safe. This dinner looks like it was pleasant - and yummy!
  11. Amazing photo! I love the seagulls lifted out of the photo, and the inked seagull behind, great idea. Great vintage appearance, with brushed paint.
  12. I bet he was so excited to actually go to school! Great photo - and the cat looks thrilled, lol. Love the handwriting paper in the background.
  13. Ha ha! This is exactly how I am with my popcorn, too, good for Lucy! My husband knows popcorn is one thing I'm not all that happy to share, and that he needs to get his own bucket. I love your layering, and how you framed the photo and then drew attention to Lucy.
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