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  1. Ha ha, a frozen treat is a good idea for this challenge, for those of you languishing in hot weather right now! I love the pretty, translucent but bright colors, and the blending of your background.
  2. Great photo to begin with, with all the deer clustered together and looking the same direction (about to flee, no doubt!) Pretty photo treatment, too. I love the deep blue and green of your background.
  3. Beautiful frost patterns, and you managed to get really good photos of them. I tried once to get pics of the frost through my car window - they didn't turn out very well. Love your frosty background!
  4. Mikelle

    Ice Spectacle

    I didn't even realize they had a Senior category/event. Cool to hear some of those names again! Beautiful blending of the photo into the background, and love your text paths.
  5. I love the mask you used for that great photo. Pretty page!
  6. LOL! I think that snowman wouldn't last very long in the surf. Really creative layout!
  7. LOL, Vixen has a perfect name for the snow, though! They look like they're having a lot of fun. I love the cheery pops of red on your page, against the colder bues and purples.
  8. Judging from her coat hood, it's super cold there! Looks beautiful; I love the lighthouse.
  9. It's beautiful there, those mountains are amazing! I love your sparkly snowflakes and textured background paper.
  10. Mikelle

    Feeling Frosty

    So cute and cheerful! I absolutely love the polka dot background paper!
  11. Ha ha, like the ice queen! Gorgeous photo, and I love the collection you used for it.
  12. Here's mine: Hunting for Pumpkins at Green Bluff Thank you for the template!
  13. MPE Challenge Special 2022 01 layout template; MPE Take a Hike Collection; MPE Autumn Spike Latte Collection; Styles: BMU Autumn Jewel (moss1, squash2) and BMU Autumn Watercolor Caramel; Fonts: Pea Breathe Easy and Pea Beth
  14. Wow, if you haven't already, check out the $2 Treats section of the shop!!! 😍

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