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  1. Mikelle

    Sneak Peek 12/6

    Love everything!
  2. Mikelle

    #24_Tis the season

    That is huge! Wow! I love the lifted photo, I've been meaning to try that.
  3. Mikelle

    December to Remember Week 1

    This is pretty, with the Christmas colors. I like how the cranes are positioned for the photo - they posed! Love the red paint splatters, and the airbrushed green in the background.
  4. Mikelle

    #7 something red

    I love poinsettias, so pretty! I like how you made this into a card. Love the photo faded into the background, too, beautiful.
  5. Mikelle

    Let It Snow

    I love this layout, with the OOB photo frame, and how the whole palette matches the silver and gold in the photo. I really like the stamped snowflakes, and how you overlaid them on the photo.
  6. Mikelle


    What a cutie, I'm sure she'll perform wonderfully! Love the photo, with the girls in the background, especially the one mimicking Lana. 😂
  7. Mikelle

    # 3 favourite movie

    I've seen this one, too, it's good! I love the quote you chose, and how your layout is like a Christmas card.
  8. Mikelle

    #12_sugar and spice

    This photo is so good I could eat it! It does look professional, this layout looks like it could be a professional ad!
  9. Mikelle

    Wk 1 Snowflake

    Gorgeous photo, with the light bokeh. The violet snowflake goes well with the light in the photo. Your layout is like looking through a window on a peaceful winter afternoon scene, very relaxing!
  10. Mikelle

    Wk 1 Winter Weather

    I absolutely love the glitter snow! Beautiful layout!
  11. Mikelle

    Wk 1 Christmas Tree

    LOL - we frequently point out Charlie Brown Christmas trees! I love your layout, very whimsical.
  12. Mikelle

    Project: A December to Remember!

    Jane, I'd say as long as you're posting at least one layout a week using the prompts, it doesn't matter which prompts you use (or post all 5 layouts by the final deadline for the grand prize). The original thought was to use the prompts on their given dates (the numbers are Dec dates), but I don't see why you have to restrict yourself if you don't want to. The point is to enjoy documenting your December, and to end up with several layouts about your December, using the prompts in some way.
  13. Mikelle

    Project: A December to Remember!

    Wow, there are already several layouts! I will LSL later. How has everyone been doing with the daily prompts? I got behind yesterday - I had a hard time deciding which holiday movie is my favorite! Today's prompt is easy, though. We have one main Christmas tree and 4 smaller ones. I just have to decide which one to take a photo of!
  14. Mikelle

    Project: A December to Remember!

    I'll add the link to my initial post above - thanks, Anne-Marie!
  15. Mikelle

    Project: A December to Remember!

    I'm in! Week 1 (1-8th) Week 2 (9-15th) Week 3 (16-22nd) Week 4 (23rd – 29th) Week 5 (30-31st)