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  1. For those of us that are enduring summer right now, it's been a super hot one! When it's hot out, what do you do to try to cool down? Create a layout showing us your "cool" tricks - swimming, running through the sprinkler, cold drinks, chilling in a lawn chair... When your layout is complete, upload it to the Weekly Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout. If you're participating in the August Challenge Chase, make sure to leave a link in that thread too!
  2. Tuesday, Week 2 (Aug 9th, Recoloring): How did everyone do with recoloring a paper or two yesterday? If you've got any questions, be sure to ask! Tasks for Today: 1. Pick the embellishments you'd like on your layout. Don't finalize their placement yet... 2. Choose at least two of your embellishments to duplicate, and recolor the copies. Use both color versions on your layout. If you can (or dare), include at least one multicolored embellishment and change just one or two of the colors. Another idea, find an embellishment that you like but that doesn't match your layo
  3. Remember, when it comes to the weekly prizes, you'll get one entry into the drawing for every layout you completed that week. So, even if you only manage to complete one of the layouts that week, you'll still get one entry. Two entries total possible per week!
  4. Congrats @ladyscrapalot Kelly! You are our first week's winner! Email Angie at either hello@scrapgirls.com or prizes@scrapgirls.com and tell her which set of Pocket Life Journaling Cards you'd like! ($3.99 value).
  5. Great photos, and I love the photo used as the background. Nice stroke work, too, and pretty frame cluster!
  6. Monday, Aug 7th (Week 2, Recoloring): I decided to try tackling recoloring for the next few days - but I think this will be a little challenging since there are about a thousand different ways to recolor elements. Over the past week, we did have some discussion about adjustment layers; using a hue/saturation adjustment layer is one great way of recoloring (but make sure you clip the adjustment layer only to the layer you are trying to change!) Below I've posted several tutorials addressing recoloring: adjustment layers are discussed in a few, and at least two of the tutorials also speci
  7. Gorgeous layout! I love the alpha you used, and your blending. Curled papers are always awesome, too, I love them!
  8. Your blended photo is awesome! Your title turned out wonderfully, too, I like that you decided to just use the stroke outline, which shows the background through the text. And, I think your journaling turned out great - because the color of your text is similar to the background colors, the 2 pixel width stroke allows it to show up just enough that it's easier to read. I think this turned out great!
  9. Wonderful photo, I love the lonely green boat against the wide open beach background. Your texture in the background is gorgeous, and the wood frame is perfect for the photo.
  10. BMU Sweet Summer Collection; FLO Explosion de Couleurs water; HMS Cool Summer splash; HMS Hot Summer wave; ACU Island Life dolphin; DEB Dyed Threads style; SNU Halloween Watercolor creepy style; Chicola Smoothy font
  11. If you find yourself with some time tomorrow (Sunday) and want to learn another technique, check out this tutorial: Fun With Fonts: Off-Set So many possibilities!
  12. Saturday, Week 1 (Aug 6th, Strokes): Today we are going to place a stroke around a font. There are already some wonderful pre-made styles out there that you can easily apply to a font, and I'll show you an example of one of those, but sometimes I like customizing the font myself if I have time. Today's practicing won't take too long, unless you lose yourself in all of the possibilities! Tasks for Saturday: 1. Find a font you'd like to journal with, then go ahead and journal on your layout (or place a quote, or even start your own word art or second title using this font). It
  13. Friday, Week 1 (August 5th): Strokes Tasks for Friday, Week 1: 1. Find some word art that you would like to use for a title for your layout. Try to find word art that isn't too complicated to begin with - because we are going to jazz it up with some stroke outline practice! 2. Spend some time practicing applying various stroke thicknesses, doubling up your strokes, applying different colors, styles, or papers to them, etc until you find a combination you like (more on this below - I've got several examples posted that will give you a better idea of what I'm thinking). 3.
  14. Oooo, great job with all of the blending! I love the photo treatment, with the subtle waves and the texture. The frame is perfect, too - I agree with the description of rustic!
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