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  1. I'm the late one, I'm sorry. We've got friends staying with us who are PCS'ing soon, and my girls just went off to camp - it's been a tiny bit of chaos. I had my background done weeks ago. I have an idea for a little bling, but I just printed out my cards and will have to bling them tomorrow evening. Sorry! We always have so much time for these hybrid ATC swaps, and I still blow the deadline. I'm aiming to send them off (or DH will, lol) on Wednesday.
  2. This is layout-worthy! So pretty!
  3. I'm going to try to post these from my iPad, but I have no idea what size they will be. Just going to brag on my DH - he made comfort food for me tonight for dinner. A grilled cheese sandwich with melted crisped cheese on the outside, and chicken tortilla soup. He has a culinary degree from long ago that he never really did anything with, but I benefit from it. Except, when we were first married, he'd put mayonnaise on the grilled cheese he made for me. I quickly nixed that. Yuk!!!
  4. Pretty colors and patterned papers together. I love the sparkles scattered, they show up really well.
  5. I love everything about this layout. The reflection photos, the journaling, the heritage feel... wonderful!
  6. From the album Sprites and Doodles

    This is the follow-on LO to my World Tour "wall" layout. This is their room "after" the makeover. SRO_SS_DLO_DailyLifeTemplate12x12; SRO_SS_Emb_DailyLifeStitchedGrid12x12; AMC_Gleeful_Emb_Butterfly; ACA_GirlyGirl_Emb_Flower1; SNU_BS_UrbanGrng_PhotoMsk-5; JRA_HomeSweetHome_Alpha; MRE_WellLoved_Paper_PurpleFloral and Purple Solid; EBA_Mayfair_Paper_Check_Tan (adjusted to pink, then blended with purple paper); Ro_Styles_HeavenlyGlitterFoil: SNU_SSStyles_CrumpledPaper6301-green
  7. Here is my Wall/Gift LO... Mess? What mess? I just did a second LO to make this a double, with the "after" photos... Clean for a Day
  8. SRO_SS_DLO_DailyLifeTemplate12x12; SRO_SS_Emb_DailyLifeStitchedGrid12x12; EHI_AlphabetSoupGirl_EmbelBig_Digi_1_Ladybug; AMC_Gleeful_Emb_Charm-Heart, Brad_Pink, and Butterfly; AMC_SweetSummer_Emb_Arrow-Pink; BMU_WildHeart_Special_1; EHI_CreativeSpirit_Paper_Cut-Purple and Border-Blue; JRA_HomeSweetHome_WordArt_MessWhatMess; ACA_GirlyGirl_Emb_Flower1; EBA_Mayfair_Paper_Check_Tan; SNU_SSTools_Styles_GlitterEdge; Ro_Styles_HeavenlyGlitterFoil; AFT_SS_WaterColorKraft_6401_Pink2
  9. This is a layout I did last year using a photo from one of the cherry blossom festivals I went to...
  10. And, I'm still stuck on a "wall" layout...
  11. I could make about 20 LO's based on Mt Fuji and the shrine!!! Yay! Yes, they are cherry blossoms... I've got lots of photos from a couple of the cherry blossom festivals I went to when I lived in Japan. I climbed Mt Fuji, too... might be time to scrap those photos, although they were from a disposable camera, unfortunately.
  12. I love this layout! Wonderful job. Out of bounds photo, and all of the text on the different papers and embellishments... plus "annoyed." Funny!
  13. Oh, she's so cute! Pretty LO, too, with the reds, oranges, and the white background.
  14. Just beautiful. I love black and white, with a pop of one bright color.