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  1. Mikelle

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 10th August

    Here's mine: Fire Weather The photo is sunset through a smoke haze from a distant fire...
  2. Mikelle

    Fire Weather

    ABR_SSPaper_CaptLife4; DDS Flaming Season papers; SNU_JustPeachy_PB-Painted; SNU_AlteredLife_PprSprMini-NewsPaint; SNU_Memento_Paper-BlueText; GWH_FamilyTies_Paper_TanBlue-Script; ABR_AtThisMoment_Paper_Text-Yellow; vjs dramatic blue filter; florju_HelloAugust styles; BMU_SSStyles_Glow_Blue; Pea Aubrey font; SNU_SSStyles_AllLitUp_Cream5
  3. A new week of chatting!  Gab away here:  Scrap Chat

  4. I got WAAAAY behind on putting away and organizing my scrap supplies.  Trying to do that now!

    1. MariJ


      Well......  You’ve been sorta, kinda busy, right???  :rofl:
      Glad you can play again!  :)


    2. Boatlady


      Glad you are making progress....I have to get a new laptop so I am so glad I did most of my organizing it will make it easier to transfer to the new one. Keep up the good work it will really be helpful.

      happy scrapping

    3. beatricemi


      I force myself to organize pretty much immediately. It's not much fun though is it? I don't tag or anything like that. I just use the windows functions to search and view.

  5. Mikelle

    Why Buy Toys?

    😂 We were just talking about this in my house - how kids and animals play with boxes, or balls of paper, or cardboard tubes rather than their expensive toys! Love your layering, and the cheerful colors, perfect for a toddler playing!
  6. Mikelle

    August ATC_HOT

    You have the most striking photo effects, I always love them! This is a great card, love the bird silhouette, too.
  7. Mikelle


    Canyon Lake! Beautiful photos. We just moved away from SATX - we were there for 7 years. I do NOT miss that heat! 😎
  8. Mikelle

    Monthly challenge_B&W photo

    Wow, what an incredible photo to have! I love heritage layouts like this. The inked photo masking is great, with the tipped frame overlaid, and the wire fencing and leaves. Love all of it!
  9. Mikelle


    This is so peaceful, I want to crawl through into the photo. Love the simple but effective embellishments, and the wood frame on top of the wood background.
  10. Mikelle

    Cool Chick

    There's so much I love about this layout - the curled photo, the sepia tone to the larger photo, the grungy background, and her stenciled angel wings - totally cool!
  11. Mikelle

    Guilt using QP's?

    I use QP's and Jiffy pages without feeling guilty... mostly I create my own pages, but a couple of years ago I was trying to use a couple of QP's every week. I figure, the designers spend time creating them and making them available in collections - I need to make sure to use them! I get what you're saying though, in this particular instance, if these old friends think you created the pages yourself. Maybe you'll feel better if you tell them they are "pre-made" pages, but you wanted to do something special with the photos? I don't think it will decrease their appreciation at all!
  12. Love both of these layouts, congrats to everyone who won GC's!
  13. Come check out this week's Scrap Chat!

  14. Mikelle

    7-27 Challenge Angie Briggs Scraplift

    Beautiful photo and layout, I love the bright colors, and the music stamped behind the photo. And of course, the OOB frame... Lots to love here! But... oncology clinic? =(