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  1. Mikelle

    Silly Chief

    Love your layout of Chief - big dog, I think he'd be walking me, too!
  2. Mikelle

    PL 2020 Week 19

    SNU Ace Mini Collection; SNU Hello Lovely WA Joy; ACA Girly Girl Emb Border Yellow Swirl; ABR Tender Moment Emb Heart Yellow; BMU Sweet Summer Flower Yellow; VRA Dresden Emb Butterfly6 Blue; JZI Summer Breeze Emb Flower Blue-4; BMU Zoomba Emb Flower Blue; ABR CTW Emb Bow Red2; LLO Photo Frenzy July Template4;
  3. Great photos, love the pumpkins. This template works great for this, and I love that background paper.
  4. Mikelle

    PL 2020 Week 18

    EMA Into the Woods Collection; BMU Woodblock Titles WordArt Mini; CKI Movie Night movie ticket; EMA Antiquities Wordart Mini Home; LLO Photo Frenzy August Template 4; Styles: hello fibrous, SNU Fancy Vellum, flora Hello March, Fly Free Bubble, and Hello August, las calypso, MRE Aged Folds; LD Party Sketch font; Noteworthy font
  5. Here is week 17: Week 17 Part 1 Week 17 Part 2
  6. LLO_SSDLT_InaMood5_Template2; GGD_MixItUp_Paper_12; BMU Autumn Jewel styles; JCO Ashley Alpha
  7. LLO_SSDLT_InaMood10_Template2; GBE Poesie de Lame Collection; BMU Autumn Jewel styles; JCO Ashley Alpha
  8. Hi Annie, welcome back to scrapping!
  9. It worked! I love your signature, too.
  10. Mikelle


    Beautiful layout, and beautiful photo. I absolutely love your journaling. I hope you're feeling well. 💕
  11. Here's week 16 (double double layouts!): Week 16 Part 1 Week 16 Part 2
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