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  1. This week we have a color challenge for you: Create a layout using lavender as your main theme color. Lavender is such a gorgeous, spring hue, it makes me think spring and Easter are just around the corner! When your layout is complete, upload it to the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back and leave a link to your layout in this thread so that we can all admire your layout! If you're participating in January's Challenge Chase, don't forget to leave a link in that thread, too. Happy scrapping!
  2. SRO Daily Life Template 12x12; DRB Members Only Mini Kit Feb 2017; KSC Felt styles; Pea Alicia font; Melodya Chatrina font
  3. Mikelle


    I can't believe how old they are! I love the white space on your layout, and the girls' photos are adorable!
  4. Here is my layout: Karlynn's 6th Birthday Party I included 6 candles on the layout!
  5. CKI Dream Big Little One Collection; VRA Bday Party ribbon brown, candles; JSM Nip & Tuck Word Art Birthday; CKI Rockstar Girl alpha purple; KSC Felt style; CKA Chalk Fill style; Chalkboard SE font; Beautiful Mess font
  6. This week's Newsletter Challenge is brought to you by the number 6! Create a layout using six of something: six photos, six embellishments (six total, six of the same type, or six of the exact same embellishment, whatever you'd like), six papers, etc. When your layout is complete, upload it to the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout so we can all enjoy it! If you're participating in January's Challenge Chase, be sure to leave a link in that thread too. Happy scrapping!
  7. That reading program sounds like fun, and a great idea! I see Charlie and Lola - I don't think that particular book about Lola's tooth falling out was around when my kids were little, but we did have one about Lola not wanting to eat her veggies... Charlie tricked her into eating them. I miss reading to my kids! I've wondered about possibly going to elderly care homes and reading, too. Love your layout!
  8. Mikelle

    Project Life Week 1

    I read A Man Named Otto a while ago. Good book! We'll have to see the movie sometime soon. Nice PL layout, I like your sparkly alphas and wordart, and the fireworks. You do the same thing I do, with the number buttons for dates.
  9. Mikelle

    PL Week 1

    LLO Photo Frenzy May Template 2; EBA A Happy Place Nano Collection; LLO Fall Snaps Paper Super Mini Watercolor Doodle; MPE Scrap It Monthly Two Crimson style; Florju Goodbye Summer Grunge style; ACA Story Life alpha buttons; Pea Alicia font; Melodya Chatrina font
  10. So, obviously I haven't had a good track record with PL the past few years. I'll try again, though. I'm still hoping at some point in my life to catch up on the years... it's just so busy! January Layouts: Week 1 Week 2 February Layout March Layout April Layout May Layout June Layout July Layout August Layout September Layout October Layout November Layout December Layout
  11. This year, most of our ornaments didn't make it onto the tree. I just haven't had the time or energy, but spent it on other things this year instead! Love your layout.
  12. Oooooo, so many awesome sets and collections have been posted! You all are like my kids in the weeks leading up to Christmas! 😂
  13. Thank you to everyone SO MUCH for playing our new White Elephant Gift Exchange game - this was a trial game this year, but it sounds like it was successful. Thank you all too for your patience, waiting your turns, waiting for the game board to be updated, etc. A huge thank you goes out to Angie for providing all of these incredible gifts - yay Angie! @angleigh The game board I just posted should be the final board. Depending on what your final prize is, email Angie at prizes@scrapgirls.com, let her know what your prize was and (if it's a collection, etc) let her know which specific collection, brush set, etc that you've chosen. Yay, fun game! It was fun to run, too! 🎁
  14. Congratulations, @GraceJ Grace, you've won a $20 gift card to the SG Boutique!!! Now didn't that risk pay off? There is no risk aversion in White Elephant games! 🤣😂 (Kind of like no crying in baseball...)
  15. I'm here, working on posting the last update to the game board... Oh, the anticipation!!! 😂
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