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  1. Welcome! I grew up outside, but now live in San Antonio... too hot here most of the time. I’ve also run three marathons and several half marathons... but that was also before kids! Now I’m happy if I can get a couple of miles in. Glad you’re at Scrap Girls, looking forward to seeing your layouts!
  2. From the album Crafts and Projects, Mikelle

    DEB_Fascination_Paper_Tangerine; BMU_SweetSummer_Tangerine; AMC_PQDreams_Paper_Floral-Brown; AMC_CottageQuilt_12x12_Dots-Pink; AMC_Gleeful_Paper_Pink-Wash; MRE_Inspired_Paper_OrangeDiamond; MRE_Farmhouse_Style_Bonus_Brown; DEB_Mirror_Emb_flower8; Ro_Styles_VelvetGlitter2201_Green1, SilverGreen4; SNU_SSStyles_Retro1950_ModPink
  3. From the album Crafts and Projects, Mikelle

    BMU_SSCal_2018_7_July; LLO_SSTemplate_GrimeyGrunge1_Texture_6; JZI_FlightsOfFancy_Paper_Flower-LtBlue; VRA_Avalon_12x12_Lilac; ABR_UrbanLive_PaperSpec_Blue; DCA_LoveSoSweet_LovelyWhite; ASO_Rollicking_paper_Green; SNU_SSTools_Styles_CardboardGlitter6301; ASO_SSTools_Finery_Metal
  4. Made just this morning!
  5. I finally got an ATC done, it's been a while. Creative Lighter Fluid
  6. SNU_SSPaper_Spellbound-4a; AMC_CottageQuilt_12x12_Solid-Cream; BMU_ChristmasSpirit_Texture-Red; JRA_SSEmbTemplates_PhotoMasks_VintageCrunge_5; CRO_FS_Emb_Snowflake1, 2, 3; CRO_OFC_Emb_Snoflake1; SNU_SSStyles_SoftColor6301-5; Ro_Styles_VelvetGlitter2201_Silver2 and Red2; LD Lovely font, LD Becca font; AFT_SSStyles_CutOutShadows
  7. Wow, love the soft blended background, and the clear, partial view of the sailboat. Wonderful!
  8. That looks like a cozy nap! Love the layout, very peaceful and relaxing.
  9. One more... how about underwater... with a dead crab on my head?
  10. Oooo, love the trapped bubbles!
  11. Wow, Anne-Marie, you need to scrap this! So gorgeous!
  12. I love that you do so much journaling on your layouts. I’ve been working on adding more journaling to mine. The templates work so well, too!
  13. Welcome, Karen, glad you’re here!
  14. From the album Crafts and Projects, Mikelle

    BMU_SSCal_2018_6_June; ABR_Bootiful_Paper-Purple; TYO_Pinned_PaperSuperMini_CreamGreen; EBA_AutumnJoy_Paper_Leaves-Cream; BMU_Botanical_Green; ASO_SSTools_Finery_Floral1; SDE_DadsTools_Label7; ABR_BWY_Emb-Flower-Orange; GS_UWS_waw_flag American; KSC_SSTools_Styles_Felt_5201-Purple; SNU_SSStyles_BurlapFancy6301_lace; Ro_Styles_VelvetGlitter2201_Green1
  15. I was a little overwhelmed trying to decide what photo(s) to post - especially when I was younger, I was always around water, especially rivers. I love sunlight on water, so I found a photo from when DH and I traveled to visit my parents about 6 months before we were married; my dad took us on a day-long fishing trip. The photo isn't that spectacular, but it shows the sunlight reflecting off the water. The second photo is even older, from my time in Japan. Northern Japan was so beautiful. We went on several hikes while I was there, and that photo is from a waterfall we found while walking along a river bank.