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  1. Mikelle


    This is Karlie's "String Teddy" (the string is his ribbon). She says she'll always love him and never get rid of him!
  2. Mikelle

    Feb ATC Swap

    I've been wanting to try a coin, so here is my first. This is Karlie's String Teddy, who she's had since she was a baby. She says she will always love him no matter how old she gets. (The "string" was her word for his ribbon, which she always played with when she was little) Always Love You
  3. ABR_Dressup_12x12_Paper-Pink; AMC_Maddy_Paper_Notebook-Black; EMA_HoneyGarden_Paper_Biggie_BlackSketchedHearts; AMC_Maddy_Paper_PaintedBlack; BMU_Countryside_Swirl_Heart; SNU_Picturesque_Emb_CharmFrm-Heart; AMC_Maddy_Emb_Paisley, InkSplat, Heart; AMC_FruitSmoothie_EmbMini_Tag_ClearBlue; CKA_SSStyles_ChalkFillPastel9901_White; ABR_ATCCoinTemp
  4. Mikelle

    New Products 2-22

    Oh my goodness, there's so much I want. 😍
  5. Mikelle

    Alpha or Word Art/Quotes?

    I think I use alphas quite a lot, but it’s often after I’ve searched for specific word art and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I do like the freedom of alphas - I can mix and match, line them up or angle them. I like alphas, and yet I still have so many I haven’t used yet!
  6. Mikelle


    Here's Week 5
  7. Mikelle

    Week 5

    MPE_SSDLAT_ScrapIt_Monthly_Two_01; AWI Miracles Collection; STI_SSTools_Styles_Rust_4901_3; ASO_SSTools_GlitzyChristmas_6401_NoGlit_Cream;
  8. Mikelle


    And Week 4
  9. Mikelle

    2019 Week 4

    CTH_SSAlbum_MSPL5_6; ABR Just Be You collection; ASO_SSTools_SSStyles_GlitzyChristmas_6401_NoGlit_Cream
  10. Mikelle


    Here is my Week 3
  11. Mikelle

    Week 3 2019

    LLO_SSDLT_InaMood3_Template2; TYO Pretty Petals collection; DEB_SSStyle_DyedFabric_5102_1; ASO_SSTools_GlitzyChristmas_6401_Brown;
  12. Mikelle

    Someday I'll Play Challenge #2

    So adorable! The framing, masking, and the stars marching haphazardly around the frames, too... lol, they look like how a toddler might run all around a huge basketball court! Curious, is Bodie into basketball now?
  13. Mikelle

    February Monthly Challenges

    Here are 14 of my comments on layouts this month, for the fourth February Challenge: 1. Nature at Work by Sue 2. Weekend Wildcard 2/16/19 by Conda 3. Son's Wedding by DixieLee 4. Little Bea by Bea 5. Timekeeper by Kythe 6. Godfrey and the Horse by Anne-Marie 7. Lilly Pilly by Anne-Marie 8. Purse by Marilyn 9. Retirement Party by Cilly 10. Our Wedding by Kelly 11. WW Challenge Feb 2nd by Carla 12. My Sweetheart by Armygrl 13. Love You Bunches by Rosemarythyme 14. Authentic by ScrapgirlCindy
  14. Mikelle

    Nature at Work

    I agree, amazing photo! I also love the scatters and clusters, and the water stained background, really pretty!
  15. Mikelle

    Weekend Wildcard 2/16/19

    Oh those faces! 💕 So adorable. Love your LO in general, with the textured paper in the background, reminds me of the corrugated paper you get in a heart box of valentine chocolate. As for the photos, the difference in their eye color jumps out - bright blue and deep chocolate brown. Beautiful!