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  1. Mikelle

    First Dance, 2005

    GWH_LovingYou_Ppr_Red-Text; ABR_AtThisMoment_Emb_Frame2; LLO_ForevLove_Emb_Flower_WhitePaper; BMU_WC_EMB_VelvetFlatRibbon-1; BMU_Zoomba_WA_Together-White; BMU_Nuptials_WordArt_Vel-Dance; BMU_Menagerie_Charm_Arrow; bed_rmnisc_mc-el-17_charm; GWH_LovingYou_Emb-Flower-Tan, Charm-Heart, BudStem;
  2. Mikelle

    First Dance Mr & Mrs

    Wow, this is gorgeous! I love the beautiful, classic black and white look, with just a touch of very light yellow and blue. First dance is special!
  3. I think this is perfect, too - her jacket absolutely matches gingerbread cookies! Love the sparkle, as always, and their photo is adorable!
  4. Mikelle

    First boat ride

    Such a happy, colorful layout! I've always loved blue and yellow together, one of my favorite combos. She looks so happy with her first boat ride!
  5. Mikelle

    Weekend Challenge - 7/20

    I'm so sorry, everyone! Thank you April, for posting the challenge. 🙀 I went with First Dance, too - my first dance with DH at the wedding reception.
  6. Mikelle

    colourful slow scrap_week3

    7 photos, and it turned out so well! Love the framing on the photos, and the embellishments you chose.
  7. Mikelle

    Slow Scrap Week 3

    This photo is adorable, love the reflection! I like all the blending, and the faded newspaper print.
  8. Mikelle


    These are great photos, and I think your layout is perfect for them! I really like the patterned papers layered together.
  9. Mikelle

    Vacation Cabin

    Lovely page, and the cabin looks like a lot of fun!
  10. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Here is mine - yay, I managed to get a layout done! 😃 Feeding the Animals
  11. Mikelle

    Slow Scrap Jul 2019 #3

    TYO_RustyTreasures_Papers_MintFlorica; bed_pk-dec_pp8; AMC_Maddy_Paper_Doodles-Kraft; BMU_Grace_Mint; Pea Stella Noodles font; Pea Stacy Tunibug font; BMU_Grace_Ribbon_Black (altered to blue); BMU_Grace_MetalHeart-1; bed_pk-dec-el18_frame; bed_pk-dec-el21_button1; bed_pk-dec-el7_leaf1; BMU_Grace_Splatter_Gold2 (color adjusted); FlorJu_CreateYourMemories_MixStyle8; AFT_Everyday_Glitter_neu_6401_3_NoShad; vjs-goodwood-vol-01;
  12. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    20th July Add some journalling, a date and any finishing touches to your layout. When you are finished upload your layout to The Slow Scrap Gallery.
  13. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    19th July Create a title for your layout using two different fonts.
  14. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    18th July Add five more embellishments to your layout. I picked out my photo, but I haven't done the frame yet! We got a new puppy and kitten - I'm sleep deprived! 😂