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  1. Letters to Santa! Have you ever written a letter to Santa, as a child or even as an adult? For today's Newsletter Challenge, let's create a layout based on letters to Santa - a letter you wrote as a child, or a letter/letters that your children wrote, or even a new letter from you to Santa asking for your wishes this year... (maybe ask for no more pandemic?!!!) When your layout is complete, upload it to the Weekly Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread to leave a link to your layout so that we can all admire it! Remember to also leave a link to your layout i
  2. Yes, we're still doing all the same traditions so far. Laura is still only 11, but this is the first year that she KNOWS, lol, so we'll see how things change. The elves are already a big change... we were all going to take turns moving them each night, but so far nobody has bothered. Looks like the elves will sit in the Christmas tree all of December!
  3. Your indoor photos look so warm and cozy! I love the word art you chose, and the NOEL in blocks. I also as always love all the sparkle on your layout, in the photos, clusters, and background. I love Christmas layouts for all the sparkle!
  4. What a great idea, using leaves as name placetags. I love your table, and it looks awesome in black and white! The dinner itself looks like it was fun and full of energy, with all the kids there.
  5. I love these photos, love seeing into the past! Beautiful clusters and background texture.
  6. Is this you? So cute! Most kids that age can't wink, lol. You did great with the embellishments (I know 9 is a lot), and the blending is beautiful. I lived in Fairfax for a couple of years, during my residency.
  7. Making ornaments is a lot of fun! Some of my favorite ornaments to pull out every year are the ones we've made. I love your layout, looks like you all had fun!
  8. Hi Belle! Good to see you, glad you're scrapping again! 😀
  9. MPE Country Christmas Collection; GWH Tis the Season Collection; FLO Winter Is Here Overlay; DMI Icy Transparency Frost; OAWA Wonderland Photomask; SNU Burned Corrugated Cardboard style; ASO (AFT) Glitzy Christmas style;
  10. With Thanksgiving over now, here in the U.S. we have officially entered the holiday season. I confess I started decorating two weekends ago - the Christmas trees and lights are already up in my house. I’ve also already baked a few batches of holiday cookies. Yum! For our challenge this weekend, I thought I would give you a “recipe” for your layout. I enjoy recipe layouts, I love to see how differently they all turn out despite following the same guidelines! Here are your ingredients and directions: - Choose any number of photos from a holiday, any holiday you wish. - Apply a f
  11. Mikelle


    I’m a homebody anyway, so staying home more hasn’t been difficult for me. I love working on my hobbies! Now I’ve got that song in my head though...
  12. The “poked in the nose” made me laugh. I like all the confused word art floating about, and 2020 turned upside down by the virus.
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