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  1. Mikelle


    So cute! I love the OOB's on the top two masks, too. Pretty green and red together.
  2. Mikelle

    May Sketch

    So cute! I love the bright yellow and mint green together. A very cool-looking layout!
  3. Mikelle


    Super layout, I absolutely love the faded and blended photo of your beautiful dog in the background. The cluster, borders, and ink spray, too, really eye-catching layout!
  4. Awww, I love the bear, and all the green! Wow, your camper is awesome, so big! We'd like to get one someday, too. Also, glad you went on the scrapping event, since we're all more limited on group get-togethers right now.
  5. These are great photos. "The afraid one", lol. I've been zip lining a couple of times, too, so much fun! Love the stitching down the sides of the page, and the striped background - with a splat! 😂
  6. Perfect photo to go with a striped background. I love the quote, and what a perfect layout for this weekend! I like the blending in the background, with the dots and floral pattern on the stripes, too.
  7. Rebekah looks like she really enjoys arts and crafts. The bead bowls are really interesting, I've never seen that before. Love the bright colors of the layout!
  8. Oh wow, this one is incredible too! Really nice job with the mixed patterns of paper. I love the word art, and the stamped grungy look. Great photo, too!
  9. Oh, this is a beautiful layout, I absolutely love the blended background. Those ducks are gorgeous, too, with their reddish beaks! Black-bellied whistling duck, lol, who knew it existed? I really like what you did with the background.
  10. Here is mine finally: Winter Walk I started out intending to find a striped paper, and I already had my photos in mind. I found this paper by Sekada Designs, in the White Fields collection (which I recently bought - it's been on my wishlist forever!) The paper has blended stripes, but the stripes also have polka dots. Besides the background, I added a few stripes with a brush, and some striped embellishments.
  11. SDE White Fields Collection; ABR_WonderfulYou_Emb_FabricButton-Stripe; ABR_Simplify_Emb-Frame1; BMU_SSEMB_BGBlenders-Masks_5; EMA_BrushSet_MediaCircus2_Stripes; florju_ArtJournal style; florju_GoodbyeSummer style; SNU_SSStyles_WatercolorCraft_6301-Bonus; FlorJu_FlyFree_Bubble style; SnoWinter font; Snoshoe font
  12. Oh wow - awesome that you volunteered for the study! I've been wanting to use this collection. I love the template, too!
  13. I love this layout, Linda. Beautiful journaling, and the photos are gorgeous, too.
  14. Ooooo! Sounds interesting!
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