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  1. Is there still a way to see just our own gallery, or just another member's gallery?  I can't seem to find my own layouts all in one place.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. diannecp


      Whoa, that's a lot of hoops there but yay, glad we can still access our own galleries. :)  Thanks Carla!

    3. ladyscrapalot


      Thanks Marilyn and Carla!!!!

    4. MariJ


      Yes, I agree Dianne, it's way too many steps and you have to do them each time!   But, I was SO happy to see at least there was a way to find my Gallery.   You should have seen me last night trying to find the Motivators Posted chart, since I'd posted it in some obscure gallery and usually just go to my own to update.  This time it took me a lot of searching to find it and I thought I was going to have yet another issue!!   Whew...

  2. I love this! Love the color combo, and the subtle blending and embellishments! Thank you!
  3. I'm at a conference in Newport, RI right now.  Beautiful place, and I hope to have some time away from the conference to walk around!  And take photos, although all I have is my cell phone.

    1. alsoarty


      Lucky! I've always wanted to go to RI. Phone photos sometimes are just great!

    2. Boatlady


      We are from CT right next door and keep our boat right across the border so you are in our old stomping ground. We have spent some time in the bay with our boat. It is a beautiful waterfront and the mansions are truely amazing. I hope you get out to see a little.

    3. ladyscrapalot


      Sometimes I great shots with my phone. Hope you get a change to look around a bit.

  4. Or this will work, but I'm not sure if they want us putting the image in the thread...
  5. Hi Belle, Right click on your image in the gallery and choose "copy image address." Then come to this thread, highlight the words you want linked, and click the icon with the link (looks different than it did before!) Paste the image address in the URL box that pops up and click "done." Pretty sure that's what I just now did. Well, except I just clicked on my link, and only the photo came up. In your gallery, when you have your LO up, copy the actual page address in the address bar, and paste that into the URL link box. I'm about to try that...
  6. Swap for Andrearose. This is a beautiful dog, and photo! Chief
  7. Andrearose sent me three photos and I thought about various ways of using them all, but I kept coming back to this photo - I'm more of a cat person than a dog person, but this is a pretty photo of a really beautiful dog enjoying himself in the water. It turned out differently than what I was imagining to begin with, but hopefully it's OK! SDE_ATimeForLove_Mask2; KME_SS_Paper_WatercolorResist_Framed; KME_SS_Emb_MessyMix_Border_Stripe; JCO_Ashley_BlackDiamonds; CTH_Penguins_Paper_Black_Special; CTH_SSStyles_Spicy_Parsley; SNU_SSStyles_HalloweenWC_nightsky; SBA_SSStyles_Sand_6501_ScatteredBrown; SNU_SSTools_Styles_SandedEdge6301-2; VCR_SSTools_Styles_ThePerfectShadows
  8. Beautiful LO, love the grungy background, and the sepia photo of them looking under the rock. The different patterns add interest, as well.
  9. San Antonio, TX, anyone?
  10. Wow, really?!! That's impressive, and I can't wait to see it!
  11. From the album Sprites and Doodles

    I'm on a work trip right now, and was inspired by my hotel room decor to make this background using a striped SS paper. Maybe I need to get outside of my hotel room a bit more? =) KWE_SSPaper_LetsCelebrate_Stripes; LLO_DecoDreams_Paper_Chevrons; SDE_ColorfulAutumn_Mask; SDE_HelloSchool_Mask3; BMU_ephemera_Paper_Linen-Taupe; AWI_Gaia_Ribbon_Green; DMI_Cozy_tag_floral; CTH_Penguins_Paper_Black_Special; ABR_BOY_Element_Flower5-Green, Yellow; BMU_SSEMB_PatternedRibbons_5; BMU_Ruby_Paper_Ornate-Taupe; EMA_HoneyGarden_Paper_Biggie_BlackChevron; ASO_ABloomingFancy_12x12_Paper_Spcl; AMC_PQDreams_Paper_Cord-Blue; BMU_SSStyles_AutumnJewel1;
  12. !!!! HAHA HA!!! I was NOT expecting this! The bar code is also a nice touch.
  13. PL 2017 29 Jan - 4 Feb (week 4)
  14. Journaling: "Decreasing screen time for our family this year has resulted in a flurry of artwork from both of the girls, which I love! These are two drawings Karlie finished in early February, 2017." DEB_Character_Paper_Green; SDE_SpringKiss_Mask4; SDE_HelloSchool_Mask1; BMU_BeesKnees_EMB_CornerFold-3, 4; AWI_Gaia_Embs_Tag_Beige; AWI_Gaia_Embs_Charm; SPE_SSStyles_ThisThat_green-sm; VCR_SSTools_Styles_ThePerfectShadow
  15. I still wanted to do the blue and green challenge, so here's my late LO: Aquarium