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  1. Great extraction on the large photo, and love the arrangement of the smaller photos. You very skillfully made room for the wonderful journaling, too; live the story behind the photos!
  2. Fun travels! The long photo mask is perfect for beach photos!
  3. What a great page, wonderful journaling and memories!
  4. Here's the right side, with journaling BMU_SSPaper_BGB7_3; Ro_ClassicalMusic Paper Damask-Blk, Black; GWH_FamilyTies_Paper_Music; Flower_IvoryGlitter; vjs_photofilters-warm-vignette; STI_SSTools_Rust_4902_6; Pea Alicia font; TCS_SSTools_Styles_Gold_5702-5; LLA_HolRibbon_Emb_Bow-Gold, Ribbon-Gold; SE_WinterIsBeautiful_Flower_White; BMU_AngelDust_EMB_Ornament-Silver; LLO_ForevLove_Emb_Flower_WhitePaper; JZI_SummerBreeze_EMB_Button-Silver; Happy Camper 2 style
  5. I was hugely involved in music growing up, and then in college I was a music major. I plan this for a double layout, I've been wanting to scrap these particular photos for a long time. In junior high and high school, I was in a small percussion ensemble; we traveled around to perform, etc. This LO is of a scholarship performance, where I played a solo in front of 1,000 people. One of the other members also played a solo that night. The other LO will have the journaling... but I need a break right now! ... OK, I added the second LO. Bel Canto Scholarship Performance, LO 1 Bel Canto Scholarship Performance, LO 2
  6. This layout will have a right side to it... I have more photos of this performance, with some journaling to do. BMU_SSPaper_BGB7_3; Ro_ClassicalMusic Paper Damask-Blk, Black; Ro_ClassicalMusic_Molding-Red; GWH_FamilyTies_Paper_Music; SNU_FleaMkt_Emb_PprFlwr-Music; LLO_DecoDreams_Emb Epoxy_Star, Flower_IvoryGlitter, Flower_BlackGlittered; vjs_photofilters-warm-vignette; STI_SSTools_Rust_4902_6; LD Eleanor Rae font; Pea Alicia font; Ro_ChristmasLane_Alpha2; TCS_SSTools_Styles_Gold_5702-6; GWH_SimplyVintage-Stamp brush; MST_SSTools_Embed1801_5
  7. More Mater adventures... Mater Dec 19-21 2011
  8. I decided to use this challenge to scrap more antics of our elf Mater. Almost done with his first Christmas! SRO_SS_Emb_DailyLifeStitchedMasks12x12; DEB_SSClub_Apr11_Bonus_SSStyles_2; Brandy Murry Wesley's Christmas embellishments and alpha_1; ASO_GlitzyChristmas2_Paper_Blue and Cream;
  9. I'm going to learn how to sign my layouts, with an embossed stamp... Leave Your Mark
  10. From the album Sprites and Doodles

    ACU_SSPpr_Geometrics_2; ABR_ScenicRoute_12x12Paper_Blue; BMU_Zoomba_Paper_White; ABR_WY_Paper_Stripe-Brown; GWH_SSEmb_SimplyVintage GlitterFlower, Hairpin, LaceFloret, Lace, BurlapFlower; JZI_sSTools_Shapes_MessyMasks_2; SNU_SSStyles_SoftColor6301-4; BVA_Grungelle_BrushSet_worn; Pea C-Squared font; AFT_BrushSet_Essen_GrungyCorners; SNU_SSStyles_ArtTextures_6301-rag
  11. Oh, I love this! Love the painted watercolor look, and the journaling very simply vertical on the side. I especially like the title... winter lunch, all drippy!
  12. Wow, I love this. Beautiful job!
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Love the cluster, and photo mats.
  15. Very nice, I like how the photos are laid out, and love your journaling!