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  1. Stand On My Own Yikes! I'm exhausted!
  2. For me, "Art Journaling" = "Make it up as you go!" SDE_HarvestSunset_Mask2; EMA_SSEmb_MediaCircus_Masks_8; MRE_WellLoved_Paper_Green; ABR_BOY_Element_Leaf-Single1 and 2; ABR_BOY_Element_Leaf1; PWR_SSEmb_StitchingStudio_Stitching-6; Ro_Styles_HeavenlyGlitterFoil_2201-foil3; STI_ComfortHome_Alpha
  3. I love the drawn appearance of the photo, it matches the wild and free theme. Beautiful!
  4. I had papers picked out, but once I chose my photos I switched the papers out. It was too busy! What I have so far: MRE_DLOT_WnC_Four_12x12; GWH_FamilyTies_Paper_TanBlue; VRA_MonAmi_Paper-PurplePlain; GWH_FamilyTies_Paper_Music; GWH_FamilyTies_Paper_Blue_Stripe;
  5. Love this collection, and I will have to see if I have that style. Pretty LO! Love that photo, too.
  6. Pretty!
  7. Well, I suppose $10/month isn't too awful. I have an old Mac (over 5 years old now), and I suppose if/when I have to get a new Mac I'll have to upgrade. I have CS6, and some version of Lightroom, but I haven't learned how to use Lightroom yet.
  8. Here is mine: Muddy
  9. I didn't make my "M" larger than the rest of the alpha... hope that works OK for the challenge. M for Mikelle, although my LO is about Karlie! Journaling: "One day during our stay at the Grand Canyon, we spent a rather boring afternoon indoors recovering from a hike. Karlie eventually begged to go outside, although it was about to rain, thunderclouds in the distance. She said, "I don't care if I get muddy, it's more fun that way!" Karlynn, Grand Canyon, AZ, July, 2017 COL_SSPaper_UnderDistress_4; MRE_SSEmb_Weathered_Stacked_Composite; BMU Countryside Embellishments; BMU_SeizeTheDay_Alpha; JZI_SSTools_Actions_NaturalText14501; SNU_SSActions_PunchOut6301-FREEPaperTexture
  10. No doubt, if we do sugar skulls, my girls will probably want to participate! I voted for that, but steam punk is second.
  11. This is gorgeous!
  12. Oh cute baby! Love flamingos any time, and I'm glad you went with the yellow title, I think it pops out best!
  13. Beautiful photo, and I love the stacked photo template - I will have to find that. The blending is lovely. I like the pop of pink color in the cluster and title, and then the hearts brush.
  14. This was fun to watch take shape. The blue patterned paper matches the appearance of the water in the photo so well. What a great action photo! Pretty background paper.
  15. Bee

    Pretty color combo, and love the printed paper on one side with the flower patterned paper on the other. I also really like the title, combination of font and alpha you chose!