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  1. I don't mean to be a negative Nellie... but several times I've seen FB draw people away from participating on the original site forum, whatever the forum was to begin with. It's just a possibility to think of, if an SG group is started on FB, folks may eventually completely chat there instead of here, leaving the forum here with the appearance of inactivity to new folks stopping by. Maybe a link to the proposed FB group on the SG forum front page would help? And would the FB group be private, for only registered SG members? And then like Anne-Marie pointed out, people who don't use FB much, or who refuse to use FB (this would be my DH), they'd be left out in the cold.
  2. I have one I took last week, looking down Hoover Dam. I'll post it when I get home!
  3. I love Nuage!
  4. My supply list so far: DEB_AlteredArt_Paper_Juice; DEB_Fascination_Paper_blackstripe; SBA_Kindred_PaperSM1_Dots; JOD_SSDec2016_Indespensable_Mask4; SNU_CreativeSoul_EB-PhotoMask1; TYO_StoryTime_BrushSet; MRE_BrushSet_SketchedLeaves; TYO_SailsWhales_Emb_Boat and Oar; TYO_MosaicRetreat_Emb_FrameRound; ACA_SSTools_Styles_Vellum11201_Vines
  5. Hi Kelly! I love my Flip Pal, too. I suppose the answer to the memory card is, it depends on how redundant you want your back-up? If your EHD is already backed up somewhere (Carbonite, etc), then I'd just delete them all off the memory card and start scanning again. I've been scanning in old photos for over a year now using my Flip Pal, and as I transfer them from the memory card to my backed up EHD, I'm organizing them on my EHD according to phase of my life (childhood, high school, college, etc), then I delete the memory card and start scanning again. So even if I were to keep the memory cards, I think it would drive me crazy not having them organized the same as on my EHD.
  6. Both layouts are shaping up beautifully!
  7. Add brushes that make the background LESS busy... like the sponge or grunge brushes, using just one color. You can brush over the busy patterns! I like doing that behind journaling, when the journaling is located in a busy spot. I got it from a tutorial, at some point.
  8. Oh, I can definitely do one very large photo! I think that makes up half of my layouts!
  9. This is beautiful!
  10. Look at those baby legs! So cute!
  11. 18 years in the Air Force, 2 years to go... in fact, I think my ADSC was recently updated to 6 July 2019, which should end up being my AF retirement date (hopefully?!!) We will retire to Spokane; I'm in the process of applying for a job there. Early, I know, but I can't wait! How far is Centralia from Spokane? (I grew up in Yakima). You are retired military, too, if I remember right?
  12. I really like the white background along the right side, with the multiple photos overlapped. Crisp, clean LO!
  13. So funny! Wonderful LO!
  14. Aawww! That was unexpected, thank you! I showed DH, he smiled. 🙂
  15. From the album Sprites and Doodles

    JZI_JiffyEPA_12x12FlightsOfFancy_Page3; JZI_SummerBreeze_Paper_Floral-9; JZI_SummerBreeze_Paper_Solid-Blue; SDE_ThinkSpring_Mask2; Ro_Styles_HeavenlyGlitterFoil_2201-glitter2;