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  1. Hi Kim, welcome to Scrap Girls!
  2. I love this! I hope you get back into your real shoes soon!
  3. Gorgeous - I love the sketch copy of the photo, and the simplicity and openness of the layout.
  4. Here is my 2018 Week 3
  5. LLO_SSDLT_LoveMood1_Template3; ABR_2016Every_Solid_Blue, Deco3 papers; MAD_HugsKisses_Paper_Pink-Roses; MAD_HugsKisses_Emb1_Border-Daisies; ABR_CaptMem_Emb_Flower7, 6B; ABR_2016Every_Emb_Flower4; COL_InspiringDates_WordArt_M-January; AMC_MyDoll_Paper_Daisies-Yellow; AFT_LayerStyles_PoiseGlass_6; MST_SSToolsStyles_Embed1801_5; BMU_SSStyles_CutOut_Med; JRE_12thOfNever_Alpha1_Yellow; Pea Ashley Grace font; LD Cursive Flourish font
  6. Here's mine: Jumpstart January Layout #3
  7. DCA_SSPaper_Swoosh_Splash; BMU Zoomba Papers; BMU_Zoomba_EMB_Flower-Blue, Bow-Green; BMU_SweetSummer_Flower_Pink; EBA_FlirtyFlamingo_Emb_Palm; EHI_CreativeSpirit_Emb1_beads; ASO_SS_BasicGlitter_6401_Pink2, Green1; BMU_Zoomba_BeadAlpha_Orange; SRO_SSEm_EmbossingStamp; AMC_SSTools_Styles_Glass_6101_11
  8. Michelle 1992
  9. EMA_MixedUp_Papers1_Paper4; EMA_MixedUpPieces_EMB_Biggie1_SquareCardstock; OAWA-CozyChristmas-El-Paint2; COL_Exotic_Emb_Flower-blue; CRO_FeelingThankful_Flower3; SNU_SSStyles_BWMagic6301-LensFlare01; MRE_CornerRounder_Small; Ro_Styles_PhotoTextures_2201-10; DEB_SS_Tools_GlitterRocks5101-pink; COL_DynBrush_MusicalMvmnt_Eighth and Note; ASO_SS_BasicGlitter_6401_Black; ASO_SS_Styles_Greyscale_6401_1_LG; SNF Dear Miss Rose font; Pea C-squared font; SRO_EmbossingStamp_Emb_Freebie; SNU_sSTools_Styles_Embossed6302Spring-5
  10. This is beautiful. I love the sunny yellow background.
  11. I don't think you have to - I often don't, because I don't get caught up on the tasks until the end of the week!
  12. Hello, these are lovely layouts. For the mask, when you have your photo clipped to the mask (but before you merge the layers together, or "merge down"), make sure you have the mask layer highlighted/selected, then take a brush (I use just a small-ish round preloaded Photoshop brush for this) and using black for your color, brush over those areas of the mask that you want to add to, i.e. the areas where the background paper is showing through. As you brush, you'll magically see your photo added into those areas. Hopefully my instructions make sense - if not, I'm sure one of the team members can help!
  13. I just tried it, yours works perfectly!
  14. I think I've tried this before, and it did work to get to my albums, but it doesn't show any of my layouts that were uploaded to other galleries, like challenge galleries, etc. I'll try it again, though, and make sure that was the case. Ah, I figured it out! Go to my profile, click on Albums, then click on See My Activity, and the list of links on the left toward the bottom is "Images". Click on that, and it brings up my entire gallery, including LO's posted in the challenges. But, it's still very nice to have the direct link to it in my signature. I'm lazy like that! I know Carla has a link to hers in her signature, as well, and every once in a while I will click on hers to stalk her gallery, lol. Makes it easy to see someone else's entire gallery, with a signature link.
  15. He’s so cute!