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  1. Mikelle

    First Dance, 2005

    GWH_LovingYou_Ppr_Red-Text; ABR_AtThisMoment_Emb_Frame2; LLO_ForevLove_Emb_Flower_WhitePaper; BMU_WC_EMB_VelvetFlatRibbon-1; BMU_Zoomba_WA_Together-White; BMU_Nuptials_WordArt_Vel-Dance; BMU_Menagerie_Charm_Arrow; bed_rmnisc_mc-el-17_charm; GWH_LovingYou_Emb-Flower-Tan, Charm-Heart, BudStem;
  2. Mikelle

    First Dance Mr & Mrs

    Wow, this is gorgeous! I love the beautiful, classic black and white look, with just a touch of very light yellow and blue. First dance is special!
  3. I think this is perfect, too - her jacket absolutely matches gingerbread cookies! Love the sparkle, as always, and their photo is adorable!
  4. Mikelle

    First boat ride

    Such a happy, colorful layout! I've always loved blue and yellow together, one of my favorite combos. She looks so happy with her first boat ride!
  5. Mikelle

    Weekend Challenge - 7/20

    I'm so sorry, everyone! Thank you April, for posting the challenge. 🙀 I went with First Dance, too - my first dance with DH at the wedding reception.
  6. Mikelle

    Slow Scrap Jul 2019 #3

    TYO_RustyTreasures_Papers_MintFlorica; bed_pk-dec_pp8; AMC_Maddy_Paper_Doodles-Kraft; BMU_Grace_Mint; Pea Stella Noodles font; Pea Stacy Tunibug font; BMU_Grace_Ribbon_Black (altered to blue); BMU_Grace_MetalHeart-1; bed_pk-dec-el18_frame; bed_pk-dec-el21_button1; bed_pk-dec-el7_leaf1; BMU_Grace_Splatter_Gold2 (color adjusted); FlorJu_CreateYourMemories_MixStyle8; AFT_Everyday_Glitter_neu_6401_3_NoShad; vjs-goodwood-vol-01;
  7. Mikelle

    colourful slow scrap_week3

    7 photos, and it turned out so well! Love the framing on the photos, and the embellishments you chose.
  8. Mikelle

    Slow Scrap Week 3

    This photo is adorable, love the reflection! I like all the blending, and the faded newspaper print.
  9. Mikelle


    These are great photos, and I think your layout is perfect for them! I really like the patterned papers layered together.
  10. Mikelle

    Vacation Cabin

    Lovely page, and the cabin looks like a lot of fun!
  11. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Here is mine - yay, I managed to get a layout done! 😃 Feeding the Animals
  12. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    20th July Add some journalling, a date and any finishing touches to your layout. When you are finished upload your layout to The Slow Scrap Gallery.
  13. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    19th July Create a title for your layout using two different fonts.
  14. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    18th July Add five more embellishments to your layout. I picked out my photo, but I haven't done the frame yet! We got a new puppy and kitten - I'm sleep deprived! 😂
  15. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    17th July Add a frame to each of your photos.
  16. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    16th July Add an odd number of photos.
  17. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Here's mine, using papers from several different collections... I chose the first door (will it bring me a million dollars, or a car? 😂) 15 July task:
  18. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Ooohhh, pretty!
  19. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Yes, only one for the background. I take this to mean that the other 3 should be used eventually as paper strips for layering, frames, borders, etc. I think the task might be trying to get all of us to think outside the box for our papers - yikes!
  20. Mikelle

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    WEEK THREE - Are you ready? 😁 15th July Pick a door any door! Which swatch will you pick this week? Start a new layout in your preferred size and add four papers. Only one can be used as your background, you will need to use the other three in another way.
  21. Mikelle

    Help Me With A Layout - I'm Stuck

    Celestine, I liked the original version just fine, but I agree, the final layout is very appealing! I really like the look of the journaling spread across the entire width of the layout, and the matching slant. That trick of using a brush behind journaling to lessen a busy background - I use that a lot, love it!
  22. Mikelle

    By the Sea

    Such a cute photo! Love the clean look of this layout, the textured paper and folded envelope appearance. The scatter with small butterflies is nice (I love scatters), and the small, understated journaling. Adorable layout!
  23. Mikelle


    I really need to get back to my PL layouts. Our move has provided lots of scrapping fodder, but so much chaos that I don't have time!
  24. Mikelle

    Summer Meadows

    Soft pretty pinks in the background with the more metallic, shiny elements - gorgeous!