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  1. VJS Autumnal Equinox collection; ABR Scenic Route Word Art; ABR_BWY_Emb-Flower-Blue2; DEB_SSStyles_FallSplendor_5101_3;
  2. Mikelle

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 9/7/19

    LOL, I'm late to this challenge, feels like I've been working on this layout for weeks! Well, I have actually. I chose the second color palette, with the blue-green scarf. Blessings
  3. Mikelle

    Table for 3

    Adorable photo! I love the bright happy colors and whimsical look to the page - love that flower paper!
  4. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    It sounds like everyone went to the restaurant! I might have to try the other class, just to be contrary - but I have a lot of catching up to do. As for the cocktails, I'll sit on the edge of the water and make sure no one drowns, after those cocktails you all had! 20th Sept Oh dear! It's a good job there is no one but us staying in the lodge right now. Who was that singing at the top of their voices at 2am? Add something drink related to your layout. When you are finished post your layout in the ScrapGirls Retreat Gallery.
  5. TMD Bless This Nest Collection ABR Capturing Memories Collection SNU ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Halloween Watercolor
  6. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    19th Sept Join us out on the veranda for a Scrap Girls Cocktail Party. We have drinks for everyone including plenty of non-alcoholic ones. Us this cocktail image to inspire your next layout.
  7. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    18th Sept Finish off your layout making sure you have used what you learnt from the class you picked yesterday. Post your finished layout in the ScrapGirls Retreat Gallery.
  8. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    17th Sept We have two more classes for you today. Over in the Bar you can learn about placing photos inside of letters. Technique Tuesday – Photos Inside Letters Meanwhile in the Restaurant you can learn about adding texture to your photos. Technique Tuesday – Adding Texture To A Photo
  9. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    Ha ha, funny thing is, I really WAS at a spa this past weekend! I didn't end up getting a massage like I wanted - we were only there a couple of days and I had a conference to go to. I ate a little too well, though!
  10. Mikelle

    500 Horses

    Love this collection, and the alpha goes so well with your photos! Great patterned papers, and clusters!
  11. Mikelle

    WW Challenge - alphas

    I'll echo everyone else, love how the alpha mimics the totem pole! I always really like your clusters, too, this one is no exception!
  12. Mikelle

    weekend wildcard

    Wow, this is so creative and eye-catching! I think I have this alpha, I must go see! Love the heart scatter, and the blended patterns.
  13. Mikelle

    All We Need is Love

    These are beautiful photos! Great idea to mix and match the alphas, too - I think I've only ever used two different alphas at a time, but I'll make it a goal to try to use several like you've done!
  14. I know not everyone is comfortable using alphas – I for one actually enjoy them, and we have so many incredible alpha sets in the SG Shop. I have had plans for a certain layout brewing for a while, and it involves building my title a specific way using an alpha, so I thought I’d make this into a challenge. Your challenge this weekend is to use an alpha in your layout title – not necessarily for the entire title, but at least for one letter. One technique I have found interesting is to use a large letter at the beginning of the title to make it pop, or use one large letter that several words share. Or, mix and match alpha sets to create a funky fun layout, or tilt the letters and place them off-kilter… throw away those guide lines! This is a great way to overcome the need to make your alpha look perfect. Get creative, try out something new! Post your layout in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge gallery, and then come back to this thread and post a link to your layout so we can admire it!
  15. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    16th Sept Add a leaf and a flower to your layout. Finish off your season colour layout. Remember your layout does not have to be about a season, just make sure you use the colours from the swatch you picked. Post your finished layout in the ScrapGirls Retreat Gallery. As for me, now that I'm back from my conference, I need to catch up on the Retreat activities - welcome to a brand new week! 😄
  16. Mikelle

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 14 September

    Love the layouts so far! 😄
  17. Mikelle


    Oh wow, I love this! Love the colors, love the alpha, with it's wood look, and it's so perfect for your photo. Nice job!
  18. My 12 year old will love this layout - her school last year performed the Wizard of OZ! (She helped run lights.) Love your alpha - and see, tilting it all crazy helps get over trying to make it perfect! 😂
  19. Mikelle

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 14 September

    Yes, I really like alphas! Here is my layout: Pumpkin Puppy with a Pinecone
  20. Mikelle

    Delta Dawn

    AHA Hello Halloween Collection; TCS_Silver_TexturedLines; las-natural-ls-2b; ASO_SSTools_Finery_Floral; SNU_BS_SpookyHween_Splats; EBA_SSStyles_FairyDust_Pink; SNU_SSStyles_LittleRedBird_CreamStripe; Monster Paparazzi font; SNU_SSStyles_KissRose_Chevron
  21. Mikelle

    SG Retreat LO #1: Winter Wagon

    SRO_SSPaper_TexturedGrunge3_04; ABR_SSEmb_BlendFrame1; SDE Christmas Is For baubles; SE Winter Is Beautiful baubles, brush; LLA_WCabin_WA_Winter; JRA_JingleBells_WA_PaperScraps_Cold; AFT_LayerStyles_PoiseGlass_3; SNU_SSStyles_WireWood-Flourish; vjs-royale-glitter-07; CRO_HappyCamper style 5
  22. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    I chose the second tutorial, how to decorate fonts with brushes; I used a very light brush behind the font, but then decided to use it over my whole background paper because I really liked it. Then I used a brush and styles and a stroke around the larger font in the title. This is our new kitten: Delta Dawn
  23. Mikelle

    SG Retreat - 9/4 Weather

    SO CUTE! Look at those eyes!
  24. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    Here's my first layout: Winter Wagon
  25. Mikelle

    ATC SG Retreat Sep 2019

    DRB Vintage Camera collection; EMA_Afresh_Emb_Ribbon-Blue; DRB_LoveliestOfAll_Ribbon_04; LLO_FallSnaps_Embs_Camera_Black; ASO_SS_Styles_Greyscale_6401_1_LG; Pea Shirl's Swirls font