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  1. EBA Flirty Flamingo Collection; ACA_OppAttract_Emb-Frame-TuckedCorners; AMC_SpringWings_Emb_Flower-Yellow; DEB_Merrydale_Emb_Butterfly3; SNU_CreativeSpirit_EB-ButterflyYllowNS; SNU_FleaMkt_Emb-CharmChevGld; DEB_SSStyles_DyedFabrics5104_2; Pea Beth font; Pea Bonnie font
  2. Late to the party, but here is mine: Looking Silly
  3. ACA Opposites Attract collection (retired); VRA_SSEmbTmp_MaskQuerade5
  4. I used a retired collection; it had a great photomask cluster of circles! Laura's Kindy Graduation
  5. This is so pretty, I love the pink and yellow blended together. Beautiful roses!
  6. Look at those blue eyes! What a gorgeous kiddo. I love 1 year old birthday cake photos!
  7. So sorry you had to miss her 16th! These are great photos, though, and she looks happy. I really like how you managed to blend all these papers so well in the background, so they don't overwhelm the photos (I had trouble with that!) Really pretty, soft layout.
  8. Beautiful flowers! Love your butterfly trail and the bright contrast of the bird embellishment.
  9. This is so pretty, and I love the journaling. Pretty photo in the center, with the MOM display, and beautiful flowers.
  10. Ha ha, I got a laugh out of her sipping whiskey in the lounge! Poor ankle, but sounds like it was a good flight home. I really like the arrangement of your layout - this is something I want to work on, making my photos smaller and utilizing creative placement of photos.
  11. LLO_TwilightTricker_Paper_SolidGray; EBA_Afresh_Paper_Gray; ABR_ScenicRoute_12x12Paper_Gray; GGD_GreyMatter_Paper_3; bed_tsd_pp9; SDE_PaperTemplates_Overlay6; LLO_SSPaper_WornDamask_Damask1; EBA_Afresh_Emb_Ribbon-Pink; LLO_DecoDreams_Emb_Flower_DkGraySilk; ABR_2016Every_Emb_Flower5; ABR_BOY_Element_Flower1-Grey; SDE_ThinkSpring_Mask2; SNU_SSTools_Styles_CrackleTexture6301-9; EHI_SSTools_Styles_BarelyThereInked5401-6; EBA_Afresh_Alpha; Pea Emily font; Pea Alicia font; DEB_SSActions_Knockout5102-3; EBA_Afresh_Emb_Egg_Pink
  12. COL Inspiring Collection; PWR_MemoryLane_Emb_Strip-Turquoise; SNU_FleaMarket_PprSupMini-Torn; florju_ArtJournal_1; BMU_SSStyles_GL_Distress_Autumn_Morning; DEB_SS_Tools_Styles_WornCorduroy_5101_Rust
  13. Here is my Week 3 The background became so busy, trying to blend 5 papers in! Yikes. I had a hard time figuring out how to get my journaling to show up.
  14. This isn't entirely black and white, so maybe it doesn't count, but I thought of it right away when I read the challenge... I took this as a photo-a-day last month, but I think I used a different one.
  15. This is a pretty photo!
  16. A little late, but here is mine: Music Inspiration
  17. JCO_Ashley_GreyFloral; AFT_Lively_Whitish_Paper_4; DDS_FlamingSeason_pap_browngrunge2; ACA_SSPaper_FoldItUp_6-FoldedBorder-WithShadow; AMD Cattitude: Ribbon1, Flower2, Footprint, Stitches, Flair2; JCO Ashley: BrownBow, Frame5WS, Petals2, OrangeBow, Flower1; ABR_CatNip_WArt_Home; SNU_SSStyles_SoftColor6301-3; DEB_SSActions_Knockout5102-4; SNU_SSStyles_AutumnWatercolor-Changing; Pea Ashley Grace font; ASO_SSTools_GlitzyChristmas_6401_noglit-Gold; ASO_SS_WeatheredWood_6401_Black; AFT_SSTools_PaperBorders_6401_6_Small
  18. VRA_Batik_Paper_Collage-SageGreen; VRA_Batik_Emb: Button2Red-thread, Button1Teal-thread, Staple-X-2-shadow, Staple-H-shadow, Staple-X-1-shadow; LLO_SmasSpark_Emb_Ribbon_PineSparkle; EBA_EmbMini_Washi_Coral; KME_DefiningMoments_Emb_Spraypaint_Coral, Flower_Coral2, Button_Coral; VRA_Avalon_Emb2_JournalStrip-Coral; ABR_Blendology_Stain2 brush; SNU_MO_BS_ArtfulLife-Flower brush; flora-createyourmemories-MixStyle8; SNU_SSStyles_PaintTextures6301-Canvas3; forge-GoodbyeSummer-styleGroup2; vjs-shadesofgrey-04; SNU_SSTools_Styles_GlitterEdge_6301_Silver; Pea Jamie B Wake Up Fisshy! font and Pea Jennifer font
  19. I chose door #3: School Lunch
  20. I love slow scraps! In the end I chose the fox color swatch, because the photos are of my two old cats - one cat is orange, the other black and white. Here is my week 1: A House is Not a Home... Incidentally, I used the recoloring part of an embellishment tutorial to recolor the paw in Angie's word art. It was purple, and I turned it orange to match the layout. That's a new technique, I hadn't recolored anything in that way before.
  21. EMA_MixedUp_Paper3_paper2; AFT_Lively_Paint_Emb_4; AFT_Seaglass_Blush_Word_Calm; KSC_RoughHewn_Emb1_Nut; ABR_YoursTruly_Emb-Nut; GWH_SwapMeet_Emb_Alarm; ABR_BWY_Emb-Flower-Pink2; DDS_VeniceSSplendor_El_heartstring1; ASO_Rollicking_Emb_Scribble; ACA_OppAttract_WordArt-Strip2; Peace WA (not sure what collection); SNU_EverydayStories_EB-Petals; vjs-starkraven-daisy-01, driedleaves-01; DDS_FlamingSeason_emb_leaves8; SNU_Noteworthy_Emb_DriedLeaf-Long; CED_TaintedLove_Emb_heart-lace; AFT_SSStyles_SubtleGlass_6401_3; AFT_LayerStyles_PoiseGlass_5; BMU_BrushSet_Smoke; LHA_SSTools_Style_SketchOverlays_Vines; Florju_VintageSchool_6; MRE_AgedFolds_WhiteWashed; Pea fonts: Natalie, Whinney, Star Star
  22. dt-SGnsdfree-temp; EMA_Antiquities_paper_Biggie_BrownHoundstooth; DCA_LoveSoSweet_Flower_Big_White; DEB_VistaLinda_Special_Gold; AMC_HappyFamily_12x12_Circles_Coral; TYO_PrettyPetals_Paper_LilacDimples; JZI_LiveLoveLake_Paper_Dots-WhiteBlue; VRA_Batik_Paper_Purple; JRA_VictorianPaperLace_Paper_Damask_LightPurple; TYO_JunkLove_Paper_WhiteWood; DCA_Amour_Emb_Flower2, FlowerSilk5; BMU_BlessedBe_Paper_FallingLeaves-Green; CKI_MN_string-navy; DDS_VeniceSplendor_El_string2; KSC_AveryGrace_WordArt_SillyGirl; SNU_SSStyles_AutumnWaterColor-Plumberry; Pea Kar Kar Print font
  23. BMU Zoomba Collection; KWE_SGSSClub_Feb14_Bonus-Item3_Stripes; BMU_SSPaper_BGB7_5; BMU_Ephemera_EMB_Frame-Tan; ABR_CTW_Emb_Scatter3_Shad; AFT_BrushSet_Dyn_ChicBlend_1; SNU_SSStyles_WaterColorSpring-Flame; STI_SSTools_Styles_Rust_4902-6; Pea Mee-Mee fontSNU_sSStyles_WaterColorXMas_Poinsettia
  24. Ooo, thank you, I didn’t know there was a prize to be had!