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  1. GWH Tis The Season Collection; AMC_Best-Dressed-Holiday_12x12_Silver-Sparkle, Red-Plaid; vjs-cranberriesncream-paper-08; AFT_BrushSet_Essen_GrungyLines_6; AFT_SSPaper_Essen_GrungyEdges_6; vjs_crimsonandcoal-glitter-03; AFT_Everyday_Glitter_Neu_6401_9_NoShad
  2. "My mom and aunt are on the right side of the photo. I'm not sure who the other little girl is. They look happy with their Christmas dolls! Nancy and Cathy Weaver, @1950? Clarkston, Washington"
  3. Mikelle

    Heritage Challenge

    Aaaaawwww, I love this photo! Beautiful layout, so sweet and subtle. Just perfect!
  4. Could you put the second $3 under another unguessed number? I know it wouldn't be the random picker...
  5. And I"m out to work on my heritage LO, have fun! 😄
  6. Thank you! We're sitting on our computers, lol
  7. Oops... probably you could have told me the earlier number was the winner, and then made sure everyone knows any other numbers I guessed after that are still up for grabs
  8. I'm supposed to be working on my heritage layout, but I'm not getting much work done!