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  1. Oh wow, I absolutely love all the color and bling in this layout! Perfect for a teenager. The mask work is great, too - I need to do this tutorial.
  2. Wow, really stunning. What a beautiful photo, too. I need to learn how to use the watercolor filter!
  3. I love your fairy garden, and I hadn't known they existed until you told me about them a while ago. I'd like to make my own someday. I love your journaling. 💕
  4. Marilyn! We missed you!
  5. We have a winner for I Have/I Want!  Check out the winner HERE.  Thanks for playing everyone!

  6. WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations, Rae (bcgal00), you won Outside My Window by Designs by Helly! Send an email to prizes@scrapgirls.com to claim your prize!
  7. This is gorgeous! I love the stark black of the crow against the branches and light background - and the word art mimics the crow. Beautiful clusters, too, and background.
  8. Ha ha, LOVE the dog, he's so tired! What a great photo looking down. Painted rocks are fun, too; my stepmother paints them and puts them along trails and paths.
  9. Wow, gorgeous photo! I love the perspective. Beautiful layout, too, with the bubbles, rippled sand look, and blending.
  10. Mikelle

    Photo Ch

    Great photo looking up! Love the cat and the kiddo. I also really like this collection, so pretty!
  11. I'm going to try this month, too!
  12. The July Monthly Challenges are posted!  These also count toward the Challenge Chase, so come and get'em!

  13. We did it! We made it half way through 2020! It's been rough, but hopefully the last half will be smoother. To take your mind off of things for a while, here are your July monthly challenges. You have all month to create them! Post your layouts in the Monthly Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave links to your layouts so we can all admire them. Remember too, the monthly layouts count for the Challenge Chase, so be sure to post links to your layouts in the July Challenge Chase thread to count toward earning the monthly coupon to the SG Shop. Here are your July Monthly Challenges: 1: Exercise: Because we've all had a harder time getting out and about this year, exercise is more important than ever. Create a layout based on a physical activity or exercise that you enjoy, such as walking, gardening, yoga, etc. 2: Mixed up patterns! Scrap a layout mixing stripes and polka dots. You can do this in many different ways, using papers, embellishments, masks, brushes, even your photos. 3: Tutorial: Create a layout utilizing one of the many tutorials posted on the SG Blog HERE. When you post the link to your layout in this thread, let us know which tutorial you used! Make sure it's one that you haven't done before, so that you learn something new. 4: Mood board: Yay, I love mood boards! I chose a summery board this time, from Pinterest. Create a layout inspired by the mood board below - anything can be your inspiration, from the color palette to one specific object in a photo, or a shape... anything!
  14. Only two more hours left to play I Want/I Have! The more collections you post, the better your chance of winning is!

  15. Wow, gorgeous photos! The masks really hone in on specific parts of the bridge, too. I love the lights on the bridge.
  16. Gorgeous collections so far! I always find so many kits I want during this game, seeing what everyone posts. Keep going! Remember the more you post, the better your chances are of being the draw winner!
  17. I decided to do two layouts for this challenge, because I couldn't decide which photos to use. I used photos I already had for both layouts, but they're perfect for this challenge! One set of photos is taken from up high (in a plane), and the other from down low. Fly What a Wonderful World
  18. BMU Ruby Collection; BMU SSPaper Background Blenders 7; MST Spice Pine paper; ACA_SSWordArt_Beauty_World_Layered; AFT_SSStyles_GlowStainedGlass; vjs photo filter 02; Pea Milly Mix font; BMU_SSStyles_CutOut_LG
  19. SNU_Ace_EmbMini_Flag-Planes; EBA_Calypso_WA_Fly-yellow; FLO My Summer Junk Journal collection; MJO_PlaneyEarth_Emb_Special; Helly Style Cardboard and Old Notebook (paper);
  20. Today (Tuesday) is the last day of Sale-a-Bration!  Make sure you hit that sale in the SG Shop, and join us for today's Game and Challenge!

    1. SodScrap


      I just checked out for the THIRD time...

    2. Mikelle


      14 hours ago, SodScrap said:

      I just checked out for the THIRD time...

      Ha!  I haven't shopped for a while, but I will be this weekend.

  21. This is the last challenge of Sale-a-Bration 2020, so make it count! Your challenge today is a photo challenge: Take a photo (or photos) of something or someone from a lower or higher angle, then create a layout using those photos. The sky’s the limit - literally! 😃 Once your layout is complete, post it in the Sale-A-Bration Challenge Gallery, then come back here to leave a link to your layout so that we can all admire it. Remember, if you complete even one Sale-a-Bration Challenge layout, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize! The prizes are as follows: Complete all 5 challenges, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $40 gift certificate to the SG Shop Complete 3 challenges, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $20 gift certificate to the SG Shop Complete 1 challenge, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $5 gift certificate to the SG Shop All layouts MUST be posted by Midnight EST on July 2nd to be eligible (you have some time to complete all of them!)
  22. I Have and I Want! This is an easy, fun game to play and you might just win a collection that you’d like to own. Simply post two images: the first, of a kit that you already have and tell us what your favorite part of the collection is and why. The second image is of a collection or other item in the SG store that you want, and tell us what you like about it. You may post as many times as you like, up until midnight EST Tuesday June 30th. However, you may not post twice in a row – wait until at least one other person posts before you post again, or your post won’t count. One lucky person will win something from their posted “want” list (via random draw), to be announced Wednesday July 1st. Have fun! Here is an example post: I Have Designs by Helly's Winter Twilight Collection; I love how sparkly this kit is, and the color palette of the deep blues, the white snow, and coral pink. Very peaceful! I want: Chere Kaye's Weeds & Wildflowers Collection. Again, I just love the color palette, it's so bright and cheerful! This collection is feminine, fun, and energetic, perfect to scrap layouts of my two girls.
  23. Whew, my scrapping is sure going slow lately. I'm plugging away, though! Here's my color challenge: December Walk
  24. VJS Stark Raven: Paper 07, FabricFlower-01, Rope with Heart, Flower Doodle 01, Floral Pin. GWH Summer Garden: Button Flower, Bow Green, Bow Purple, Flower 8. CKA I Heart You Green Heart; CAB One Girl papers 9 and 11; CAB Grateful Hearts Mini Flower; AMC Pumpkin Patch Brad Green; AWI Murano WA Natural and Smile; AFT SSPaper AbsoBlended3; BMU Wesley's Christmas Green Rose; AMC Best Dressed Holiday Green Bow; BMU SSStyles OYP Black Brocade style; Pea Cara font
  25. Here is mine: Pumpkin Love Forever
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