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  1. Mikelle

    WT 2019 LO #5

    STI_Promise_Wood_PaperSuperMini_3; GWH_SSEmb_JustBlendIt_Mask4; AMC_CottageQuilt_12x12_Solid-Cream; AMC_CottageQuilt_12x12_Gingham-Green; STI_ComfortHome_EmbBig_Journaling2; STI_Promise_EmbellMini_Frame_1; STI_Promise_Embells_Tape_Green, Snowflake, Hinge Tape_Aqua, String_2; STI_ComfortHome_EmbBig_Button_Metal2; STI_HolyNIght_Special_Ribbon_shadow;
  2. Mikelle

    World Tour 2019 LO #6

    AMC AYO Zoom Sunny Day; AMC AYO Zoom Gleeful; AMC_SSStyles_FreezerPops_Grape
  3. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    Here is layout #6, white space and hot: Mud Box
  4. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    Here is Layout #5, wood and green: Log Cabin
  5. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    "Plus, you know, ghosts." 😂 LOL! I too think Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned here. They had to lock him up somewhere, and this being THE cool high-tech castle of the time and in the area... As for me, I was left alone all night. Mosquitos are quite drawn to me, but not Dracula apparently? Fine by me!
  6. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    Andrea, I'm also a teetotaler - we will still go to the bar, but we'll nurse our ginger ales, and just sit and laugh at the other girls' tipsy antics. 😂
  7. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    18th May We have headed to the city of Klevan in the Ukraine. We have been invited to ride a train on a two mile stretch of private railway followed by a stroll back. So, what's so special about this railway? The railway and train have turned the surrounding trees into an enchanting natural tunnel. The romantic setting has earned this stretch of track the nickname of "The Tunnel of Love". Local legend has it that couples who visit the tunnel will be granted a wish, provided their intentions are sincere. Start a new layout with love as your inspiration.
  8. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    17th May I am getting a bit worried about some of these drinks the Barman is finding, some of you cannot walk in a straight line anymore. Today's addition is Tuica, a potent "moonshine" distilled from plums. What did you all think of the castle? Do you think Dracula was ever there? Any answer to this is worth a bonus stamp on the passport. Add something to do with architecture to your layout. When you are finished post your layout in the World Tour Gallery.
  9. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    I'm pretty sure we're staying the night here... bring your best ghost story!
  10. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    16th May I want to drink your blood! That's right we have headed to the heart of Transylvania. We will be visiting Corvin Castle, also known as Hunyadi Castle. It sits atop a rocky bluff with nothing but a thin bridge allowing access and looks like it could be straight out of a fairy-tale. Legends state that Vlad the Impaler spent seven years in the dungeons here. Although this is unlikely to be true it does seem like the sort of place where Dracula might have been held. Start a new layout with fairy-tale as your inspiration.
  11. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    15th May What has the Barman found for us in Turkey? Raki, otherwise known as Lion's Milk. It's made of twice distilled grapes and aniseed. Did any of you get a chance to relax in the thermal pools? How about Hierapolis? Get any amazing photos? Add something that reminds you of hot to your layout. When you are finished post your layout in the World Tour Gallery.
  12. Mikelle

    Mom and Me, 1975

    VRA_Loved_12x12_LoveStripes; AFT A Mother's Love 2 collection mini; AFT_Blissful_Paper_Cardstock_1; SDE_ATimeForLove_Mask3; DEB_SSStyles_DyedFabric5104_2
  13. Mikelle

    May Monthly Challenges

    Can you believe it's already May? This year is flying by! Your May challenges are below. Complete them at your leisure, but remember to post your layouts in the Monthly Challenge Gallery and then post links to them in this thread so that we can leave some love. Also remember that you can use your May Monthly Challenge Layouts in the May Challenge Chase. Challenge #1: Brushes Brushes are amazingly creative and versatile, and I have a LOT of them! I often forget to use them, though. For this challenge, use at least two brushes on your layout. Here is my layout: Sunflower Challenge #2: Mood Board When I was a young teenager, I remember throwing together collages, which usually consisted of a poster board with pictures and words cut out from magazines pasted to the board. These days, it’s so easy to put together a digital mood board – I love it! For this challenge, create a layout inspired by the mood board below. I also posted the board to the following link, with credits to the photographers: Mood Board Here is mine: She's a Wildflower Challenge #3: Back in My Day Speaking of when I was a teenager, so much has changed since then! It’s been 35 years since I became a teenager. Think how computers have advanced during that time, along with the advent of e-readers, smart phones, smart cars… Is there anything you are nostalgic for? Do you sometimes wish you could go back to “the old way” of doing things? Or is there a type of clothing you wish was still in style, or candy that is no longer sold? Scrap a layout about something you miss that was “back in your day.” This doesn’t necessarily have to be a heritage layout, or even about something that long ago, just something that has changed. My nostalgic layout: Bike Challenge #4: Stripes Let’s find stripes! For this challenge, use a striped background paper (or two), striped embellishments, or even a photo with stripes in it (zebra, anyone?) Here is my striped layout: Yellowstone Mood Board for Challenge #2:
  14. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    They’re such pretty hot springs! Hard to believe they’d be dangerous. Anyone want to brave a toe dip? Volunteers?
  15. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    14th May We have headed west to Pamukkale, Turkey. We are off to explore the Travertine Thermal Pools and ruins of Hierapolis, we may even have time to relax a bit. Pamukkale has been a spa town for hundreds of years, ever since the Romans arrived in Hierapolis. The mineral springs have formed massive white limestone terraces and this amazing sight often over shadows the ancient but well-preserved ruins above. Don't worry we will have time to see both.  Start a new white space layout. Remember your layout does not have to be white.
  16. ABR Effortless Collection; DRB_Brush-Set_Page-Titles_Family; GWH_SimplyVintage_Damask4 (brush); JRA_Brushes_MemoryBook_6; JCO_Solstice_PSM_YellowWash; Florju_Eternity_TransparentWatercolor (style); Florju_ArtJournal_5 (style); ACA_sSClub_May12_Bonus_SSStyles_Earthy1
  17. Mikelle

    world tour_Wood and Green

    Oh, beautiful, I just want to spend the day there! Love the cell phone with the photo, great idea, and the OOB circle frame.
  18. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    13th May: Ready for another fun tour week? The bar now has a large supply of Chai Tea. Don't all rush at once. How did you all enjoy the Living Root Bridges? I hope no one tried to cross one that wasn’t at least 15 years old. They are meant to be unstable and easily break in those first 15 years. Add something green to your layouts. When you are finished post your layout in the World Tour Gallery. I'm not sure the photo of the Living Root Bridges came through on Conda's post (it didn't for me), so I've posted it again below. Looks beautiful - but maybe a little scary to cross?!!!
  19. SNU_Picturesque_PprSupMini-WoodBlue; BMU_Asian_Alpha; ASO_SSTools_Resin_6401_lime, aqua; OAWA-CherryBlossoms-Ribbon, Gem; BMU_Menagerie_Beads-Wood;
  20. Mikelle

    Tuesday Challenge 5/7

    I have quite a few photos of my mother, and I like a lot of them. I chose these, though, because it makes me laugh to see the distracted look on my mom's face, while I look like I'm being a typical oblivious, crazy child. Mom and Me, 1975
  21. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    Layout #4, brushes and flowers: Family
  22. Mikelle

    Hello, I am from Oklahoma

    Welcome to Scrap Girls, I’m glad you decided to join in on the forum! Like everyone else has said, just ask if you need anything, there’s usually someone around who has an answer. I hope to see some of your layouts popping up, too!
  23. Mikelle

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    Layout #3... I had never heard of Japanese soundscapes, either, and I lived there for 3 years! I'm going to try to find a CD of all the soundscapes. In the meantime, I looked up the list of them, and I've been to a few of the places on the list. The layout I made is one of them, the Nebuta festival in Aomori prefecture, which is where Misawa is. I have a lot of other photos of the floats in the parade - their floats are a much different style than ours in the States - but for the layout/soundscape I chose some photos of the Taiko drummers. I was amazed at the HUGE taiko drum that passed by, with two drummers sitting on top! Nebuta Matsuri
  24. Mikelle

    Siggie for 2019 World Tour

    CAB_HelloSunshine_Nano collection; SNU_SSStyles_WatercolorSpring_Citrus
  25. Mikelle

    World Tour LO #1 (3 May)

    TKA_Baseball_12x12_PinStripes_Red_SPECIAL; EMA_Antiquities_Paper_Biggie_RedChevron; EMA_EMB_MemphisBorders_6; EMA_HoneyGarden_COLL_Biggie_BlueFlower; EMA_Antiquities_EMB_PocketWarch; EMA_honeyGarden_COLL_Biggie_Umbrella; EMA_Antiquities_EMB_Ribbon_3; STI_SSTools_Styles_Rust_4901_2; EMA_Antiquities_Alpha1; ASO_SSTools_Finery_Floral2