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  1. Third layout: Karlie's 8th Birthday Party
  2. Here's mine: Karlie's 8th Birthday Party
  3. ABR_SSDLOT_Alb5_PG8; SNU_Memento_Paper-Leopard; BMU_Zoomba_Paper_Wash-Magenta; SNU_Memento Leopard print flowers; DRB_Girl-Power_Emb_Flair-Sweet, WA-Good-Times, Heart-Padlock; SNU_Memento_Alpha1-8; KWE_SBSSClub_Feb14_Bonus-Item3_Cake1; DRB_Girl-Power_Emb_Glitter-Row; CKI_SDLO_Girl_string-cream; AFT_ForHim_Metal4 style; SNU_SSStyles_Marble_SilverGold_AccentSilver; Pea Milly Mix font; Pea Neck font
  4. I'm woefully behind. Here is Week 14, Part 2.
  5. MPE_ScrapIt_Monthly_Template_ Series 1; LLO_SGSSClub_Bonus_Nano_Paper_TexturedBerry; EHI_RSVP_Paper_Solid-Kraft; AHA_snowbeautiful_emb; Pea Kylie font; Pea Lovey Dovey font; DCA_PocketLife_Blessing_Card6;
  6. Wow! That does look painful. Despite the fact that you're bleeding... the bright red and purple make for some nice bright photos, lol. Glad it's feeling a little better now. And your craft space looks great!
  7. Here's my second layout: Colorful (Tuesday NL Challenge, August 4th)
  8. SNU_SSEmb_PhotoClusterMasks-2; EBA_WhitePumpkin_Paper_Hydrangia-Green; DDS_FlamingSeason_emb_trinket2; SNU_EverydayStories_EB-ButterflyCharm; AFT_Lively_Whiteish_Paper_2; JZI_Sunflower_WA_Colorful; SNU_AutumnWatercolor Fallen Leaves style; ASO(AFT) Finery Vellum 3 style
  9. Hi, welcome! I love your layouts so far - your grandson is adorable! 😍 Definitely jump in, post layouts (you'll get encouragement along the way), and participate in the challenges - I have found that the challenges stretch my skills in ways I wasn't looking to stretch, lol.
  10. Mikelle

    Man at work

    Great photos - love the shadow in the photo of him working, and the stamped word art.
  11. What an incredible photo! Amazing - 1914. I love your background, and the pops of pink flowers.
  12. And here's my first layout - Weekend Wildcard challenge for August 1st: Dorm Room Hairdos
  13. I'll try again this month.
  14. Oh, she's beautiful! And yes, wow, those bouquets are amazing! I love your gorgeous cluster mimicking the bouquets (beautiful new club, Angie!), and how you blended her part of the photo into the background with a paint mask.
  15. Beautiful photos of your grandmother, that dress is gorgeous, too. She is tall! I love your journaling, and love the thought of your grandmother being so capable at maintaining the house and lawn. I like the right justified text, too - I don't use that often, I'll have to remember to try that soon!
  16. Wow, this is an incredible photo to have! Great job scrapping it, too, I love the aged journal, all of the postcards, and library card.
  17. From the album: Sprites and Doodles

    Created with Hot Summer Value Pack by Heartmade Scrapbook
  18. Here is mine: Dorm-Room Hairdos I've been wanting to scrap these photos of my mom doing her friends' hair in college...
  19. Florju A Sweet Vintage Collection; EMA Antiquities Collection; Syndee Nuckles Vintage Papers Style; CKI Smiles 4 Miles Paper Style
  20. Can you believe it's already August? This year has flown by, despite all of the challenges. Speaking of time passing, let's have a heritage crop this weekend! I love heritage layouts, although I don't do enough of them. Your challenge today is to find a photo or photos of someone who is at least a generation older than you are, taken at least 30 years ago - and preferably 40 or 50+ years ago, from when that person was young(er). When you've completed your layout, post it in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread to leave a link to your layout so that we can all admire it! Remember, too, that the weekend challenge layouts will count toward a brand new month of the Challenge Chase, so don't forget to post a link to your layout in the August Challenge Chase thread as well.
  21. Here is my fourth monthly challenge layout, using a tutorial: Huckleberry Picking
  22. Here is my tutorial layout: Huckleberry Picking I found a tutorial by Jody on using gradients to blend your photo - so simple, but I didn't know how to do this before! "Blend Your Photos Into Your Background Using the Gradient Tool"
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