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  1. Great photos! We don't often get to see youngster horses. I like the mix of colors and patterns you chose for the page.
  2. Great photo effects and I love the OOB effect as well. I have this kit and am grateful for your inspiration in how to use it.
  3. I look forward to your pages in order to see what Lucy's been up to, LOL. Cute photos. I think our granddaughter had that same baby doll. I like the mix of shapes on your pages and the pretty background paper -- very spring-like.
  4. This is so cool! I love that you were able to get a photo from the same perspective as shown in Constable's painting. Lovely framing with just the right touch of embellishment, and I like the olde English font, too.
  5. That's a great close-up photo! I like the sketched berries you added to the page and the pretty blueberry-blue paper/ribbon across the bottom.
  6. He grew up a bit! It's very sweet to see Mother and Son together and you've made a lovely page for your photos.
  7. That sure is true about car seats! I'm glad our kids survived! I like the use of arrows as well as the punches of bright pink on the page.
  8. This is a beautiful remembrance page. I love your simple design.
  9. This made me smile. Scout was a cute puppy turned into a cute dog. I love all the scribbles on the page. They make me think Scout has a lot of energy.
  10. Super work! I love how you blended the "before" photo into the background especially because it looks like the "now" is looking at her past.
  11. I love the bright colors of autumn leaves and you certainly have shown them to gorgeous effect! Beautiful page.
  12. Oh, this is so sweet. I love their photos and the pretty lace around the page.
  13. Wow, those flowers sure are gorgeous! I love the grunge block effect and the soft cluster of flowers.
  14. Sweet! It's so nice to see that she's changed but still has that lovely smile. Pretty page. I like the energy that the musical notes give it.
  15. Here's my second layout for September. Thanks for looking!
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