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  1. Florida granny

    Weekly Winners November 11th

    Congratulations, ladies! Well-deserved.
  2. Florida granny

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    Now you have me worried... Here's my page with the 5+ embellishments.
  3. Florida granny

    newsletter challenge

    Interesting and creative work. Beautifully done!
  4. Florida granny

    Nov Month LO4_600

    Oh my goodness... Kiahna!! She looks so grown up. A real beautiful young lady. I love the photo effects and blending here. You've made a really gorgeous and artistic page.
  5. Florida granny

    Newsletter 12 Nov-B&W- Toys

    What a wonderful page! I love the photo and the fact that you quoted the note on the back. Your father must have been quite talented! The yellow ducky and accents look great with the black and white.
  6. Florida granny

    Tuesday Challenge 11/12/19: BW - Freedom Tower JP72

    I love the perspective on your photo, and your black border is quite appropriate for the theme. A striking photo and page!
  7. Florida granny

    Nov Month LO2_600

    I was about to comment on how rare it is to see a photo of them together when I read your journaling. Great photo and a great page. I like the light-hearted patterned paper and embellishments.
  8. Florida granny

    Man on the Go

    That's such a great photo! I love the layering on your page. Everything works so well together.
  9. Florida granny

    Newsletter Challenge

    I love the artistic look to your page. The reds are subtle but add a lot, too. Fabulous page.
  10. Florida granny

    Newsletter Challenge

    Cute photo! It really stands out against the black background.
  11. Florida granny

    Weekly Newsletter Challenge, 12 Nov: Laura

    Beautiful! I like the soft colors with the black and white photo.
  12. Florida granny

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    I'm lucky because my template was designed for one photo. Here's the page so far.
  13. Florida granny

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    I chose SNU SSDLT Life Is Good template and added papers from FLO Celebrate Autumn and BMU Love Is;
  14. Florida granny

    November Crazy Slow Scrap

    Um... speak for yourself, Debby. I reserve the right to throw alphas or embellishments or anything else at Marilyn if I feel the need. Or maybe my whole finished page if it's too crazy! Or if I'm laughing too hard.
  15. Florida granny

    Le Mont t Michel

    Very creative framing! I would love to see Le Mont St. Michel.