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  1. Florida granny

    Chalk Art by Rebekah.jpg

    I see talent runs in the family. Great page to showcase her art. I love the mix of bright colors with the blackboard background.
  2. Florida granny

    tuesday newsletter

    Congratulations on your new purchase! I love your happy photo and the bright lively mix of patterns you used here.
  3. Florida granny

    firehouse fun

    That was so nice of the fire fighters to do that! I love your photos and the way you've put this together. Everything goes together beautifully.
  4. Florida granny


    Fabulous! You've taken monochrome papers and turned the whole page into a celebration! Great color isolation, too.
  5. Florida granny

    Feed the Giraffes

    This is so cool! I love your photos and the fabulous mix of patterned papers that you used. It looks like the giraffe is having a conversation with your son..
  6. Florida granny

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    I'm going with the paper roses because I think the colors will look nice with some Netherlands photos I have in mind. Papers from BMU Color Palette 02 and Primavera and OAWA Woodland Walks.
  7. Florida granny

    July Colourful Slow Scrap

    Welcome back, Debby! I'm glad to see the color chips for this week.
  8. Florida granny

    Sand Castle

    I like how you stitched the papers. Great colors and a happy page.
  9. Florida granny

    First Dance, 2005

    Ah... tender and lovely, and it's so nice to see beautiful you as a bride. I love the rich red you chose for the background and accents. It is dramatic and perfect with the neutrals.
  10. Florida granny

    First Dance Mr & Mrs

    Gorgeous! Your design is so lush and beautiful. You've used the patterned papers in a masterful way and I love your clusters surrounding the photo as well.
  11. Florida granny

    Colorful Slow Scrap Week 2

    What a great photo! They both look so happy. I love your blending and the way you balanced the title with the tag cluster.
  12. Sweet photo. I like the golden background and the cute gingerbread people.
  13. Florida granny

    First boat ride

    Wonderful and adorable photo. I love your title work and the blending that looks like a sunny wave.
  14. Florida granny


    Your paper mix looks fabulous with those photos. That's a shame about not knowing you had ancestors from here, but at least you saw their town.
  15. Florida granny


    Lovely photos! I like your paper choices here; the garden theme goes so well with her sunny costume.