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  1. Florida granny

    Climb Trees

    Nuage is such a brave cat! I love the leaf greens on your page. The background style is very pretty.
  2. Florida granny

    Project Life 2018

    Here's my second PL page for November. Thanks for looking!
  3. Florida granny

    Nov Proj Life 2

    SRO Cardstock: Blank Canvas; BMU SS Cal 2018; AMD Coffee Cakes; ABR Sugar and Spice; ASO Gradient: His (overlay on November); line stamp from nbk: Bombay CRUSH; EMA Brush Set: Memphis Shapes; Font: Bradley Hand.
  4. Florida granny

    Project Life, Week, 42, 2018

    You are on a roll with the PL pages, Becky! Good for you. More great photos and journaling.
  5. Florida granny

    Project Life, Week 43, 2018

    I love all your photos of pumpkins... real and fake. More interesting journaling (it's always especially interesting to hear what Ivy chewed this time) and a lovely page.
  6. Florida granny

    Project Life 2018 Week 45

    How cool to have a real pony visiting the residents! I love your color mix (You always pick super color combos, in my opinion) and I also like how the buttons look with your circular numbers. It's a shame about the Corner Store.
  7. Florida granny

    Project Life Week 44, 2018

    Sounds like a good week! Happy birthday to your Mom and to her sister. I especially like the golden background paper you used here.
  8. Florida granny


    I just saw this now. That must have been a fascinating trip! I love your photos and your pretty page.
  9. Florida granny

    Muir Woods Primeval Forest

    You got some great photos of Muir Woods. It's a truly impressive place and you've made some beautiful pages showing it off.
  10. Florida granny

    Muir Woods

    Beautifully done!
  11. Florida granny


    This is so cool! Beautiful work... and so romantic looking.
  12. Florida granny

    siggie for Nov 2018

    I thought it was time to change my summer siggie. :D TFL! FT Winter Timbers; SNU SS Paper: Dream Big; SNU SS Styles: Watercolor Holiday; AFT SS Styles: Everyday Glitter - Neutral; Font: The Treasured Years - script;
  13. Florida granny


    Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to save it for those extra busy days? I love the retro look to your ATC. Fabulous.
  14. Florida granny


    Gorgeous! I love the paper strips, the sentiment, and especially the blending. I'd also love to know the name of the font you used to sign your name. It's quite elegant.
  15. Florida granny

    time ATC

    This is just wonderful! I love it!