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  1. Florida granny


    Wonderful! That light is perfect. I love the touch of glitter, too, Oh Glitter Queen.
  2. Florida granny

    new day atc kelly jan 2019

    Lovely! I like how the stitching gives it a nice finishing touch.
  3. Florida granny

    ATC_Jan 2019 #2

    I love the glitter and the circular sentiment.
  4. Florida granny


    This is so cool!
  5. Florida granny

    AFT Designs - "New" Layout Challenge & Prize - Jan 2019

    I thought for sure I'd use Reinvent for the "new" topic since it's one of my all-time favs, but wound up using Family Matters instead because of the circle. Here's my January submission. (I added a thumbnail below.)
  6. Florida granny

    NEW ATC Swap for Jan 2019

    I was wondering the same thing but uploaded mine as a jpeg. I'll happily submit it to Debby as a png if that makes it easier for us to swap and print. Anyway, here's mine. It was fun to try something new!
  7. Since "new" is the theme for Amanda Fraijo-Tobin's January challenge as well as for our ATC swap, I'm using this for both. ABR ATC Coin template; AFT Family Matters; AFT SS Styles: Everyday Glitter neutral; SNU SS Emb: Retro Chalk;
  8. Florida granny

    Jumpstart January 2019

    Here's one I hadn't noticed before but would like to have; A Stroke of Luck
  9. Florida granny

    Jumpstart January 2019

    Here are my 3 photos and 7 embellishments. I blended the paper using a mask. (I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's layouts so far!)
  10. Florida granny

    Jan 2019 Recipe Swap; Slow Cooker Pumpkin Soup

    Ah... I thought this sounded familiar. It's a tasty soup. I love your pumpkin-themed card. Very happy looking.
  11. Florida granny

    Jumpstart January 2019

    I want to scrap some beachy photos so I'm using papers from two collections I purchased recently: BMU Christmas Spirit and FLO calendar 2019 papers. They remind me of sand and sky.
  12. Florida granny

    Monthly Challenge

    This is gorgeous! Beautifully done.
  13. Florida granny

    January Challenge #4 - Phnom Pros

    Wow! You got some wonderful photos and I love what you did with them. The whole page is arresting. Beautiful!
  14. Florida granny

    Hope - Jan #1 Reflect

    Gorgeous photo! It sounds like you chose a perfect quote, too. Here's to a better 2019!
  15. Florida granny

    January challenge #2

    That's so cool seeing the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Great photo and page. I especially like the ways the colors of the background blend into each other, like shadows.