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  1. Florida granny


    Great extraction and I love the summery cluster you added. The white background looks great with the bright colors, too.
  2. Oh my, how adorable is Lucy the Surfer Girl? I love your always wonderful blending and the mix of small, medium, and large photos.
  3. This is a fabulous album!
  4. These pages are so lovely. I love those beautiful photos and think the bg paper looks terrific with the lace of her gown.
  5. Did you say "quick?" This recipe's for me! It actually sounds delicious. I like your photos and that cute fairy. I also like how you signed the card next to the chocolatey cup.
  6. We took a trip to a local playground where DH decided to show off his basketball skills. I caught this perfect "swish." DCA SS Paper: Swoosh; AHA Fall In to You; Font: Agent Orange.
  7. Fabulous page! Congratulations on your new laptop; good for you getting that coyote photo; happy birthday to Calvin; and that snow looks beautiful. I love your idea of chronicling what you are reading, watching, etc. each month. Oh, yes... And how cute are those gnomes?
  8. Once again... beautifully done. I like the mix of papers with the photos and journaling.
  9. I love your template! Between your wonderful photos and interesting journaling this is a great visual diary of your month.
  10. This is great! I love how you put the various elements together, and especially the photo of you looking at the description of your sign. I also especially like how you framed the page.
  11. Can anyone look at this page and those kids and not laugh? Adorable! I love the happy flairs you added for even more fun.
  12. This sounds like something I'd love. Nice card, too. I like seeing the photos and also like how you framed them.
  13. Beautiful! Both the saying and the card. I love your stitched edge and the candle lighting the ATC. I wish we made ATCs again -- they were always creative and fun and a nice change from the usual big layouts.
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