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  1. Florida granny

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 14 September

    This is a good challenge for me since I also collect alphas and hardly ever use them! Thanks!
  2. Is there a weekend challenge for Sept 14-15? Did I miss it?


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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Sounds like a good one, too. Thanks, Mikelle!

    3. Mikelle


      😁  I'm about to post my layout for the challenge - I'm starting to think the problem is my aging laptop and not the internet connection.  I saved my layout onto my laptop before I left on this trip, and I included the supply list, but now my supply list is gone.  Argh!  At least my internet and Photoshop seem to have stabilized for now.

    4. MariJ


      Oh no!   It’s so frustrating when things like that happen, with no real rhyme or reason. :throw:  And as for aging laptops, that’s annoying too - they’re “old” almost before they are “new”.  I always thought if I took very good care of my laptop it would last forever.   SOooooo not true - after awhile it just couldn’t handle new programs! :banghead:    Good Luck Mikelle, I hope it gets sorted out.  :) 

  3. Florida granny

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    Ah... we don't have crisp fall mornings here in Florida, but I do remember them from living up north. And the smell of wood smoke. My favorite season!
  4. Florida granny

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    Can't wait to see some photos from your trip! Meanwhile, I tried to catch a dragon or unicorn for you, but they disappeared. Or maybe it was that rum drink I had.
  5. Florida granny

    Monthly Sept #2_Stitching_Bridesmaid

    This is a great memory page! I love how your design looks with the photos, especially how the long white strip of lace looks with the long ribbons in the bouquets. And those colors are so pretty. It must have been a lovely wedding.
  6. Florida granny

    Memories of Grand Marais

  7. Florida granny

    Bouquet of Sunshine

    She looks so sweet. I especially like the text path here and your lovely blending.
  8. Florida granny

    Creek Zoo 2019

    What a cool zoo sign! It looks like your boys are enjoying it. Pretty page.
  9. Florida granny

    500 Horses

    Cute photos! I love how you put different paper pieces together to build your page. Lovely work.
  10. Florida granny

    SG retreat_Wild animal

    I don't think I've ever seen a marmot so I'm lovin' your photos! Great blending, as always, and I think the monkey adds a nice tough. In any case, he looks happy to be on your page.
  11. Florida granny

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    This is going to be a tough choice; both of those seasons look beautiful.
  12. Florida granny

    Weekly Winners - September 9th

    Beautiful pages, ladies. Congratulations!
  13. Florida granny


    It's so cool seeing the castle in different lights. I love your journaling and, of course, that key.
  14. Florida granny

    Our Life Together.jpg

    Beautiful photo! And I love that blended heart in the background.
  15. Florida granny

    fall ATC 1-Andrea

    Gorgeous card! I'm looking forward to adding it to this month's collection.