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  1. I am most impressed with how you highlight the happenings of each day, both good and bad. I chuckled at the peas, then was saddened to hear about your son's dog. You've made another wonderful visual diary of your week.
  2. I laughed out loud at Coco with the leash in her mouth. Smart pup! Wonderful photos and a great page.
  3. You were such a cutie! I love your dress, too. Very pretty page. I especially like the blending and the flowers and ribbon cluster.
  4. What a gorgeous tree! I like your choice of pink background for it. The whole page looks like spring.
  5. I love how you tease us with these each week. It looks like lots and lots of new goodies!
  6. Here's my title:
  7. Those birds are so cool!
  8. 9 is definitely better than 13! Here's my layout so far:
  9. Sweet photo of G-Ma and family. I like how you framed it with paper strips --- very clever idea. The flower cluster is lovely, too.
  10. Your flowers are lovely. I love the framing and blending on your page.
  11. Your garden is lovely! The colorful flowers really stand out against the black and white background of your page.
  12. Your flowers are so pretty! I like your colorful page.
  13. I always love seeing your photos. I especially like the bright green background here.
  14. I always enjoy your photos and your journaling. I chuckled at the book title and think the first question should be "Why did it take so long to arrive?"
  15. You took lots of great photos. The flood ones are pretty scary! I like your Valentine red background.