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  1. This is wonderful. I love the rainy day photo and that great font. Super background, too.
  2. Thanks, Debby. My daughter-in-law has a special mold for the jello but it took all day to make them because she had to do each color separately. A labor of love that we all gobbled up.
  3. These are such lovely photos! I love them all but especially the one of the little carpenters. I like the pretty colors on your page, too, especially the bright yellow flowers that look great with Michelle's cake. Best wishes on your move!
  4. These are such beautiful photos, Andrea. I love your mix of photos and the journaling that explains them. Poor Wyatt (though he doesn't look like the eyes bother him too much, thankfully.) And I'm impressed with how you managed such a lovely photo of Roselynd on your lap.
  5. Lovely photos! I like the way black serves as an effective contrast to them and I also like how you dated the photos. I agree with everyone who has said that Ken is talented. Do you lend him out?
  6. Florida granny


    Lovely two pages! I like how you arranged the daffodils around the page as bright punctuations for spring.
  7. Florida granny

    PL Week 11.jpg

    What a beautiful background for your week and I like the woodsy frame for your other outdoor photos to go with it. How nice to get a t-shirt for your donation, too.
  8. Florida granny

    PL Week 12

    Brave you, photographing a "mess." I think you are probably right about all of us not needing as much as we have. I love the photo of Lucy, too and how you framed it. Lovely page.
  9. Florida granny

    PL Week 13

    That's a pretty rainbow! I like seeing all your photos and reading about your week. Do I need to say again how busy a life you lead?
  10. Florida granny

    PL Week 14

    Wow, you sure lead a busy and adventuresome life! It's great that you are recording the journey in both photos and journaling. I love the background of your page, here as well as the map showing the road.
  11. ... more wonderful photos and journaling. I like the design of your two pages and seeing all the happy smiles of your family.
  12. You got some great photos and those, combined with your journaling, will make a great Easter memory page! I especially like how you framed the journaling. It looks like you all had a lot of fun.
  13. Here's April. I'm hoping to do another before the end of the month. Gathering photos now.....
  14. SRO DLAT 85x11 Super Simple; SRO Cruise Blues - paper; CWX Bunny and Flower;
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