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  1. Beautiful blending of your images!
  2. What a clever way to decorate eggs for the occasion! Obviously the Mom-to-be is a talented baker, too. I like your colorful title work.
  3. Great old photos! I like the grungy embellishments you added.
  4. Lovely! I like the text edges on the page.
  5. Gorgeous! I love the purples and the glitter and that amazing animated title work. Actually I love everything about your page.
  6. I picked two white papers from SRO Blank Canvas and BMU Grace and blended them with a Multiply filter:
  7. I'm still struggling with yesterday's task -- two papers -- but I know which photos I'll be using so I'm skipping ahead to today. I altered both, one to black and white with an artsy filter, and one with selective de-saturation. This is fun!
  8. @Belle I noticed your layout last week. You did a fabulous job with it!
  9. You had an interesting adventure! I like your photos and the title along the soft curve of the template.
  10. Florida granny


    I love the vertical blending here to echo the fountain. Cute photo, too, and I like it's frame color contrast against all the blues.
  11. LOL about the cake pans! If the SG recipe swap has a dessert month... or a you-pick-anything month, please share that frosting recipe!
  12. That looks almost too good to eat! I'm glad you took the photo to remember it by. I love how the brushwork mimics your cloth, and I like the pine cluster as well. Clever title work!
  13. More great photos. I really like that you take photos of real life, not posed and planned. Happy New Year!
  14. I love seeing all your photos and always enjoy your journaling. DH and I play Animal Crossing with our granddaughter -- and by ourselves, lol.
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