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  1. I love this! Well done.
  2. Sent mine in. I'm hoping... Hi there, Ngaire! I saw you in the aisles. At least I think it was you -- hard to tell with that FULL shopping cart!
  3. Wonderful photo of you and your beautiful family, I love your whole page.
  4. I always enjoy seeing your Garden photos. What a lovely place! You must have enjoyed the Chihuly exhibit, as well. Lovely page.
  5. This turned out great! I love your idea of players on one side and you and the girls on the other... with the Cardinal red background. It looks terrific!
  6. I see I should have used last week's paper for this week! But I found others (of course, LOL). The papers are from LLO Happy Days and I used a template (MRE Celebrate) to blend them.
  7. OK, Joyce has motivated me! Here I go, into the Store. See you all later! Probably MUCH later, if I get distracted and start putting things into my shopping cart. Jane and Marilyn, I sure hope those feet feel better soon!
  8. Gulp. Here it is: Me
  9. A rare Granny sighting! Hubby snapped this picture while we were waiting for our dinner. But at least it gives me an excuse to use the new ScrapSimple Club combined with Angie's wonderful SG Club from last month. MRE SSDLOT Set Free; MRE Nano: Simply Handmade; MRE SS Club Oct17 paper; ABR Perfection; ASO Gradient - Hers;
  10. Oh, I just love this! Actually, you look just like me from the neck down (in my Photoshop dreams, of course). Fun, happy colors, and great page.
  11. Tough challenge! I usually hide from the camera. Selfie? What's a Selfie, LOL. I think hubby took a photo of me during one of our travels, though. Now to dig it out...
  12. Laura, you gave me a good laugh.
  13. I just downloaded the Club and plan to use it ASAP. It looks so beautiful here. Lovely page!
  14. Ack! I'm so terrible at finding things in the boutique. So THANK YOU for your clues!! Maybe I have a chance! Fun challenge!
  15. They are such cuties! I love the texture on your page. Beautiful altogether.