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  1. Your sister has such wonderful animals; you are lucky to get to see and play with them. Cute page: I love the paw prints around the edge and especially like the chicken perched on Lyla's frame.
  2. We used to live about 3 miles from the ocean and I know how much washing those windows needed so I can imagine all the salt when you are even closer! I love your window and your wonderful title work. Great page!
  3. Sweet photos! If you have four pets you must have (and receive) a lot of love. ❤️ The flower clusters on your page are so pretty, and I love the heart you added.
  4. Let's invent a self-cleaning bathroom! We could become millionaires, I think. I love your bubbles and that overturned bucket. Great page!
  5. What a lovely and inviting looking environment! I like how attractive and interesting your shutter craft is, too. I like the soft colored background of your page, and the black and white stamps are a nice touch.
  6. These are lovely photos of your handsome pets. I'm so sorry that they have cancer; that must have been, and is, difficult to deal with. I especially like the bone elements you added to the start and end of your interesting journaling.
  7. I've been dating my layouts instead of numbering the prompts. Is that OK? I'll go in and change them all if needed. I can tell you that I'm up to date!! (patting myself on the back, at least for today. ) Here's today's May 18, Prompt 13: My Least Favorite Thing to Do
  8. SRO Deck the Halls; SRO Cardstock Blank Canvas; BMU Shabby Blanc pennant; Shabby Bakery alpha; SG: Summer Cottage; Fonts: Caflisch Pro and Forte. clip art medical images
  9. That's a glorious looking sunset (sunrise?) I love how the photo peeks out behind the trees. Your added elements: the birds, butterfly, flower, scatter, etc. are so pretty. Mostly I love the sentiment. You are so right!
  10. This made me laugh! Your both look happy and I love the photo effects. Do you hire out your chauffer, by the way?
  11. I love winter sunsets and your photo is beautiful. I like the spill frame effect and your lovely title work, too.
  12. There's nothing like sunset on the water. Gorgeous photo and I like the nautical elements you added to your page.
  13. That's such a beautiful sunrise! I love how it's framed by your trees, and I also especially like the bird watching it all.
  14. Those are some gorgeous sunsets! I love your title work and the large photo going across your whole lovely card.
  15. I absolutely agree! Gorgeous photo and I love the framing.
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