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  1. This is so artsy and creative. I love, love, love those colors!
  2. Fabulous blending and layout! I've never heard of a jump rope team but that sounds very cool. Good for him!
  3. I like how different the two photos look. By the way, that's a beautiful scene!
  4. Your "playing" with filters turned out fabulously! I love the way the photo looks with your creative artsy background, and that quote is just perfect!
  5. Eeps... a troll! Great photo to use with the artistic effects in your background. Creative and awesome.
  6. Wow, Elisha, this is gorgeous! I love how you tucked that delightful postcard into the pocket along with the confetti. The whole card has a neat vacation vibe. It's great seeing your fabulous ATCs again in the gallery.
  7. This was easy: "Memories" from EBA's Harmony
  8. Conda, you made me laugh out loud. Well.... no cute baby photos here but I'm pretty sure I have 11 embellishments. The clusters helped!
  9. Great photo effects on feerless Nuage. I love your page.
  10. Not fair, Conda! You are using those adorable baby photos so who is going to look at, never mind count the embellishments???
  11. I love solids with a little texture. Or I add texture with overlays and brushes. I've been known to make whole photo books with just white (textured) paper in the background. But I love coordinating patterns, too and am drawn to collections where I think all the papers could be used easily together. I should add that I use our ScrapSimple products in almost every layout and will often clip very patterned papers to ScrapSimple designs. Here's an example: I took a patterned paper from ABR Chic Instincts and clipped it to SS flowers which are part of JRA's Memory Book Frames. (I've clipped patterned papers to your overlays, too.) I think the patterned paper adds a lot more interest than a solid would. So please keep designing all kinds of papers for us!
  12. You sure have been busy! It's amazing you think to take all the photos. Yay you! I love your purple background and the little touches you've added. I especially like the Fitbit.
  13. You are so creative! Beautiful page.
  14. Fabulous page, Andrea! I love your masking and the title especially. Great photo, too.
  15. Fabulous layouts, Carol and Jane. congratulations!