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  1. Gorgeous use of white space! I love everything about your page.
  2. Some of those old recipes that were on cans or boxes are the best! This sounds delicious and a little different, since it only requires one pot. (Yay!). I love seeing your Mom's writing on the card. The card is pretty, too and I especially like the tape.
  3. Fabulous photo effects! I love the colors here... and got a kick out of your message.
  4. Florida granny


    Fabulous photo and I love your choices of papers and elements with it. Delightful page!
  5. Gorgeous page! I love it all and agree with the above about the shadowing on the vines.
  6. Florida granny

    Loving Nature

    Your page gave me a big smile. You and your hubby look so happy. I love your photos and the beautiful flower clusters on your page.
  7. I admire anyone who can quilt! And these are some lovely ones. I like the design of your page along with the different textures.
  8. This is lovely! Wonderful photo and beautiful page.
  9. This sounds like a winner. I like your card, too and the photo.
  10. That looks like a wonderful place to visit. I like how you embellished the photo.
  11. I finally got a page done for September. Maybe if I start walking outside again I'll get more photos.
  12. Florida granny


    Oooh, I love that patterned background. It goes so well with all your delightful photos. Your daughters sure have beautiful smiles (even behind masks. )
  13. I realized that half the month had gone by and I hadn't taken photos, so these are just the everyday things that have happened. I need to get out more, LOL. SRO SS Album Super Simple 85x11; LLO Camera Shy Solids; GWH Summer Reverie; ACU Brush Set: Borders;
  14. If I look very closely I can see photos without Lucy, LOL. It sounds like a busy month and I'm glad you were able to see Michele and Lucy for part of it. Pretty page. I like the color combo and the flowers.
  15. You got some great photos of an eventful month. I'm so sorry about your family members who passed away.
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