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  1. Florida granny

    Magic dog breed

    You've started my day off with a big laugh.
  2. Florida granny

    Sept Forum Game Wk 3 LO 2 Rachel & Yishai

    Great photo! They look so happy together. I like how you've kept the photo large and blended it into the background. That edging adds a lovely and elegant touch, too.
  3. Florida granny

    Bushy Park

    I love this! It is so elegant.
  4. Florida granny

    Layout 3

    Wow, this is gorgeous. I like your paper mix and the beautiful blending. We visit Seattle every now and then (our son lives near-by) and I love the city.
  5. Florida granny

    Mix It Up September

    I like Take A Breath 2 by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin. In fact I liked it so much that I bought it. Pretty clever of you ladies to have us looking through the boutique.
  6. Florida granny


    You do such wonderful clusters! Lovely page.
  7. Florida granny

    It's Coming

    What a beautiful tree! I love the pattern mix here and your lovely cluster.
  8. Florida granny


    Great photo! I love all the blending here and the fall color mix.
  9. Florida granny


    Scandinavia is definitely on my bucket list! I love this photo and it looks great in black and white. I also love the design of your page. Fabulous work!
  10. Florida granny

    Growing (String Teddy and The Volleyball)

    Ah... this so perfectly captures a middle-schooler's essence. Beautiful layout with a perfect title. Great brushwork, too.
  11. Florida granny

    September 2018 Forum Game Week 3 LO 1 Pinwheel

    I can understand why you'd love that pinwheel. It's great! Very pretty page, though I'm glad you told us where to find your flowers, LOL. I love your title!
  12. Florida granny


    Delightful photos! I love the background you made here.
  13. Florida granny


    Just gorgeous!
  14. Florida granny

    Flower Sculpture - Layout #7

    That sculpture is perfect for the bouquet challenge! I love the page you made, too, especially the blending.
  15. Florida granny

    Mix It Up September

    Here's my flower bouquet layout. I chose the middle bouquet. This was a lot of fun to put together!