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  1. Great photos and I like the vertical stack. I love this whole page!
  2. That's a great quote, especially for us scrappers. I love the photo that accompanies it. Your dog looks full of personality! I like your plaid choice and especially like the vertical ribbon holding down your photo.
  3. Nikki is so creative! I love your photos and how you arranged them vertically. I also like the lace and flowers along the edge of the page. Pretty page!
  4. How nice to know that your home has new life and new young people living in it. I'm so glad. I like your journaling and the stitched framing. The butterflies seem perfect to me as hopeful elements. Lovely page altogether.
  5. Wow, that's a lot of pesto! Thanks for the suggestions of other ways to use it besides on pasta. I love the photo of your Saucier Supreme, and his sauce looks wonderful. I like the idea of homemade pesto so I can adjust the amount of garlic. (Sometimes the garlic in store-bought overpowers the other flavors.) Terrific card!
  6. I grew up among a lot of Greek and Lebanese people and ate this a lot, but never knew its name until recently. I'm happy to have the recipe now! I like your pretty card and the cucumber cluster. Nice photo, too.
  7. I like fish tacos so would probably like this, too. It's great to have the recipe for making them! I like your colorful card and especially those cute shrimp.
  8. Yum! This is a great recipe and I love that you were able to use your Mom's own recipe card. Pretty background, too.
  9. Here's mine just in time for apple season: Creamy Caramel Fruit Dip
  10. Aimee Harrison: Apples and Pears; Fonts: Century Gothic and Brilon 1.2.
  11. The photos show Rowan's affection for the chickens and it looks like they are perfectly content with him, too. He must have quite a way with them. I love the photos and the cute digital chickens you added to the page.
  12. Those are great photos of Moroni being raised to the top of the temple under construction. I especially like seeing the close-up as well as the distance photo. I love the plaid you made; it's colors are so pretty and softly blended. Lovely page!
  13. This sounds delicious. I like your card, too. It's easy to read and the wood background is warm and home-y. That's a great photo, too, of the finished dip.
  14. I love the pretty card you made for your recipe. The recipe sounds perfect, too. I love shrimp cocktail.
  15. I never realized that there is a Gone with the Wind museum but I'm not surprised. I'd love to see the costumes. You got some great photos and I like how you arranged them. I also like the elegant background.
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